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Raw honey in RI?

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Just wondering if anyone has a local source for raw honey in RI.  Ideally, organic or pesticide-free.  We typically buy it in bulk, but are nearing the end of our supply and I thought I'd check for a local option before re-ordering, as the shipping can be quite expensive.

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Aquidneck honey. He is at the winter farmers market in pawtucket every saturday if you want to talk to him directly. He's very helpful and proud of his products. 



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Looks great, thanks! We tend to go to the NK indoor market on Saturdays to avoid the crowds in Pawtucket, but this is definitely worth a trip.  smile.gif

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I have some and it's yummmmmmmmy.

He's also there on Wednesdays if you want to avoid the crowds!


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It's also sold at Harvest Bread Co. in North Kingstown.

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