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Good Morning Ladies! I sure missed a lot, I have been busy and couldn't make it here for a few days. Today is my birthday! Yippee! At this exact time 31 years ago, I was 1 hour old. That just makes me even more excited to meet our little nugget.

Lynsey and Anna, so great to hear about wonderful births in your lives!

Jen, so you are telling me that Skyline Chili is good? We got some from a friend who just raved about it, but we are a little scared of it, so its been in our freezer for about 6 months. The whole chili on spaghetti in a frozen package just makes me .

Lazuli, I hope you feel better soon!

My dh is addicted to ebay, I keep telling him, look for baby stuff! But he's not likely to be doing that unless I'm sitting next to him giving directions. I'm not really into buying anything right now either, I'm also waiting for shower things. I figure I'll register for all of my dream items (like all fitted dipes) then shop for what's missing when its all over (like Trading Post CPFs). I am a pretty big second hand shopper to begin with and internet shopping is oh so lovely, I get burnt in minutes going to stores.

Meredith, I'm glad you won't have to move to 4th grade, sorry about your teammate. Polish coffee cake sounds divine!

Sarah, good luck house hunting, it takes a lot out of you and can be frustrating, but the market goes nuts at this time of year, so hopefully lots of great houses will come onto the market for ya.

Shannon, its great to see you and I'm so excited to hear that you are ready to TTC again! Keep us posted, I'll try to keep an eye out for ya! Best of luck to you!
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Happy birthday Adventuregirl! Hope you have a really great day!

You know, I'm from a suburb of Cincinnati and I have never eaten Skyline. But then, I REALLY don't like chili, so that may have a lot to do with it. My little brother loves the stuff though.

I'm feeling a little better this morning, hurray! I think I'm going to have garlic soup for breakfast. Maybe I'll try to plant some garlic in our garden this fall, we use so much of the stuff. We eat lots of garlic at our house. I think I might have to go through my cookbooks and find a good soup to make. Hmmm...I should probably post my lentil loaf recipe, I still haven't done that. Oops! Maybe I should start a recipe thread.....

Jen - Don't worry about the doll pattern. I'm so behind on my sewing right now it's not even funny. I have got to get my baby quilts made! My husband bought fabric as well to make a quilt for Vaysh.

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Happy day!

Hey everybody!

Sounds like we have all had pretty good weekends! Here i am back at work. It is being very sucky today, lots of mail to sort and a grumpy boss wanting it all done about a half an hour ago! JEEEZ MAN! Take a chill pill. It will get sorted and distributed.

Anyway, looks like i will be too busy to chat much today, but wanted to say that we had a really great weekend and a really positive talk with my dad about buying the farm house that i grew up in. Nothing was decided but my dad was really positive in his reaction and gave us some really good feedback. It feels like we are taking steps twords something permanent for our future!

Also, today we are having an ultrasound done. I am excited and nervous and really hope that it goes well. We will finally find out if it is twins or not! I just hope that they don't find anything questionable to get me all worked up about. Jerome is going with me and i have the rest of the day off afterwards....So please think of us today and send us good vibes....

Today I saw tulips blooming on the way to work! Horray for Easter tulips!

With crossed fingers,
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Mmmmmmmn, pregnancy tea! I bought a bunch of loose herbs from, oh shoot I can't remember the name of the site, but they have a banner here at MDC. At first with my morning sickness I didn't like it. But now I do, well except for the spearmint, so I'm just not adding that anymore. I'm using Red Raspberry Leaf, Oat Straw, Nettle Leaf, and Alfalfa.

Anna, I can't wait to hear how many babies you have in there!!

Lazuli, I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. Hope you get better and better and are all better for a nice weekend with your husband before he has to leave again.

Sheryl, Happy Birthday!! Do you have any special plans?

Jen, I'm glad your return to work wasn't so bad. When does your school year end?

3under3, that is so funny about putting Babywise in the science fiction section! I think I'll try that. And maybe in the True Crime section too.

Sarah, I hope your house hunt is quick, easy and successful. What kind of non-profit do you work for?

Lynsey, I can't wait to see the pics of your kiddos. Shutterfly is really easy to use, I have found.

