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Asher is here!!

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Asher is finally here!  I have to say I feel much better about my c-section (mentally that is) than I expected... after having 2 beautiful vaginal births with out any intervention. I was really quite bitter about this section - even if it was medically necessary due to my previa.. That being said... here is Asher's birth story.



Well I had my planned c-section scheduled for 3/1 at 7:30 with a 5:30am check in ...apparently my baby had other plans...


I got up that evening at 1:30am to use the restroom and I felt a very small - pop - and I knew my water had broken. (The funny thing about this is I told my DH just that night before bed.. it would be great if I could just naturally go into labor tonight. I was worried about my milk coming in w/o experiencing labor etc.)   I called to my DH to check and see if my water was clear or bloody. It was bloody (but just lightly pink). We had already packed our stuff in the car for the section in the morning so I literally grabbed a towel to sit on and we headed to the ER. 

It did not take us long to get to the Hospital but I think the L&D crew they felt like we had more time than I thought we did! I was contracting as soon as my water broke, so I knew things were going to go from bad to worse very quickly.  They called the OB who was on call for my OB ( it wasn't his night).  And they took me back to prep me for surgery. I told everyone in the room more than once I had my second son in 4 hrs labor start to finish.. and it was now 2 something.  They kind of dismissed this. As soon as the anesthesiologist got my Epidural in and he turned the medicine on - I felt this gushing sensation. They had me lay back and that is when I heard the anesthesiologist ask where my blood was ( for a transfusion) and he said we needed an OB in here NOW!  I was thinking.. great, we get this far w/o a big bleed and I have no OB to deliver me!!! .  I also got a little light headed and started to shake at this point. I couldn't see anything...because they had the drape up. But I knew something wasn't good because my DH had broken out into a sweat and looked like he was going to pass out.

Then the OB came in he seemed calm about everything and he had my baby out in 3 min! The baby sounded so good! He was crying really well. My DH looked much better and went to hang out with him while the OB worked on my placenta.

We did not think I had accrita but they were not sure. It turned out I did not, but the OB said my placenta was 'shredded'. When he took it out it came out in shreds. I was thinking - well maybe because I was in active labor and I was bleeding out for a few min before anyone started my section?

I did end up getting a blood transfusion during my section - I think mostly because my body was moving so quickly through labor and my section hadn't even started.....

The baby and I are doing great!  My incision site looks great! They used stitches and the surgical glue.. all of the nurses in recovery were impressed by how clean it looks..


My word of warning for anyone who needs section!!! Do not use a Therma Care wrap on your incision!!  Because I had the blood transfusion there were only a few pain meds they could give me, and they were not controlling the pain very well.  So my nurse gave me a Therma Care to put on my incision to help with the pain..  I forgot that after a section you have numbness from the nerves being cut... I just liked how the heat felt. The end result was I ended up with some blisters above my incision site! They are 2nd degree burns! I was less than happy as was my OB. I get to see a dermatologist now to follow up...  But other than that, we are doing great!


The baby was 6 lbs 12 oz, he is very feisty and loves to eat. I had my DH with him the entire time just to make sure he was never offered a bottle and his foreskin was not retracted.   I am just so glad my whole section is over and now I get to enjoy the baby!!


Sending easy labor vibes to all of you ready to go!!!



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Congratulations.  I am glad you are feeling more at peace about the c-section and that they were able to (eventually) get the baby delivered fast and get your bleeding stopped.


Enjoy your LO!

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Congrats mama! Enjoy your new little man!

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Congratulations & welcome Asher!!

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That's wonderful! I'm glad that you are feeling better about your c/s. Knowing that baby was ready would have made a big difference to me too. I'm so happy that it worked out that way for you, and without compromising anyone's safety!



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It's so awesome Asher chose his birthday!  What a beautiful little guy. 


I am so shocked they didn't work you up faster - I'm sure it made your recovery more difficult, and if I were you, I would write a letter!  Yikes!  But I'm so glad it went well and you're ok and the baby is doing so well.  He's gorgeous!  Speedy recovery, and enjoy your babymoon!  Thanks for sharing the birth story!

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Congratulations!  He's so cute!

And it seems like it worked out very well with labor starting right before your c-section was scheduled.

I hope your burn heals quickly!

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Hooray! Welcome Asher orngbiggrin.gif

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Oh!  Congratulations mama!!  :)  What a beautiful baby!   <3


We have an Ephram too - how funny.  :)

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Congrats!  He is precious- and I LOVE his name- it's a name that my SIL said she liked and we considered when we were pregnant with DD, for some reason it just didn't fit for us.  Your birth story made me tear up a bit that they weren't listening to you- I hate that!  But very glad that all worked out fine and that you are at peace with your section. Enjoy your babymoon!!

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Welcome to the world Asher!


Glad to hear that everything is well with your and yours.  Enjoy your snuggle time together Mama!

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My OB took care of talking to the L&D  OB. Apparently that was the break down.. I left out the part where they wanted to do a cervical check on me.. I was all - okay who here knows what placenta previa means? They had the baby's heart beat on the monitor.. the L&D OB informed me she just wanted to see if the cord was in the birth canal..  So she just used the specula to check then nothing...


I was so ticked at her. It was really refreshing to see my OB the next morning and he was all.. um, what happened? I explained it all and (he is bald) his whole head turned red. He was all, I will address all of this. I think he was almost in tears when he left also.. He was ticked.


I think what ticked him off the most is I was already in the system - so his notes were there to review regarding my diagnosis and my quick labor. Either way. I think my water breaking helped me process this section as well.  And all is well, a few burns is alright hopefully they clear up and seeing a dermatologist was my OB's recommendation.


Well I need to put a sleepy boy down :)

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Congratulations!! He is adorable! Enjoy your babymoon!


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Congrats on your beautiful little boy strong Mama!!! Enjoy your precious new addition -- thank you for sharing your story!!

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Congrats!!! he's super cute!!!

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What a story! Welcome Asher - we love that name... it's on our list too smile.gif

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congrats on the baby glad everything turned out okay. i hope you heal quickly

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He is gorgeous! I'm sorry your hospital experience wasn't the best; glad your OB is on your side, though! Rest and enjoy your babymoon.

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Congratulations mama!  I had a c-section experience very similar to yours, and in the end I was so grateful that 1) I knew about it beforehand, it wasn't a surprise in labor, kwim?  It was good to grieve over not having a natural birth and get that all out *before* welcoming the new baby, and 2) just like you, I got to go into labor before the section was scheduled (even at 7 years old, his personality is still the same of insisting on doing things in his own time), so baby got all the good labor hormones.


Enjoy that sweet baby!!

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