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I'm in Illinois and I want a HB. I've had 2 previous c-sections. It is hard to find someone to attend a home birth here....how do I find someone that will attend HBA2C?

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Do you know of any HB MWs in your area or know someone who's had a HB? If not, you could try posting in the local forums on MDC and hopefully someone in your area will be able to help you. Good luck!  =)

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I agree with PP. I am trying for a VBA2C in a birthing center next month. I found a midwife who does home birth also, but can not attend one in my state since I have had 2 cesareans. So I will be going to the birth center, that might be another option.

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I just want to encourage you to keep looking.  I had a hard time finding someone too, and for months and months it seemed like there was nobody who would consider me, but then I found my midwife who had NO PROBLEMS taking me on.  She was there all along, it just took a whole lot of rejection before I found her!


I think it was my local ICAN chapter that turned me onto her.  But talk to/ask everyone.  Ask everyone who rejects you if they know anyone who would accept you.  Talk to the midwife that is 5 hours away who does VBA2C to see if she knows anyone closer to you.  Keep at it.  My midwife is perfect (we're about to use her again) and I'm sure someone is there for you too!


BTW, in my state (Florida) VBACs can be done at home but are illegal at birth centers.  So these ridiculous rules vary!

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Where in IL are you located.  I might be able to give you some names.  :)

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