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Peeling itchy nipples

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Hello Mamas. I am in a moment of panic and appreciate any feedback regarding my situation. My 3y old son is now only nursing to sleep and once early AM (10-20min total). This was somewhat instigated by me b/c over the last 3m his latch has been horrible, my milk is low, he is doing compressions that are painful and my nipples are red, raw, peeling, etc. Now, I did some online research and am completely stressed after reading about inflammatory breast cancer. I know/hope it is not likely for bilateral presentation that is exactly the same, but I am a mess. I emailed my local LC and will call my MW in the morning but I am really in a panic right now and would appreciate any advice.

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I think it is the rare exception that a woman gets through her breastfeeding phase w/o at least one bout of itchy, peeling nipples! See your HCP just to put your mind at ease, but meanwhile rest assured that this is really very common and try some organic coconut oil rubbed into nipples - worked for me!

Good luck, Mama.

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