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Naw, Jen, keep talking. Just because nobody else has anything to say doesn't mean we don't like reading what *you* have to say.

3under3, I like showing off my belly too. The bigger the better. But I am usually covered up too -- I think exposed cute little pregnant bellies on cute little people are probably hard enough for the general populace to take, the sight of my big hulking belly would probably make people faint. : However, in a few months I will probably do a little belly exposure at the Oregon Country Fair. I mean, there are men and women running around almost totally naked there, I don't think anybody is going to worry about my belly too much there.
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Oh Linda, I don't think anyone would faint at your belly, if you walk around with it exposed at a fair people will probably want to touch it...

Apropos, is anyone experiencing belly patting and petting yet? I just get it from a few of my little students which I don't mind one bit, that somehow is meaningful and wonderful when a little one feels the need to connect with an even littler one! Only a few grown-ups have given me belly pats, but they were close friends so it didn't bug me...

curious what your experiences have been


ps: found a sewing machine on eBay, I think.
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I want a sewing machine...

My 2 year old talks to my belly. It is so cute. I have had some people touch, most notably a tailor that is making me a maternity bridesmaid dress (YUCK)....he declared it was a boy, and he was right!

Jen, about he quitting smoking...I am sooooo sorry!! My husband quit FOUR times, the last time I told him if he started again, he would kjust have to smoke forever becasue I couldn't take it anymore. That was about 2 years ago, and he hasn't had another since.....I am thinking of you!!

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I have only gotten belly rubs/pats/kisses from my one close girlfriend, and dh of course. But I am apparently not all that obviously showing at this point, so we'll see who's touching when things get out there a bit more.

I have visions of belly showing this summer, but I do wonder if I'll feel different when the time comes.

We got over a foot of snow yesterday, and its still falling. I'm totally jealous of dh off skiing for the day. It is gorgeous, I will get out and enjoy it in my own way, maybe some sledding or snowshoeing with my dog.

Happy weekend!
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Naptime, blissful naptime!!! I am in toddler HELL today. My little sweetie has been replaced by a changeling and has been screaming, crying, kicking and hitting all day.

I'm excited because I got some new maternity things at Target yesterday that aren't as huge as all my other stuff. I like the Liz Lange things - not too big and tentish. Also, for any other plus sized mamas, I wear an 18-20 normally and her XL stuff fits me nicely, which I didn't expect. I got a great pair of black cotton capris that can be casual but also dressed up for work and the best thing is that they don't have that hated cotton panel, so I can wear shirts that are a little shorter. I also got some cute shirts.

Jack and I dyed eggs with my mom this morning, which he loved. We did them in coffee mugs, so he kept saying, "Oooh Mommy, nice drink!!!" We have to have dinner with my fil tonight, which is a downer in my day. I'm sure he'll have all kinds of wonderful ideas about how we should be living our lives. I.e. Jack should be in daycare and I should be working full time so dh isn't so "stressed out" going to school and working. Of course he has no concept of how much daycare costs, how much it sucks, etc.

About belly touching - it has never bothered me. I don't care who touches my belly, unless it was a nasty man but that hasn't happened to me. I love being pregnant and I think its cute when total strangers are interested and excited.

Happy Saturday!!
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Hey all,

Could some of you mamas tell me of your experiences with Braxton-Hicks contractions? I've begun having them a couple of times a day and although I know they are perfectly normal and good, they startle me sometimes. Jo also doesn't understand why all of a sudden I feel this need to lie down regardless of what I was doing.

I read today that keeping yourself very well hydrated may help, I will work on that, I am not the queen of drinking lots of water and I suppose that may be affecting me.

I can't get Jo to go to Target and register for baby stuff without feeling like I'm twisting her arm or making her do something she doesn't want to. I just want to create a little list for the dad at our school who works for target corp who wants to buy us stuff so that he doesn't have to use his imagination and we end up with tons of stuff we don't want

You know how they say you marry people just like your dad? I feel like that lately. He was always wonderful to everyone else and crabbed at my mom. Jo is goodness and light to everyone else and then when we're alone I either get her crabbiness or I get extreme silliness. Why can't I just have a nice loving wife?!!!

Ah well. Spring break has been long. 2 weeks of togetherness... kinda long.

done now -

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update on my friend (if anyone is interested)

She had a beautiful home waterVBAC yesterday morning - before I originally wrote. She was only in labor for 2 hours so she said it was really tough, but other than that EVERYTHING turned out exactly like she wanted. She birthed on her hands and knees in the pool after 20 minutes of pushing and her hubby caught the 8 lb 3 oz baby girl. Midwife and asst. didnt arrive until she had already started pushing. She had no tearing and baby latched on great afterward.

I am so happy for her and so envious. I hope that I can have as good of an experience with my HBAC as she did.
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Im not getting any belly patting or rubbing yet since you cant tell that Im pregnant with clothes on and we still havent told that many people. It seems that since this is my 4th pregnancy and 3rd child most people are not really that interested. But I am only 16 weeks so I still have lots of time.

And when/if it does happen I wont mind it at all. I really like the attention I get while pregnant - I am cute and I know it (when preggo anyways )!
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I am so glad to hear that your friend's birth went so well. It sounds wonderful!
My older sister's last birth went really quick and she said it was super intense because it was so short. she said she wasn't quite "prepared" emotionally for it to be over so fast.
I am so happy to hear that your friend is doing so well and that her family is peacefully together.

