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You guys, check this out:


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Thanks Chrissy-that was beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes
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Jen, good luck with winning the co-sleeper! do you get a lot off of ebay?

greenbeing, I dont think you should feel bad about your team mate being moved to 4th grade. after all, someone else made the decision right, so its not your fault? try to be happy you get to stay where you are!

chrissy, thanks for sending that link. its going around on the AOL homebirth boards as well. my fav. pic was the one where mom is pushing and the 2 kids are peeking in. and I REALLY want Riley to get to cut the cord with this baby!! seems like it would be such a neat experience for a kid!
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*sniffle* I'm sick! And it's most annoying. Didn't sleep well last night thanks to coughing and my head is so stuffed up....*sigh* I hope i feel better tomorrow, otherwise I'll be calling the doctor.

My husband left this afternoon for a week away. He gets back on Friday and has to leave again on Sunday for another week away. I miss him so much when he's away. (And of course, being sick makes it a bit worse.)

Does anyone know if Ricola cough drops are okay to eat? I got a neti pot and it seems to help when my head hurts too bad from sinus pressure. *sigh* Sometimes I really miss being able to take a sudafed or something.

I'll have to catch up on posts later. I think I'm going to wander off and take a nap.

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I was told the ricola with echinacea is okay after the first trimester.

I have been sick all week, and it was reccomended to me by several people to try the GSE saline spary...WOW!!! It really helped with the respitory infection, I was ready to go on antibiotics becuase of all the nasty stuff in me, but this cleared it up in two days...

Feel better...

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Lazuli, I'm sorry that you're feeling sick, especially when you're alone. I think that all that chat between us a few weeks ago about head colds is somewhere in this thread... steam your head! that helps too.

Lynsey I don't buy a ton of stuff on eBay, but we have gotten some substantial things: our dining room table, for example, is from eBay (antique, tiger oak... shipping from WA was incredible, but even with shipping it was cheaper than anywhere around here), and I've bought 5 wool diaper covers so far. I've heard, though, that the trading post is a better deal for buying diapers than eBay, but I personally thought that $11 for two wool covers wasn't a bad deal... and the woman I bought two covers from threw a third in that she happened to find; that was sheer dumb luck!! I got a lot of my school clothes this year off of eBay, a sweet deal on an xl summer pregnancy lot, and I occasionally manage to deal with someone in Germany to get things that I can't locate here or are simply way cheaper in Germany (e.g. my leather school bag that cost me about $60 including shipping instead of $200 new). Jo says I'm an eBay-aholic, but I don't agree...

greenbeing - don't feel bad. It wasn't your decision and someone who is not pregnant is much more flexible and able to deal with a big change in curriculum. you're going to have other things on your mind. Someone who makes decisions cut you some slack; hopefully your teammates see that and honor that you deserve a little tlc at this point in your life.

and: mmmmmmm, coffeecake!!

well, it's back to the grind tomorrow. And the little kids - but for the last time this year, and really only 2 weeks, since we've got our off-site week the week of the 19th and no one has asked me to do anything with their classes other than the 3rd grade field trip, which I need to plan out in great detail. we're going to a German restaurant and they will have to order in German - many of them are already nervous and asking questions like "If we get scared and can't do it, do we still get to eat?". They're so earnest! I just hope sam and ben don't ask for beer : they've been joking about that.

In May I get a student teacher. I hope it goes well.

I think we should be renaming Sprout to Pogo - because s/he feels like she's constantly pogoing in my belly! Holy cow, baby! The movement is finally noticeable on the outside and Jo's been spending time with her hand on my belly. And this morning she said the sweetest thing: she says she is ready for me to be done being pregnant, because she wants to meet Sprout. This from the woman who only 3 months ago was totally freaked out that we are becoming parents. What a turnaround! Yippee!

With mirthful girth,

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Thanks Jen, I'd forgotten all about the cold discussion! I'm pretty sure I have some peppermint tea, but I'm fresh out of chamomile and not going to the store. I'll go fetch my ricola from the car in a minute and hopefully that will get rid of the annoying tickle in my throat.

I really wish I'd start feeling some movement.... *frets a bit* (I have thought I might have felt a kick a time or two, but I'm not sure.....maybe I have felt some movement and just haven't realized.) I can't wait for September to get here.

I am babbling, I should just curl up in bed with a book or watch a movie......

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Lazuli - even if you just use steam - without the chamomile - it will help.

healing vibes!

Aley (Mommyto3): welcome! We have named our incubating wonder 'sprout' too!!

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Hello Hillary and Aley! Nice to meet you!

Well I had a great weekend. We went to get professional pics taken of the kids yesterday and they did wonderful. I was so pleased because I have tried several other times and it never works out - Paityn cries, Riley scowls, this one time there was a bleeding incident...: but yesterday no one cried and they both looked at the camera and smiled. I dont have any pictures of them (besides snapshots of course) since Paityn was 6 weeks old and Riley 4. I cant wait to get the proofs back and order. Im just nervous about how much its going to cost. I know I will want to buy prints of every shot.

Anyways, the proofs will be on a CD so possibly I can figure out shutterfly or one of those websites and send a few pics to everyone. Im not very good at that stuff though and the pics will have PROOF written across the front, but you will still be able to see how cute they are.

