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Newborn with sunburn like rash

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My DS is 9 days old today and has developed a terrible sunburn like rash all over his belly and chest. His legs and arms are splotchy but his body id bright red.


All his clothing was washed in a super gentle baby soap and he is exclusively breastfed. It looks really painful bt he seems in good spirits


Any ideas????

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Call your doctor. Even if it's nothing, I'd want a professional's opinion on a wee little 9 day old baby!

Congratulations on your new baby, and let us know what your doctor says!! smile.gif
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Yep! I would call or take him in, ASAP! A rash like that on a newbie would worry me! Now, my seven year old is prone to crazy rashes and I know now just to use benadryl and wait, but you can't do that with a nine day old. Best luck!

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We have an appointment with the ped on Tuesday. We are still in midwives care and she seems to think is normal. So we will see what the doc thinks. I was just hoping someone had dealt with something similar and could share-to hopefully ease my mind.


thank you ladies-will report back

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Did your midwife say what the thinks the rash is?

It could be heat rash.  Are you maybe over dressing baby?


It sounds like an allergic reaction, though.  Most obvious culprit would be either laundry detergent or bath soap.  Even gentle, mild or "natural
 soaps can cause reactions.  I'd wash baby in straight water - no soap.  I'd wash some already clean baby clothes in just water to totally rinse out any detergent.  See if this helps.

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My DS2 had a rash sounding exactly how you are describing your LO's rash when he was a week or so old. He was born in June so I attributed it to a heat rash. It was some kind of contact dermatitis. BTW our ped didn't want to see us for it. What helped my son the most was swimming in our salt-water pool. It cleared his skin right up! I would try a salt-water bath in luke warm water. Also, I love CJ's natural butter. It was made to be a diaper cream, but really you can use it anywhere. My DS2 still has horrible skin (eczema) and I use it several times a day on his face. I bought the tea tree and lavender scent :)



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I would be thinking contact rash from an allergic reaction, too. Even super-gentle baby soaps can contain questionable ingredients. I would try switching to an ordinary free-and-clear detergent, and see if that clears it up, if it were me. I'd also be looking at anything like lotions or baby washes or shampoos, that baby might be reacting too.

I agree with the PP, too-- salt water is wonderful for healing the skin.
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