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Hi All!


I had a nice birthday yesterday - One bright spot is that since AF hasn't come, I was able to go to this wonderful Korean Spa.  You get in free on your birthday, but aren't allowed to go when AF is here... I also got a great date with my husband!


So, I an 19 (yep NINETEEN!!!) days past ovulation.  My unmedicated LP is 12 days, with progesterone 15.  All BFNs. Ugg. I called my RE's office for advice.


As far as BD, It is recommended that people with sperm issues bd every other, but if there  is no sperm issues, I would (and do) bd every day during the fertile time.  We do every other when I first get a high reading on my monitor, and then when it gets closer, every day.  It ends up being 3-5 days in a row.  We usually have to take 4 or five days off after that...

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Jenger - Wow, 19 dpo????  When you called the RE's office what did they say?  Have you ever had to take something to bring AF on in the past??  I'm glad you did get to enjoy your Birthday though.  At least that is the only good part about AF not showing up.  Happy Birthday to you!!!!! (a day or so late).


Tantylynn - Hope you get all good results back from your lab work!!!!  Do you know exactly what they were testing for?


Brichole - Are you still nursing your little one?  What is up with all these people on this thread not getting AF?  Maybe the stars are just not aligned right or something?  LOL j/k.  Will this be your first pp AF?


Lydiah - I know they say that if there is some benefit in BD every other day but sometime i find that hard if i have really good CM b/c i feel like if we wait a day i'll lose the good CM and then will have missed the mark.  It is so hard to know. DH and i had the exact issue just this month and when i told him we are suppose to BD every other day he just said "we have listened and tried all this time by their rules and it hasn't worked so let's play by our rules this time."  LOL.  We will see this weekend if maybe we caught one by ourselves.


Marsupial_mom - the blame game is so hard but i think you sound like you are being so supportive and doing/saying the right things.  It is no one's fault and hopefully it will all work out in the end.  Thinking of you both as you go through this.


Tantylynn - Have you seen a RE before??  Hopefully your appt goes well and maybe after doing some basic testing he could send you to an RE too.  Welcome and hopefully your stay here is short and sweet ending in a BFP soon. 


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Thank you Brichole and blueyezz4.

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Thank you Blueyezz4, I hope so too! I don't know everything I was tested for, no. With the blood she said they were testing for hormones to see if I ovulated this cycle. At CD# 38 it was probably too late, but since I was already having other tests done we decided to give it a shot, but will most likely have to repeat the blood test in a few weeks. She also said she was going to check my vaccinations. So that's 2 of the 4 vials drawn...not sure what the other two were for? The sonogram technician kept saying that my blood tests would confirm PCOS, so possibly that? Update: Just remembered she also said something about checking my thyroid.


About the RE...We will wait to hear back the results of our testing, and our dr's advice as to what she thinks the next step should be. I'm pretty sure I can request a referral to an RE, but my dr (who is a GP) actually specialises in women's health. We're very comfortable with her and she is much more affordable then an RE will be, so we'll probably stick with her in the beginning and try what she wants us to try. And if we are still having trouble after that, then we'll revisit the RE path. DH and I are also going to consider visiting a naturopath before undertaking anything serious medically. It's pretty much a "we'll see" dependent on the results.

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Tantylynn: YW sweetie and I pray that you get some answers from your doctor!  I hope that those cysts go away on their own and yes endo can be helped by different means, usually laproscopic (sp?) which is easily recovered from which is easily recovered from most of the time.  And with the PCOS it is treatable with several different medications and it depends on your hormonal make up on to what direction they will go with.  My doctor used Menopur injections and Femera and then once we had 3 large enough follies they induced my ovulation with Ovedril.  G/L and just stay positive. 


Jenger: So happy you had a nice b'day!!! It's aways wonderful to get to spend time with the one you love and pampering yourself is EVEN more fun!!! Happy birthday a few days late!!!  What has your RE's office said about your LP being so long?


Blueyezz:  I was only able to nurse for 3 weeks after Emma was born and then I dried up!!!  That was 10 weeks ago and yes this will be my first PPAF once she finally shows up!!! I think she might be on her way though!!!YIPPY!! (yup, never thought i'd be happy about that!)  I am going to start charting to avoid for the next months to give my body a little bit more time to heal before we start actively trying again.  I'm PRAYING af finds me and stays FAR FAR away from you!!! (G/L on the 13th i pray that she doesn't show up!!)

AFM:  AF might be here within the next few days.  I had brown spotting that started this afternoon and that use to happen 3 to 4 days prior to AF showing before I got pregnant so maybe this means she's on her way!!! Feeling a little nervous about learning the ins and outs of charting and pray i can get some advise from you ladies with how to understand what my chart does once i get the hang of it!!!



Thinking fertile thoughts for all of you ladies!!!!

