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Hi all,


I have recently decided to begin my path toward midwifery school and am trying to envision the different ways in which it will be possible for me to practice. In my wildest dreams I'd open a birth center in my hometown (I don't presently live there) because it seems severely underserved in the natural birth department. A quick glance at the Yellow Pages when I was last home and I didn't see a single hospital-based midwife there. Until I can make my birth center dreams come true, I would love to have a private or group practice that serves the hospital birthing community. I'm wondering, what steps does a CNM need to take to be able to practice privately (or with a group practice of only other CNMs) in a hospital? I know there are OB partnerships where the CNM is under the umbrella of the OB practice, but I'm specifically talking about a midwifery practice where the only OB relationship is as backup. 


I know this forum is largely homebirth midwives, but do any of the hospital-based midwives here feel comfortable sharing what your practice is like and what it was like setting up that way?


Before I begin applying to school I want to have a realistic idea of what setting up practice in a hospital will be like.