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what you know about adelphi, md?

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Hello! DH is from Baltimore originally and is considering a job in Adelphi now. Anyone know what it's like there? And if it's not that great are there any towns that are great a commutable distance away?



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Adelphi is similar to many neighborhoods in Baltimore City.  maybe like Hamilton, but without the walkability? it is close to some really shady neighborhoods, but Adelphi is mostly populated by University profs, lots of students.  i would say that if you are used to northeast Baltimore city, you will be comfortable in Adelphi.  


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Also check out Takoma Park. Pretty close and my fave DC burb. Cute bungalow-style houses and about as crunchy as the DC area gets.

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Greenbelt is nice.  Old greenbelt is a walkable community.  Greenbelt East is newer and bigger places on average.  (avoid Greenbelt West/Springhill Lake/Empirian Village community).

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I agree about Tacoma Park being nice. And I would advise avoiding Greenbelt altogether because some of it's sort of borderline and I feel like the nice areas bleed into the questionable ones and vice versa. But maybe that's just me. 

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the only problem with Takoma Park is that it is really expensive. i would LOVE to live there, but it is really pricey. then again, maybe you can afford it. 

downtown silver spring is nice, less expensive than takoma, similar situation (it is adjacent to takoma park)

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Consider University Park ... it's just south of the University of Maryland.  It's a very neighborhood / community-centered "town" and walking distance to the university, restaurants/movies (University Town Center, PG Plaza Mall, etc.).  There's a very strong elementary school, playgroup organization, civic association, woman's club, etc.  Here's a link to the town site ... http://www.upmd.org.

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