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Hi everyone,,,


OMG I am so bloated!!! Was going to put dress on tmr, but I already look like 4m preg and tights on my waist looks ugly cause they aren't tall enough to press all that bump in its smr half way :(

My blood test is on April 11th, I had only one flc,,,


Renavoo we won't give up till the end really will come, right?


Lydiah we here and ready to start fresh cycle with you when you will be ready,,,For some reason I started to believe that the less you try, the bigger are chances for BFP,,,

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Thank you ladies!!! I'm UBER excited about the build!!!!  They got our roof put on yesterday afternoon which was great timing because it started raining about 5 hours after they finished!!!! 



Blueyezz:   I just want you to know that I'm praying SOOOOOOOO hard for you this cycle (i pray every cycle you guys do something, but this cycle i feel especially drawn to you!!!)  DH doesn't want me to go through the IF treatments this time so we are going to do exercise, diet, and temping when september gets here to see if any of that helps.  If we aren't able to do it on our own...then he doesn't want another baby.  He says that he HATED to see me put my body thru what I put it thru to have a baby last time...and he really didn't like the cycle where i ended up with OHSS....



I'm ready to get September here...and there is a part of me that is ok with just trying on our own and then there is a part of me that wants nothing to do with trying on our own because i don't want the hardship of dealing with going to the OB for 6 months again before being refered the the RE again.  They still see my age as being "young enough" to wait 6 months or longer of trying before sending me off to the RE for treatment.  It really bothers me that they do that too.  Why not send me to the RE when we start trying...do my b/w and my u/s and see where we are when we start trying...then we can decide what we need to do or if we even need to do anything.  Working all of these late hours has had me thinking a LOT!!!! It's really annoying...i want to not be thinking again lol.



I will TOTALLY post pictures once the house is done.  DH is at the building site EVERYDAY taking pictures of the house and the progress that is going on.  I know that the outside of the house is going to go up much faster than the inside of the house will but it's okay...gives me a longer time to get the down payment together!!!! I only have to make another $1600 and it will be done!!! That would be a lot easier done if i didn't still have bills to pay right now lol.  OH WELL, the over time is working out for me and as long as DH and I keep it up like we are right now...we'll have the money long before we close at the end of may or first of June!!!

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Lega, I'm sure you look better than you think you do! When we're bloated, I think we notice it a heck of a lot more than other people do. I feel massively bloated too so my clothing isn't fitting as well as I want it to be. Hmmm or maybe it's because of the nachos I ate. haha. Remember, we're getting our BFPs this month, one week apart! ;o)


I also think that when we finally stop trying, we're probably at a greater chance of conceiving. It's so funny because even though I think that, I just have such a difficult time turning my mind of TTC! I think the next month, I'll be ok with doing that, though, because I want to recover from my clomid cycles. Hopefully, with that month's rest, my lining will become healthier, allowing me to move forward with whatever treatments my new RE wants to give me.


Brichole, do you need a referral to an RE? Is there a way you can find an RE who also practices as a Gyn? My current RE has been my gynecologist for the last 8 years. It was an easy transition to see her for my infertility problems. However, I'm now going to be forced to find another gynecologist to take care of my annual issues, probably, because she's not going to be happy that I want to go get my infertility stuff taken care of by another RE! Good luck with getting your next $1600!!

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renavoo:  There is only 1 RE in north Alabama and he's rather close to where i live and work.  Only like 40 minutes from where I live right now and will only be 20 minutes or so from where i'm moving to.  I have to have a referal to see him because he is so busy since he's the only one around here.  I don't have the money right now to travel any further to see someone else right now.  Maybe i can look into finding one in south alabama or in Tennessee or Georgia come September.  I just want to know what our options will be this next go round.   I hope that your GYN/RE will be more open with you going somewhere else if that's what you feel like you need to do.  I'm sure she would understand.  Though some times they don't.  Always know that we support whatever choice you make !!!  :) 



I hope that everyone had a VERY REPRODUCTIVE week!!! Tomorrow night i'll be off work so I won't be back around a computer until Wednesday night at 11 and even then it will be limited because i'll have to finish up my data entry for the month and i'll be working with my supervisor so we'll see how that all goes!!! She usually only works day shift so it's going to be different having to work with her Wednesday night!!!

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Hi ladies,,,


I had a lot of water last night so this morning I felt much more better,,,water is such a powerful thing!


Renavoo how your lining will rest after BFP? :P


Brichole its so exiting to move to your own house,,,its my dream,,,anytime I pass by places I don't know am looking around and thinking how I would like my house look like,,,Now I will try to make little garden on my apartament deck,,,I was so exited when we moved in to this place cause we finaly have place to sit outside!


My BT is kind of low this month,,,dont know why,,

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Hey Brichole, I hope you enjoyed your day off!! You definitely deserved it!


Lega, I hope you're not as bloated today! I started to get bloated last night and I had a few cramps so I guess something is happening ;o) It would be great if I didn't have to give my lining a rest because of a BFP ;o) But we shall see. Today is 10dpo and I'm trying to talk myself out of testing tomorrow because the beta is taking place on Thursday! We'll see how my will power holds out!


How much lower is your BT? If it's just a little lower, it could just be a monthly variation. I wouldn't worry about it. And also, maybe it's take a little while to ascend. Mine always takes a few days.

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I'm pretty sure I ovulated yesterday! I had some really intense O pains yesterday and I felt so bloated. At times, just walking hard during clinicals was causing me to grimace with pain. I think we definitely fit in enough BDing and I feel like I ovulated from both ovaries so I might actually be a little hopeful this month. That's my favorite part of the first part of the tww is that you can still feel reserved but hopeful. And now onto the pile of homework I put off until the last minute.

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Yah, Simply Rochelle! Good luck in the 2ww!!


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SimplyRochelle:  YAY!!! G/L in your TTW!!!  I really hope that you did O from both sides and hey twins aren't so bad from what my mom tells me ; )

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I haven't checked in lately but I've been following along and thinking about you guys!  I'm heading to SC today for a long weekend, so probably won't be back on here until Monday.  Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm just plodding along with my Provera, waiting for AF so I can start Clomid!

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Have a great trip Marissa!! We'll be in the new April 2011 thread when you get back :)  I won't be back in the office to use the computer until sunday night so after i start the new thread I won't be able to update anything until then.  I'm finally getting some much needed time off before another big round of OT!!!!

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new thread is up!!!!  come join us!!!!

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