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Originally Posted by brichole1214 View Post

AFM:  AF might be here within the next few days.  I had brown spotting that started this afternoon and that use to happen 3 to 4 days prior to AF showing before I got pregnant so maybe this means she's on her way!!! Feeling a little nervous about learning the ins and outs of charting and pray i can get some advise from you ladies with how to understand what my chart does once i get the hang of it!!!



Thinking fertile thoughts for all of you ladies!!!!

 Brichole - Are you using Fertility Friend by chance?  It is a really nice way to keep your chart/temps organized!!!  Glad to hear that AF is on her way hopefully!!!


Tantylynn - keep us updated on your results when you get them.  Fingers crossed!!


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My last month IUI didn't work, so everything from the begining again,,,hope this time I will get my O soon, because am doing 100mg Clomid,,,


Weekend Wrap-Up
Age: 28(till Sunday)
TTC #:2
DPO (if applicable):
Trying Since:04 2009
Plan for this Cycle:IUI +Clomid
Link to Chart (if applicable):
Thoughts:maybe baby

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Lega: HUGS!! I'm sorry your IUI didn't take : (   I pray that this next IUI takes!!! 



ETA: Blueyezz:  I didn't see your post for some reason but yes, just last week I went on FF and set up my account (i'm just going to do the free stuff right now...if i get really into charting I might buy a membership) I also did their "training" and quizes to help me understand a little bit more of what to do!!! I'm so ready to get started!!! I'll have to go out to get my BBT today so that I can start temping within the next couple of days...the spotting is getting worse though it's still brownish pink in color and i am confident that by this weekend i'll be seeing AF full on. (which i'm happy about, but this weekend was going to be the first time me and DH had what we call "mommy daddy time" since last week!!! It's kinda frustrating!!

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Hi Ladies! I'm sorry I've been MIA. Work has been crazy. One good thing about that is that I don't think about TTC as much but hey, we all know that it's not far from any of our minds!  My last IUI didn't take either. I think Lega and I are on the same schedule. Funny thing is that i was on 100mg for my last 2 cycles but because my lining got too thinned out, this month I'm on 50mg. Let's hope that it still works! I had three follicles the first month and 3-4 this last month. I sometimes still wonder though...I know I ovulate because I get the HCG trigger shot. I get an IUI. I can also feel when i ovulate because I get really bad pains around 30-35 hours after HCG trigger, which is usually around 9-10 hours after the IUI and then my DH and I BD around 24 hours after IUI. And yet, I'm still not pregnant?! Hopefully it was just because of the thin lining this month- I'm really hoping that my eggs are meeting the sperm! I had an saline sonogram done but not a HSG and I wasn't ever offered one so I'll ask the next time around just to make sure my fallopian tubes are open. Regardless, hopefully, my lining is better this month! Any suggestions of things I can do now? I'm taking a baby aspirin because I'm hearing that that MAY help but I'm not doing anything else. I get nervous taking anything, really, because I worry that this will impede my chances but I just feel like i need to help the lining along!


Happy belated birthday, Jenger! And Brichole, did you get AF full force yet? My AF came on day 16 this month, which was late for me. I just hate the not knowing part so on some level, as sad as I was about not conceiving, I was happy to see AF so I could move on. I knew this cycle was a bust since 12dpo since I had the blood test (but i kept hoping that maybe I just had a slow buildup!)


Good luck everyone! Hopefully this month is better for everyone. And let's keep our spirits up. I know it's difficult-there was one day that I just broke down crying and i never cry. My friend who with with me during that time now worries about me constantly! sigh. But i just try to keep positive and count my blessings, of which I have many. :o)


Big hugs and lots of baby dust to everyone!!







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Renavoo: BIG BIG HUGS!!! So sorry it didn't take, but happy AF showed so that you can get another cycle started!!! I hope that this month can be your month!!! I'm not sure what you could take but you're needing to "thicken" your uterin lining right?  That never was my problem but I think some months while me and DH were trying for our little Emma my lining was almost too thick!! It's like that's the only thing that my body wanted to do then (TMI COMING UP) I would bleed so bad that I thought I was going to die!!  I can try to look some stuff up and get back to you on the lining thing!!! :)  As for my AF she isn't here yet, but she's sending me the post cards to tell me that she's on her way and will be here within the next couple of days.  Which is better than what she has done to me in the past and just shown up full force on my door step!!!!!  I'm thinking about all of you ladies and I will continue to think about you while i'm closing my eyes finally to go to sleep lol.  (I've been moved to 3rd shift until we can get 2 new people trained!! 1 full timer and 1 part timer!!!  I really hope they are quick learners and can come to shift fast so I can FINALLY go back to my day shift!  This night shift is for the birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Hi all!


Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.  I am having a serious case of birthday let-down.  It didn't help that AF showed, with a full day of spotting at 19 dpo, giving me a grand total of a 20 day lp!  Without progesterone, I have a 12 day lp, with 15.  Apparently with clomid and progesterone, it's 20... 


Anyway, AF finally started and I will be taking femara this cycle.  The RE (well, the nurses at the clinic) didn't bat an eyelash at a 20 day lp.


