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Pregnant Mamas in WNY

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Hello ladies (and gents)!  I'm finishing up my last leg of my certified childbirth educator training, and hosting a free childbirth class series in Hamburg from March 19-April 16.  I'm really excited about it and have all kinds of fun things planned.  I've been working hard to get everything together and to get the word out there, but interest has been slow to come in.  Are there any pregnant mamas in the area that would be interested?


If you are from this area, even if you aren't currently pregnant, can you tell me where you found most of your pregnancy information and support, and what classes you considered taking?  I'm just trying to get as much information as I can to help me plan my classes in the future.  Thanks! :)

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I am definitely interested.  I am due April 28th and thought it was too late to find a class.  As far as information and support I have just been scouring the web.  I've also talked to the local ICAN about providers and doulas.  I wish I had the time and money to take a hypnobirthing class.  I'm trying to go natural for baby#2.  Please keep me posted about when and where your classes will be held.  Congratulations on your upcoming certification!

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I sent you a PM with more class information Jocelyn1.  Thank you for the info and kind words, and maybe we'll meet sometime soon!

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