May we all do as well!!!!!!!!
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Thanks Anna! Yeah, Catherine said she felt like one minute her water broke and the next minute she had a baby in her arms. I think that would be really scary for me so I am hoping for a 7 hour labor and 25 minutes of pushing. Last time I labored for about 12 hours and pushed 2 or 3 times. The pushing was WAY too fast and overwhelming for me, this time I hope its slower so I can have a chance to get a grip on what I am doing.
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Happy Easter!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get to spend time with the people you love.
I'm heading out of town with my hubby this afternnoon. I am looking forward to time at "The Farm". Have been daydreaming alot lately about what I would do to the old place if it was mine.... It will be fun to wander around visuallizing the renovations I am dreaming of.
We are planning on having a fairly serious discusion with my dad about the legalities and logistics involved in buying the place from him in the next 2 years or so... Should be interesting. I really hope he is responsive about the plan. It has sometimes felt to me like he is kinda apathetic about the idea.... unless my sister brings it up. But hey, that's just jealousy and insecurity talking.

It will be fun catching up with everyone, when I get back to my computer on Tuesday, the day of my ultrasound appointment!

With love, Listening to The Universe
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Afternoon Ladies.... Remember me??
Just wanted to stop and see how you were all doing, I've been keeping an eye on ya all whenever I can mentally stand it.

The good news is that DH and I will be starting to try again this month. Emotionally I'm in a good spot, physically everything looks good, so here we go again!!
Anyway just gonna roll in some of your babydust and then head back to TTC!!
I offer you all a virtual belly pat!
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Hi Shannon, I'm glad you're feeling in a good place. Here's some baby dust for you and some love too!

Where are all you mamas??? I'm up the latest I've been in months and I'm bored! Hope you are all sleeping happy and dreaming baby dreams...
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Visiting with a friend after dinner, enjoying talking about parenting with her again since she and her husband are firmly on the adoption track now after 5 years of unsuccessful trying. They are finally out of the slump of not being able to conceive and are looking forward to being parents... it was great to be happy about parenting with her again. It's been a LONG TIME for them!!!

Jo made us steak for dinner. mmmmmm

Only 8 weeks of school left before I have a year off... holy crap!

night night,


ps: edited to tell you this: I may have managed to get "What to Expect when You're Expecting" pulled off the shelf at our local feminist bookstore today. Woo hoo!
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Jen - good job on "What to Fear When You're Expecting"!! I pulled all the Ezzo books and hid them in another section at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I read of someone else doing that and have tried to start doing it myself.
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Have you heard of the stickers that radical organizations give out - ones that say things like "This work is offensive to women" that they encourage you to stick on books in bookstores, or posters, or billboards? I WISH I had something along those lines for the Ezzo books, like "This book advocates child abuse" or something like that.

Ooh that's a big stand I just took there!

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I read on another forum on MDC that women would write something up about Babywise saying something along the lines of "the AAP doesnt support his scheduled feeding ideas because it can lead to failure to thrive..." or SOMETHING like that and just sticking it in the book, that way you dont have to damage the book. Maybe someone else knows better what I am talking about.
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Also Jen,

my experience with braxton hicks was with Riley I had none that I could feel although I was having them and the day of my cesarean at 39 weeks I was 2 cm dilated. Then with Paityn I started having them around 20 something weeks but they were very infrequent. They never really bothered me but I have a tendency to ignore things... One time after a very stressful Drs. appt. I came home and started having them every couple of minutes. It worried me so I called my doula and she said that it wasprob. because of my nerves and to lay down and drink lots of water. I did that and they stopped.

this time I dont think Im having them yet. Sometimes I do feel a little pressure but its just barely there so I pretty much ignore it as well.

so those are my experiences thus far...

Sorry about Jo not wanting to register. Can you just go with a friend instead? My husband doesnt get excited about anything pregnancy and it really sucks. He doesnt think little baby cloth diapers or clothes are cute, hes not interested in midwife appts., he doesnt like to talk about the birth.....

Anyways, registering is FUN so you should go with someone you will have fun with.

Ive heard that about marying someone like your dad and thats exactly what I did. And seeing how my parent relationship has ended up it doesnt realy make me excited to see where DH and I will be 10, 20 years from now.
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Yes! finally someone has listed a universal sized co-sleeper on eBay!! Cross fingers for me that we can win it, it will be much cheaper than buying it new. Then all that's left is to buy the canopy and that costs half as much..!!! (The canopy, btw, is strictly a cat deterrent for when baby is not in the bed, although if the baby still fits in the co-sleeper when we go up to camp next year - listen to me! "WHEN" we go up to camp, like it's a done deal - it will also serve as a good mosquito net... I hope. Otherwise it will have to share mine)

I dreamt of canoeing last night, and of being in a lake.

Happy Easter, if you're celebrating it... the Easter Bunny missed our house this year, but we're not worried, because tomorrow all the easter candy will be on sale. Maybe EB will simply arrive late!

btw, have you read this thread ?

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Good morning!

Jen, my fingers are crossed for you to get that co-sleeper!!

Speaking of dreams... I have a lot of dreams being pregnant, but not so many about the baby Dh had one last night that he was slinging our little boy with fuzzy blonde hair and blue eyes. So cute.
Chumani...where are you??? I dreamt last night that you were on my caller ID, and I was wondering why you were calling :

Baked some Polish coffee cakes yesterday. I wanted them so bad (my mom/grandma makes them every year for Easter), and there are no Polish bakeries here in Denver So, had to do it myself. And let me tell you, they are delicious!!!

Lynsey-sounds like your friend had a wonderful birth. Yours will be just as perfect!

Well, I found out that they're not going to make me move to 4th grade next year, BUT-they told my teammate that she has to go. Now, I'm feeling guilty and want this guilt to go away!!! Should I feel bad??
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