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It's April, Mamas!!!!

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Figured we might as well start our April thread. Anyone get any pranks pulled on them or pull any today? Usually I think of something to do to dh today, but haven't come up with anything good yet. Wish I had an appt today so I could tell him mw said twins!

Steph - glad your appt went well. How long have you been out of the states for? I am also so glad to leave and so glad to come home

Caroline - sorry you have been puking! I bet it will go away soon.

I'm off on Thursdays, so I'm having fun just lazing around with Jack. Might get some bins so I can start packing some. We are moving in a month and a half, but I HATE packing and like to do it slow and easy. We were going to be renting an apt, but dh's dad does that as seen on tv home buying and reselling. Well, he told dh he would buy a house we pick out (in price range of course) and let us rent it from him. He's kind of an ass most of the time, but I'd just about sell my soul not to be in an apt again, so we'll see how this works out.
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Caroline, I forgot to say you are so right about not remembering how bad it can be. For 8 weeks this pregnancy I was laying on the couch all day wanting to die (at one point I even told dh I wish I could go to the hospital and just be put in a coma until this part was over). I swore that this was it no more babies, I will never do this again. Now, it's like, what was so bad about it? I must have been exaggerating!
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Happy April Fools Day! I love April!

OK, now that its a new thread and I can't scroll down to remember everything everyone said, I'm lost. Anyone else have a piss poor memory lately? I'm blaming it on pregnancy, whether that's where its coming from or not.

Steph, how exciting that you are on the move soon, it will be fun! I hope we both get some good sleep soon! Sounds like your appt was good, no worries is the best way to go! So you will have to go and find a new doc/midwife when you finally get home, huh? That will be a project, hopefully an easy one.

Anna, I hope the pain goes away before the baby comes! Maybe more things will move around and make it go away. Have you considered acupuncture?

Sarah, thanks for starting the new thread. I hope your move goes easily and smoothly. A house would be wonderful!

I have thought about birth a lot so far during this pregnancy and just last night I realized that I never think much past delivery, meeting baby and breastfeeding for the first time. But I realized I never thought of things like putting on baby's first diaper and clothes, how that will be, what time of day it will be, who we will call first, and how many calls we will have to make. I am feeling lots of excitement over this, but ever so glad to have several months still to get there.

Anyway, gonna be a warm one here today with snow expected for tonight, better get out and enjoy the warmth while I can! Happy Day!
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April flowers

Yesterday, I FINALLY went to visit my garden to see how it was doing. (the site our wedding last spring, we restored / planted a garden) The weather has not cooperated with my schedule for afew weeks now and boy was it exciting to see all the plants coming up. There are daffodils and iris showing as well as tiny little bleeding hearts, columbine and jacobs ladder! One foxglove has made it through the 2nd winter and should actually bloom this year!

Yeah Flowers!

As i was raking last years dead leaves out of the beds i thought about how all my fears and anxieties about the future were like the leaves in the bed. The leaves serve a purpose in the winter and early spring, they protect the plants from the worst of the weather, and nourish the soil. The plants WILL come up through those leaves regardless of my raking them out or not. However, there comes a time in the spring, when removing those leaves, allows the plants to receive more light, the ground to warm up more and the plants to REALLY grow.
So, I need to start cleaning up all my fears and anxieties, so i can really GROW!

Listening to the universe
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A Tricky April 1 to All:

It's great to read everyone's news. I too think that I can feel movements--I'm pretty sure that's what it is! And I heard a heartbeat, so there's definitely something going on. It's not just the weirdest flu ever. I'm pretty sure it's a boy.

Remind me *not* to travel unecessarily when pregnant--my trip to San Antonio was lovely, except that I felt crappy for much of it. I think that air pressure, time zone changes, different food and a strange bed are just that much harder on a pregnant body. I found out that I'm having what I think are called "rounding pains"--ligaments stretching all around the bottom and sides of my emerging belly. Not sharp pain but definite discomfort. It's absolutely cut into my running (like, no running). Sigh.

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Woohoo! we have a subforum!! I love having all these threads!!!

adventure girl- I remember with my first I read all I could on pg and birth. It didn't occur to me to read any baby care books or bf books. After dd was born I was so nervous to dress her etc. After the first day I was reading the LLL book womanly art of bf like mad to try and catch up.

bananagirl- thanks for such an inspirational thought. It was just what I needed to read!!!

RaeinBC- I have been having round ligament pain too. No fun! I hope it goes away soon for you.

I can hardly believe I am already 18 weeks. This pg is going way too fast for me. My oldest daughter (8) is showing some interest in being at the birth. I have a great sibling at birth video and some really nice books. I am so excited if she does want to.

We heard heart tones yesterday, always such a reassurance. Babe is really active in the morning as well between 6:30-7:00.

I love April Fools Day!! I have such fun tricking dh. The kids have had a blast being in on tricking daddy as well. He needed a new briefcase so I bought one exactly like his old one but filled it with goodies ect. so it would weigh/feel the same as his old one and set it out for this am. He ended up being a little behind this am so he didn't even notice. He came back a couple hours later to exchange bags ! Its a good thing his work is only 5 mins from home. Later I went and moved his truck to the next parking lot over, can't wait 'til he discovers that!!

Have a great day!
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Sarah those tricks sound like a riot! Let me know what your DH thought about you moving his truck.
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I was the exact opposite with my 1st pregnancy. I spent all my time reading about AP and breastfeeding and NOTHING about birth. I had a cesarean, but also a very successful nursing relationship.

