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Thanks for writing. Yes, Im wondering if its even worth it to get the blood test because it doesnt seem very likely that the baby would be affected. How is a severely anemic baby treated anyways?

How did you find out your daughter didnt have it? I didnt get the blood test for him because I just figured I would get it instead and save us from both getting stuck.

I guess I will have to do some research tonight when the kids are in bed.
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Welcome Andrea! I am due the day after you are!

I like all the posts being on the one thread because its easier for me to keep up with and know what I have and havent read already. JMO.


My daughter is about 5 months older than Jack and we will have her here for the birth. Either dh or a good friend will "take care of her" while I labor - the hubby is NOT good labor support so he will be being put to use elsewhere. Hopefully it will be during the night though so she will be sleeping!
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Well, one of my 2cd daughters problems was severe anemia, but it stemmed from a blood disorder. She needed transfusions to get through the first few weeks before they were able to pin down what was causing it....

My daughter showed signs of fifths, and was exposed to it, so I assumed she had it. But when I took her in, turns out she didn't. The nurses gave me info when I was there, before she ssaw the dr, and I looked it up myself...

Anyway, I don't have the info saved, sorry, I usually save everything I find. How are they treating him?

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Well its a virus...It cant be treated with medicine. He already has the rash so hes past the contagious stage.

Hes not really being treated. He hasnt actualy felt bad at all from it. I only took him in because I thought he had strep.
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Hi Andrea, and welcome!
9/21 is my b-day! Good day to have a baby!

Count Chocula! What a blast from the past!

I just got home fom work, and tomorrow I got wrangled into working a double...UGH!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
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3under3 I am sorry to hear that you have to work a double. That doesn't sound like fun at all. I am working on cleaning up the house this weekend since my parents are coming to visit next weekend.
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Welcome, Andrea! Its great to have you with us! If you use the email option for when a new post is posted in a subscribed thread, it makes this format really easy. The email link takes you directly to where you last left off.

Lynsey, I'm sorry about the Fifth's Disease in your little boy and the scare for you. It looks like super low risk, so that's great. Hope it all clears up soon.

Danielle, hope that double just flys by for you today and you come home with some big bucks.

We got almost a foot of sloppy wet snow last night, great, great, great for the moisture factor and hopefully its not killing anything in my garden, should just be doing good things out there.

DH is getting us a free hot tub today! Yippeeeeee!!!! He is a carpenter and will be tearing down a house soon to build a new one, there is a hot tub inside that the owners were looking to give away and we got lucky! I am so excited, have been wanting one forever! I am having visions of myself laboring in there on a beautiful sunny colorful Fall day. If anything it will sure help with the back soreness that has been bugging me like crazy.

Have fun weekends everyone!
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a day away

Holy cow! One day away from my desk and all these messages to read! I took the entire day off on Friday and stayed in BED! It turns out, I sprained my wrist some time last week and by Thursday I was icing and wrapping it.
Anyway, the misery of the day culminated in one of THOSE headaches and I ended up barfing my head off in public, at work! Once I started, i just kept barfing. I actually broke some blood vessels on my FACE from throwing up!!!! AAARGGGHHH! It looks like freckles, or a rash or something, but it's burst blood vessels and they aren't gonna go away for awhile.
Once I got in to see my chiropractor my wrist and headache got WAYYYYYY better, but the barfing didn't stop till i fell asleep on an EMPTY stomach.
So friday was a LAZY, LaZY, Lazy, lazy day for me. I stayed in my jammies untill 5:30 p.m. I had a super yummy BLT and read alot. YAY!
Today has been super fun so far. I am currently taking a ceramics class at the college where I work. (Auditing instead of for credit) And we are currently working with earthenware and today was the big firing. Our instructor has a farm outside of Madison and we set up a traditional bonfire style firing for this set of work. So i got to help pile up the pots and build the fire. Had to leave before the really fun part where you smother the fire with sawdust and manure! anyway, the pots should come out of the fire with some areas completely blackened while others will remain an earthy, terra cotta shade! A very traditional approach to pottery, not all glassy and brightly colored but lovely all the same. It is gorgeous out today, all sunshiney and springy. It was fun to be out in the country and to see his studio and HUGE outdoor wood fired kiln. He has a very unique set up and it was fun to tour the place.

So, here I am at work. Time to go sort some mail so i can leave. But I am really looking forward to the rest of this weekend. We are going to a Pow Wow later this evening and tomorrow we have plans to see a movie and Hubby is getting his very first Tatoo! I wish it was always the weekend!!!!

Welcome Andrea! I hope you have fun exploring our little club and finding all the threads we have going.

Lynsey, I am soooo sorry to hear about your worries! I will be thinking of you and sending happy healing thoughts to you and your family.

