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Perineal Tear--

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Ouch!  mecry.gif


I have one and just started treating the small "flap" of skin with a piece of Nori.  Any other suggestions or anecdotal advice?


Any thoughts on how to avoid this?


I am 25months PP so this is not from a recent birth or anything. :)  I think that b/c I am still BF DS and haven't had a PPAF yet, maybe my hormonal state is making things a bit more irritated and delicate? 

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Comfrey leaf and root heal/bind tissue. How deep in is the tear? You could grind the herbs and make into a paste to put on the tear, or make/buy a salve with both in it. Sitz baths with those herbs would help too.
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danipoppins--thank you for the suggestion...I will look for the comfrey straight away. :)


I honestly don't know how deep the tear is.  It is on the lower bottom side and it looks like it's tissue that is supposed to adhere to other tissue and muscle but instead it is just flappin' away and stings like crazy.  I'd say the skin that is hanging is about 1/4 inch. 

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I asked how deep wondering if you could get to it with a salve or paste and it sounds like you can.

Considering you're so far out from the original injury it may not adhere back even with the herbs; you may have to see someone to have it stitched/repaired. I have a labia that was split during my recent birth. Due to swelling the OB on call when I transfered in from my homebirth could not repair it. My only option for repair at this point is to go back in and have it fixed because the wound itself has already healed and I just have a flappy labia that, like you, burns and is pretty darn uncomfortable at times.

The joys of vaginal birth smile.gif
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hug2.gif Thank you!

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