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Did my dog get sunburn?

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Is sunburn for dogs even possible?  I have a 1 yr old french bulldog, we live in arizona and we've had her since July.  She loves being outside this time of year and spends most of the day sleeping in the yard.  Such a rough life, I know.  The past 2 evenings I've noticed her belly, legs and now face/cheeks seems pink/red.  Shes a white/black frenchie.


I hate to bring her inside because its going to be HOT soon and her outside time will be cut to almost none then.


Does doggie sunblock even exist?


Am I just nuts?


We also have a 6 most old yellow/white colored Frenchie and I dont notice any 'pink' on her and they spend the same amount of time outside.



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Dogs CAN get sunburn. Actually, hairless dogs require protection from the sun or they are prone to skin cancers. They do make doggy suncreen, and it would probably be useful to use some for both your dogs. The younger may not be affected the same for any number of reasons- maybe she prefers to nap in the shade, or maybe her light coloring is caused by a different pigment than the white on your other dog (highly likely actually). The other thing to watch for is to be sure they aren't overheating. Its pretty common for brachycephalic breeds like Frenchies to overheat under the right circumstances. It happens to them much more often than dogs with normal snout length. Red skin color can be a sign that they are stressed or overheating.
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Oubliette-thanks.  The red skin seems to have calmed down today.  I have no idea whats up but I will definately keep an eye on both of them.  I am very careful to monitor for overheating as well.  The weather is starting to turn to 'hot' here and in a few weeks it will be inside time for most of the day and they will take up residency on the sofa.

Like I said, they have a very rough life and are not spoiled at all.


Can anyone recommend 'dog sun block'?  thanks

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