I'm really interested in ling issues too! I have a 2.5day af, and I am wondering... but I did get pregnant with my daughter with a 2.5 day af...  Regardless, I am taking estrogen with my femara to help with lining issues.


I am pretty discouraged.  It is technically cd one, so expected, but still difficult...


Thinking of you all...

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Hey Jenger, I have a 2.5 day AF now too! And it's very light. I asked the doctor about it and they didn't think that this was a big issue because of clomid. However, that's why they dropped the dose for me. I hope you have luck with building your lining! Hopefully the femara doesn't affect your lining; it's not supposed to anyway! Are you being followed by ultrasound? I'm going at CD10 to get tested and then they said they will decide whether I need estrogen. I personally think that this is too late because seriously, so far, on clomid, my follicles were ready by day 11 (day 9 the last cycle). Hopefully, lower dose means I'll have a longer phase for follicular maturation.


My husband is losing patience and after this round, if we're not pregnant, we are going to switch MDs because we're not sure why my doctor is doing what she's doing...and she's not the type that likes a lot of questions!


Anyway, Brichole, I hope you get out of your night shift hell soon!! I can't imagine how it must be to have to work during the night and getting your body prepared for that!!!


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Well now we're back to just waiting around. DH gave his specimen for his SA yesterday (and made me laugh so hard when he was describing the entire experience and environment that I almost peed my pants!!!) and I had a transvaginal u/s this morning. I was told they'll call sometime by next Friday with results from both of them and then we'll decide when we to come back in.


I'm 8dpo today and I keep hoping that we just spent all that money for nothing and that I'm already miraculously, inconveniently pregnant and all of these results will be unneeded. But I know better after all this time than to hold my breath or put any kind of faith in that actually happening. I just keep hoping that these tests show something because I just can't handle a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. If this OB can't help us, our only other options are to either drive 3.5 hours each way to the closest RE or wait until June 2012 when we actually move closer to the RE. Something in my gut says it's my hubby but maybe that's just my body desperately clinging to some bit of normalcy.


Hopefully next week we'll find out something!

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Good luck, SimplyRochelle! If you're not pregnant then I hope you at least get some answers soon. I'm with you...not knowing what is wrong is one of the most frustrating things about this process!!

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Originally Posted by renavoo View Post

Regardless, hopefully, my lining is better this month! Any suggestions of things I can do now? I'm taking a baby aspirin because I'm hearing that that MAY help but I'm not doing anything else. I get nervous taking anything, really, because I worry that this will impede my chances but I just feel like i need to help the lining along!



Try drinking 2-3 cups of Red Raspberry Leaf tea daily. I just got my Rx for clomid 50 mg, and I'm going to ask my ND for natural ways of thickening the lining. She did say that baby aspirin helps, and I've heard that RRL tea helps as well. I'll let you know if she suggests anything else. Daily cardio exercise is supposed to help with blood flow to the uterus. Cardio can be a daily 30 min brisk walk. I'm horrible about exercising daily, but I need to start, it makes me feel better anyways.

I've also heard acupuncture can help. I was thinking about seeing an acupuncturist for my TMJ (grinding my teeth), so I might ask about using it to help with TTC.


Good luck!

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So, quick question. As I'm reading about uterine lining...are ya'll saying that the thickness of the UL correlates to the heaviness of the flow? Would make sense, just never thought of that.


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Thank you for your support! I hope we all wont have to stay in this tread for to long, wish you all stork-girl.gif


About the lining...my AF always used to be short and I was thinking it's because I had heavy spotting for 5 days after my O.


This month I was taking 50mg climid wich didn't work, then 100mg which worked well. My lining was fine, I asked. I was taking progesteron after IUI and didn't have the spotting this month. My period still was short and it was a looooot of mucus..I even don't know why it's this way, can I just have blood like everybody else?


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Still waiting to O, but it should be any day now. We go to the doctor together for his SA results on Tuesday. I have been doing a brisk walk in the evenings with my dog lately. I hope its helpful. I hope I catch my eggie!

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Good morning ladies!  I HATE this flip flop in shifts! I'm on day shift on Saturdays now but 3rd shift Sunday thru Thursday off on fridays then my week starts over again.  That's really going to be a hard thing to deal with starting temping but I've gotta do what i've gotta do. 



speaking of getting to temp.......::::DRUMROLL PLEASE::::: lol  AF showed up!!! YAY!! I'm on CD1 and I don't believe i've ever been this excited about it lol. 



G/L to those who are having tests done this week!! I hope that everything turns out good and you all get answers!!! : )



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Hmm...Dh and I "practiced" getting pregnant this morning, and afterward, there was slightly dark tinged mucus, then think bright red/pink mucus, then nothing. I first was thinking af was coming early. But I'm on cd 25 of a usually 30 day cycle. I'm rarely early. So then, I'm thinking/hoping/praying for implantation bleeding. EEEE! I'm so getting my hopes up. Ugh! My temps have been uncharacteristically down lately though....


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