I finished reading the book I borrowed from my MW: Vaccinations: the issue of our times. It was really interesting, although outdated. Even though she is not a child getting 500 shots at a time, it really makes me wonder why my mom gets a flu shot every year since she has so many other medical problems... Well I guess I am getting a little off topic.

I will "talk" to everyone tomorrow. Good night!
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Good morning - I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing day yesterday. Jack ate nothing but junk and hunted for eggs for a long time, so he had a fabulous time. We went for dinner with dh's family and they didn't annoy me to much - I actually had a pretty good time.

I am Ebay crazy. I sell a fair amount of stuff and then save the money in my Paypal account so I can afford to buy! Mainly I buy baby stuff, but lately have gotten maternity and Teletubbie things. Jack is crazy about Teletubbies, but you can't really buy toys anywhere anymore.

We started looking for houses, which is exciting but stressful too. We want to move pretty quickly and there aren't a lot of acceptable houses in our price range. Plus since fil in helping us buy, he has to be involved and give his approval as well. My mom is "hurt" that we are moving out : (we have been there for 6 months longer than the original agreement, so the guilt trip is driving me crazy). So now she is rushing us out, I think to hurt me back a little. Mothers and daughters - so wonderful and so guilt ridden!!!!

Almost no one is in the office today, which is wonderful. Makes it worth having gotten out of bed on this dreary, rainy day.
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It's just another manic monday... (ohhh oo wohh)

I just totally dated myself with that subject line, but I'm thinking that most everyone here, save the "really" young ones are familiar with that song by the Bangles...

What a fine start to the week... a bad night's sleep and Eddie meowing and scratching at things early to get one of us up. So not only am I tired, but I feel guilty because the first thing I did was be mean to my cat... : I'm ready for my maternity leave now! And of course Sydney is here trying to cheer me up by stepping directly on my uterus. What dear, understanding felines I have.

Re-entry into life after vacations is so hard.

This kind of behavior can't be good for Sprout.

And then when I think of the fact that I only have to teach 1.5 hours today I am ready to kick myself for being such a whiner.

Perhaps I should just kick myself into the shower.

Luckily, things can only get better from here.

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If you ever go read my profile, you will see it says "eBay Ho". :LOL

I buy things, but mostly sell on eBay; it helps me earn a substantial part of our income. Though lately I've been lazy! I have to get my butt in eBay mode.

I have been buying diapers and diaper covers like mad ( a couple on eBay, but mostly not). I even bought some specific girly diapers before I knew the gender of the babe because they were simply too cute to pass up! I think I seel those on eBay or on the TP; hopefully I'll make most of my money back.
I have about 1/3 of my stash complete!

I think teachers suffer from post-vacation blahs more than anyone! Poor hubby gets so cranky when vacation is over!
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Oh yeah- I was the one who previously mentioned that whenever I come across an Ezzo book at the store, I put them all in the science fiction section!
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Woohoo! Thanks to a diaper swap I participated in, I got three cute AIOs for our up and coming little guy.
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I wanna buy diaper covers and stuff but my husband won't let me! *sniffle* He says I have to wait until after my mom has a baby shower for us. (Which isn't until June.) Then I can buy some things. *sigh*

I need to drag myself to the grocery tonight to get the ingredients for garlic soup and some vitamin C...oh, and some chamomile tea too so I can steam my head. I wish my stomach could handle some nice spicy food....Tom yum soup would be so good! (Not that I can gt any of that around here anyway.)

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Aren't men a drag when it comes to buying something? They always say wait, wait, wait and then they go out and buy something.

Lazuli I hope you feel better soon. My allergies are giving me a run for my money.
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Lazuli I am curious which Chicagoland suburb you live in. We have relatives who live in Libertyville.

The day was not as bad as I thought it would be, and I went to Dunn Bros. inbetween classes and meeting and they made me a steamed milk with honey for $1!!

Danielle - I think it was extra hard since spring break was 2 weeks long. Luckily all of the children were very ready to come back to school and in tremendously good spirits. The 2nd grade is now very earnest after I told them that there are 8 whole days of German left this year and then I won't be their teacher until they're in 4th grade at the earliest. That made their eyes very big and then they were suddenly much better behaved.

The first graders are very excited about my baby.

Time to cook dinner.

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Jen - We're in Joliet. It's a nice enough place and we like our house, but I really miss all the yummy restaurants in Chicago. I really wish there was a Whole Foods around here. The closest one is a good half an hour away and it's pretty small and seems to have more gourmet type stuff. There isn't even a health food store here! Ah well....it could be worse, I could still live in Ohio.

I should go make my garlic soup and take my vitamin C and some garlic capsules and then...steam my head. I just hope I can get rid of this before it moves into my chest and vocal cords.

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Mmmmmm... garlic! But maybe good that your husband is away with all that garlic you're eating? :LOL

My brother-in-law is from Ohio (Bryan). Home of Ohio Arts and Spangler candy canes. Only thing that would make me happy about living in Ohio is regular access to Skyline chili.

Sprout is doing gymnastics.

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I couldn't live if there wasn't garlic in my kitchen. Garlic is a wonderful thing. My husband loves it as much as me.

Jen- 2 weeks is a long spring break! I am glad the 2nd graders straightened up.

Lazuli - I love Gino's East Pizza. I have been to Chicago once and I miss all the good eating there.
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