Hey, would anybody be interested in a September mamas swap? I was thinking we could do one now, for the second trimester, and then one again in the third. We could do it lots of different ways. If people are interested I'll start another thread to talk about it.

Well, I ought to go try to get some sewing done while Noah is napping.

Happy day,
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Hey chrissy!
What the heck do you mean by a september mamas swap? What would we be swapping?

Goota run before the boss sees me e-mailing!!!!
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oh man, anna, what a trick! i was thinking you were posting to tell us how many babies you have growing in there. :LOL

i guess i should've given more details. i was thinking we could do a maternity and/or baby stuff swap. we could put a dollar value on it, say $20 before shipping. then we could do it one of a few ways. either we could each put up a list of stuff we'd like (ex. pregnancy tea, stretch mark reducing lotion, maternity shorts, newborn cloth diapers, x, y and z brand....) or we could just do very vague lists (ex. i wear size Large, we won't be finding out the sex so all gender neutral clothing/stuff, we will be using cloth diapers, we love bright colors and hate pastels). does that make more sense?
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So.. something like a "secret santa" exchange? sounds like fun!

Sorry to trick you... haven't left for my appointment yet. Te he heee
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A swap sounds like fun! I would offer to swap diapers but I pretty much have larges and they are in use. I know I have some other things to swap.

Adventuregirl, I have been to Cincinnatti four times. Skyline chili is awesome! It is wierd to think of chili on top of spaghetti but it is good.
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The swap sounds fun, but what if we did it like a baby shower for each other??? I did an online baby shower with another due date board for my last preg and it was really fun. Especially to find out who got you and what everyone got.
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mmmmmmm Skyline chili yumyumyum!!! It's true, chili isn't really supposed to go on spaghetti, and I've found that Texans get downright snippy if you refer to Skyline chili as chili, but mmmm it's so good!!! Instead of being all tomato-ey like regular chili, it's got a sweeter taste to it because it's spiced with cocoa and cinnamon. I've been told that the spices are more Greek. It's more like a sauce than a chili you have to eat with a spoon; if you're in Cincinnati your choices are:

3-way: spaghetti, chili and cheese
4-way: spaghetti, chili, cheese and onions (fresh chopped, not sauteed)
5-way: spaghetti, chili, cheese, onions and beans

With oyster crackers over the top for good crunch.

OK, I'm done with Skyline chili talk but adventuregirl, if you're not going to eat yours, you just put it in the mail to me

Chrissy the idea is great, the Twin Cities mama list calls them mama fairy gifts or something like that. I should start making pregnancy tea... for a year before I conceived I drank a glass of red raspberry leaf / nettle leaf / red clover blossom tea every day and I am convinced that it did wonders for my cycles. I've gotten lax with making raspberry leaf / nettle leaf tea since getting pregnant, one because I threw up after a few sips of nettle leaf tea in my first trimester and two, because the fourth grade has my big mason jar that I usually make herb tea in!!

Our school year ends on the 2nd Friday in June and on the next day I drive up to Bemidji, MN for 3 weeks at camp - I think. I haven't gotten a contract yet and no e-mail from my dean, either, so I don't know what the deal is. But I think he knows I'd come work even if he paid me $100 for 3 weeks (I usually get around $600 a week) because the place is simply in my bones and not going would not only ruin my summer but my whole year.

Can't wait to hear about your u/s Anna!

I've got to get the brown rice cooking for dinner or we'll never eat on time...

hugs to all


ps: sprout says kick, kick, punch.
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Jen, if I am still too afraid, maybe I'll send it to you as a part of the swap, hahahahaha.... :LOL

I love the swap idea and especially as a shower, I'll join the thread. I love that kind of stuff.

Anna, I am on the edge of my seat, how many babies are in there, girl?

I probably have to wait till morning, I am going out to dinner with about 13 friends for my b-day, yum, yum, yum! I am getting fancy gourmet dessert, and soup and, and, and....
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mmmm, fancy gourmet dessert... all we have are stuffed peppers and 3/4 of a solid chocolate bunny left over from Easter...

apropos, I should go check the peppers -

xo j
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sheryl, have a great birthday dinner! sounds like you will!

anna, we are dying over here!!!

okay, i'll start another thread about the swap/shower thing. come on over and we'll work out the details.
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A swap sounds like fun! If you decide to do it, I would like to be included please.


