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Measles in Portland, Vancouver WA area

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I thought of MDC when I saw this alert. A lot of people here will be at risk.





The teen, who was not identified, attended classes at the K-12 Vancouver Christian School while contagious Friday and visited a Vancouver 7-Eleven store at 5101 N.E. 112th Ave. and the City Harvest Church youth group on Sunday.

The teen then sought medical help at the Southwest Medical Group at Fisher's Landing on Tuesday. He was diagnosed with measles Wednesday afternoon.

Health officials are urging people who have not been vaccinated and may have been exposed to the teen at the school, between 4 and 8 p.m. Sunday at the convenience store or between 5:30 and 10:30 p.m. Sunday at the church youht group to avoid going out in public from Friday, the earliest time symptoms are likely to emerge, through 21 days following exposure. In this case, that period runs to March 20.


It's too late for the vaccine now if you were exposed, but pregnant women can get the immunoglobulin until tomorrow.



Potentially exposed people are also advised to seek vaccinations, although the vaccine is most effective within just three days of exposure. Pregnant women or people with immune system issues can receive immune globulin shots within six days of exposure, in this case, by Saturday.


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Quote from the article:

Melnick said. "I can tell you that from a medical standpoint, this is an incredibly safe vaccine. The disease can be deadly, but it’s completely preventable with vaccination.”


So, the vaccine completely prevents measles, and rarely causes reactions. Sounds completely true to me!

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