What sibling at birth video do you have? I own Gentle Birth Choices and my 6 year old son likes to watch it. Im also letting him watch the videos that my midwife loans me because I would really like for him to be at my babys birth and be prepared.
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Last year on April Fools Day, my husband was in the bedroom, and I was in the living room. We have a large picture window, so I said, "Oh MY GOD! Look at THAT!"

My husband says "What?" from the other room, totally not interested.

I said, "There is a woman jogging down the street in a sports bra with HUGE boobs!"

He ran from the bedroom to the window so fast, going "Where? Where?"

"April Fools, horndog!"

He's a breast man, all the way! LOL!
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Lynsey- my video is called "Children at Birth" it is a bradley method video put out by academy communications.

DH had a lot of fun explaining in his meeting this am and sharing the treats. He thought my moving his truck was pretty funny after he found it. He had forgotten I had keys to it. All in all a pretty fun day.

I'm off to bed, I can't believe how posty I have been today. Gotta get some sleep before my nursling wakes up at 4am!!

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I woke up this morning totally craving Count Chocula cereal, mmmmmmmmmm those chewy, stale, chocolatey marshmallows. Went to the grocery store up the street and they don't have it! But I won't be discouraged. Taking Noah to another grocery store now.

Hope you all are well!
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Happy April ladies!

Chrissy-I haven't heardof/seen Count Chocula in ages!!!! Good luck on your search.

I totally let April Fools get by without any tricks on my dh, darn. Maybe next year. You guys definitely had some good ones.

Anna-hope your pain subsides soon and you're feeling better.

Not too much reading here about after the birth either. Anyone have any suggestions?? I'll read The Womanly Art of BF and I've heard The Baby Book by Sears was good. Any others????

Went out for a couple of long bikerides the past two days...of course my cycling shorts don't fit anymore, so my bum is totally sore I know dh is going to try to get me to go today, but no way!

Hope you all enjoy your Friday!!!
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Happy Friday, woo-hoo its the weekend!

Danielle, that April Fool's joke made me :LOL nice one!

Chumani, my dh would freak if he couldn't find his truck, nice job.

Rachel, sorry your trip was uncomfortable, better to find out now!

Anna, what a wonderful post, thanks for sharing. I really like that metaphor and will use it, it fits so well.

I'm really tired today, we stayed up way late last night, went to see some local music, but now I'm bushed. Looking dreary outside, perfect day for napping.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

We are visiting with some friends from Florida who are here for a ski vacation tonight, and going to a "progressive" party tomorrow, the kind where you move from house to house. Should be fun. Expecting snow again, haven't had any yet.... we need it bad there are already wildfires burning. Time to go do a snow dance.
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Nice April Fools jokes! I completely forgot to do something!

I've been having a lot of round ligament pain. It is quite sharp too and uncomfortable, but it means growth, right? That's exciting.

All these threads are totally overwhelming! I need hours to check them out. Luckily I do have hours of time, just not now.

I've also been reading about post-birth issues, including a lot on sleeping arrangements. My friends are struggling right now, so it's become a topic of interest. The most interesting thing I've read so far that I will keep in mind is that just when you feel like you can't stand something a certain pattern any longer, it changes. This is also what has just happened with my friend. Bf is also an interesting subject, especially about the latch, the jost memorable line there was, "remember, you don't nipple feed, you breast feed." Can't wait to go to the library when I get home.

I told a Bradley instructor that I decided to go with someone else because I had received some negative feedback about her and she had never answered my question about price. She sent me back a rather nasty email, so I guess that is double confirmation that she was not a good choice. Still, I hate to have hurt her feelings, but doesn't every business owner want to know about the feedback going around about them? I thought it was constructive, but apparently not.

Happy weekend all,

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The only April Fools joke I played was on my best friend. I told her that another mutual friend of ours had her baby (she is actually due tomorrow).

That didnt require much thought.
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So glad it is Friday!!! Every other weekend, Jack and I sleep over at my best friend's house (who has a 2 year old). It is so fun and relaxing. I leave lots of our "supplies" there, so I don't even have to pack much.

greenbeing - I can't say enough about The Baby Book. In a year and a half, my copy is so dogeared. It is the first place I turn for just about everything Jack related. It is indispensable.

I haven't figured out what we're going to do with Jack during the birth yet. He'll be at the house I'm sure, but I don't know who will be in charge of him. Although knowing him, he will probably get a kick out of grunting and moaning along with me.

Guess I should go and pretend to work for a little bit....Happy Weekend!
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Hello everyone. I'm new here. My name is Andrea and I'm due on 9-21. I have a daughter who was born on 9-25-02. I was wondering why all the posts are on one thread? It's kind of hard to keep up that way. I didn't know if you all liked it this way or what. I look forward to getting to know you all!
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Hi Andrea!

I know I like it this way - seems easier to keep up with everyone and see how everyone is doing.
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Fifths disease

Well I had to take my son to the Dr. today because he has a rash that I thought was strep throat/scarletina and I feel that that is def. something to get antibiotics for, but it turns out he has fifths disease. The dr. said that I need to get tested to see if I have antibodies against it and gave me an info sheet saying that of all the women who arent immune to it (maybe 1 %) 10% of their babies will be born with severe anemia and 2% will die.

Has anyone else here had the experience of being exposed to Fifths and what did you do?
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Oh Lynsey, I just went through this, but it turned out my daughter did not have it. I was given the same info as you. I don't have any advice, just hugs becuase I know how you must be nervous right now. Just look at the numbers, there really is no chance your baby will be affected...

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