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Must remember to breathe....

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OMG I am about to have a heart attack right now.... baby girl coming home on Thursday!!!!



I am still nervous as nothing has been signed and nothing is set in stone, but everything is set for her to come home on thursday afternoon.


I feel like I am about to explode.

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!


That is fabulous news.  So incredibly happy for you.  May it all be peaceful and quick.

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Wow!  I hope all goes smoothly!

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joy.gifI agree, may it be quick and peaceful! 

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You have been waiting SO LONG, and with such grace and patience.  I'll keep fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed for you, each a bunch of chocolate in solidarity, and hope-hope-hope that this all works out for the best!


:D  Let us know when you get a chance! :D

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Yeah!!!!  So happy for you!  I know you have waited a long time!

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Wonderful!! I hope it goes smoothly.

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Thanks everyone. I am really beyond freaked out. A week is a really long time, and birthmom has every opportunity (and every right!) to change her mind before then. I don't think I will be able to breathe again until the baby is placed in our arms. This is just SO MUCH MORE emotional than I dreamed it would be.


I have been getting her room ready this weekend, and I had to leave Target almost empty handed because I almost had a panic attack in the store. I just can't believe this is real, you know?

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Hurray! Sooo excited for you. Please keep us updated :)

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Great news, I hope all goes well.

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Baby Z is home!

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Congratulations. Are you breathing yet? Or has she taken your breath away?

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Congrats on the new baby! 


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thank you everyone! I am still in shock that she is actually here. I honestly did not think this day would every come!

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Congratulations on your new little girl!  That's awesome.  I hope you are enjoying every minute.

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