Where ARE you??? Im dying to hear how your sono went! Cant wait to hear from you!
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also, thats so cool that so many of yall are already diaper shopping! Ive bought a few things and I was particularly proud of myself this weekend for getting a big load of diapering accessories for cheap at Valor Kids during her sale. go me! Ive also bought a couple fitteds and have several wool covers on order, as well as 2 that I am having custom embroidered.

I think it would be neat to online register at someplace like www.naturalbabies.com but I know that none of my family or friends would actually buy any thing from there. I wont even be having a shower so theres no point for me to do it. I would LOVE to have a mothers blessing though!!!

I went to help a friend register for her 2nd child today and it was pretty fun. I love looking at little baby blankets and baby clothes. So sweet.
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Lynsey - I've been meaning to tell you I love your belly shot with Riley. It is so cute!!! I am having another shower (smaller) but my mil made some comment about "You're not going to have another shower are you?" So now I'm in a catch-22 - do I invite her and have her complain to her sisters about the shower or do I not invite her and have her complain about that? Can't really win.

Happy Birthday Sheryl

I had a yummy dinner at Bahama Breeze tonight - haven't eaten there before. Had a really good island style tandoori chicken dish with mashed sweet potatoes. Plus I have a TON left over.

This son of a Bush really drives me crazy - he sure does go on and on. Plus doesn't it always crack you up how every president puts his press conferences on when the most popular shows are on? Where is my American Idol brain candy!!!!!????
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All I can say about our pres is

Happy Birthday to Sheryl!!! Congratulations!!!

Lynsey - I registered at earthbaby.com and I wonder how many people will actually look at it.

Do you all think it is kosher to invite friends from very far away to a shower or will it simply look like fishing for gifts? I really truly do want them there but I am sure that those in California, Massachusetts, Florida and Germany (esp Germany) are not going to be able to make it! Tell me your opinions.

Sarah - you could gleefully say to your mil "Why yes, I am going to have another shower! But it doesn't sound like you want to come...?" and look sad. That leaves the ball in her court to make a decision and she is also shouldering the emotional weight. I hope that doesn't sound manipulative, but the comment "You're not going to have another shower, are you?" is a really loaded, damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't question.

bedtime! No milkshake for me tonight... too close to to eat again

xo j
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Jen - good suggestion re: my mil. I, for one, would love to see what you registered for. Care to share? I love registries, cause I love seeing the other stuff people picked out. If you can believe this, dh's cousins registered for a swing, a walker, an excersaucer, that new big jumpy thing like an excersaucer AND a bouncy seat. Is that baby ever going to have human contact? Are they establishing a separate room as the "baby gym"? Uh-oh, now I've made myself sound like I might secretly make fun of stuff you registered for, but I'm sure I'll approve.
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Ha! Sarah you think I registered for those things?!!! You're forgetting we have a teeny tiny 2-bedroom house! There's no place for all those thingy things!! Hell we don't even know where we are permanently going to put the KID! :LOL

You are welcome to check out my registry.. my full name is Jennifer Crandall.

Whoa! Now you all know!

xo, j
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Now you made me want to register there, too! The Hyland's kids stuff is the absolute best. I love two of their preparations for kids, the cold plus tablet and the bumps and bruises. With the cold plus tablets, Jack has never had a cold for more than a day - he's almost two!!! With the bumps and bruises (mainly just arnica) he can have a swelling red and purple mark and a couple of hours later it is gone.

I have a suggestion on how to get people to buy you stuff from there. Send out evites (www.evite.com) for your shower. If you've never used it before, let me know and I'll send you a sample one. It's so fun and easy, because it tracks all your RSVPs for you. My friends and I use it for everything now, and everyone loves it. In the evite, have whoever is throwing the shower for you mention that you are registered at earth baby and insert the link. I might try this and see if it works.

I need to force myself to go to bed! All the other mamas need to go to bed too, because I keep staying up to read new posts!
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