Adventuregirl i hope you garden is happy and enjoys the extra moisture. Those plants are tougher than you think... Oh and so jealous about the hot tub! Sounds marvelous!!!!!

Steph glad you are doing well and enjoying the respite from work. I hope traveling goes well for you and i am looking forward to when you will have more consistent access to a computer. Take care!

Jen WE MISS YOU! Come back from your trip soon!!!

P.S. Am feeling the "baby love" alot more in the last few days. It seems like I am starting to feel more connected to the "joy" part and less to the "ordeal" part.
For instance.. Last night as I lay awake in bed at 3 in the morning, resenting my snoring husband, and wishing i was asleep....someone let me know that they were awake too! It was such a distinct thump from inside my uterus that I layed there grinning thinking it was well worth every minute of sleeplessness to feel that little hello. I promptly fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Listening to the Universe
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hi all!

anna, that pottery thing sounds really cool! what a great way to spend a spring day.

sheryl, woo hoo on the free hot tub score!! i would so love a hot tub, or even just a big bath tub.

3under3, hope your double shift doesn't tire you out too much and you make LOTS of tips!

welcome andrea! i am due exactly one week after you.

lynsey, i am sorry you are dealing with that scare. it does sound like there is little to worry about though and it sounds like you feel pretty calm about it too.

sarah, what fun to have sleepovers with your little ones!

steph, i've started having a lot of round ligament pain this week too. mostly it just feels sore, though sometimes i get sharper pains too.

oh girls, i have hemmorhoids. i don't even know if that's how you spell it, but i've got 'em. i acquired some while i was pushing noah's big old self out but they went away soon after his birth. for the past few days my bum has been kinda itchy though so i got out my mirror last night and took a look. sure enough i've got some little bulgy vein looking thingies. not sure what to do about them but i sure hope they don't get worse.

OH, i found count chocula. thank goodness. they had it in the special request section. i bought two boxes and have eaten one and a half already.

well, that's all for now. happy saturday,
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oh, i almost forgot! i have started to feel some movement!!! i only feel it when i am lying in bed at night before i fall asleep. it takes a few minutes and then mainly it feels just kind of fluttery, like something is going on in there, way down low. sometimes i will get a little flick or two. woo hoo!! i it!
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I am getting movement too! I am so thrilled, that is my favorite part. Well, except for having a big belly to show off.
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Who was the jerk that said morning sickness was during the first trimester?????????:

I was up nice and early today, apparently my body wanted to get an early start on teh puke-fest today. I am happy to pregnant, I am thankful to be pregnant....but this sucks.

Okay, vent over....I have to get ready to drvie two and a half hours to go to my very good friends bridal shower....hope you all have great Sundays!!

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I think I have been feeling something also - only since yesterday though. Im really not sure if its even the baby or not, but I think it fits the definition of "flutters". Yesterday I kept laying down trying to concentrate and then I would feel a little something and it would be so fast and tiny I wondered if I imagined it. This morning I felt several little "somethings" before I got out of bed. I know I wasnt imagining those! You would think I would know already what its supposed to feel like but its been so different every time. With Paityn I felt her around this time also, but she was much more forceful about letting me know she was there. I could feel her little kicks with my hand on my belly from the beginning. This baby must just be much more gentle.
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you are SO lucky to be getting a free hot tub! that is going to be wonderful! I envy you.


have you heard the potatoe treatment to get rid of hemmorhoids? Ive never had this problem, but Ive heard that its very effective...Or a pad with witch hazel on it?
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one more thing....

I was wondering whether or not any other girls having homebirths are going to have a doula also?
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awesome score on the hot tub, sheryl!

caroline, so sorry you're still getting sick...it will end.

anna, sounds like you had an eventful weekend! sorry you're still getting sick too. at least you were able to rest on friday.

lynsey- i'm feeling the same about movement. I think I felt some movement a few times, kind of like little bubbles. I have nothing to compare it to though so I don't know if I'm just thinking I'm feeling something, or if it really is the babe.

welcome andrea!!

We're not planning on a doula with this birth. If I was having a babe in the hospital, then I'd have one. My midwive's assistant will come whenever we need her, and I guess I'm just feeling confident in myself and don't think I want one. I'm curious too about the rest of you???
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My mw, Karen, works in partnership with her best friend, Lynn, who is also a mw. They usually are eachother's assistants, unless there is another birth at the same time or the one is out of town, which happens very rarely. I had them both at my last birth with me for a full 40 hours. They will come whenever I am ready for them to come, and leave when its all over. They even stayed at the hospital with me until we were transferred to the Mama/baby floor. They are a perfect combination - Karen is lovey and gentle and good for when you need that and Lynn kicks you in the ass when you need that, too. When they were threatening to section me at the hospital if my contractions didn't speed up, Lynn could order me to have one and I would!!! So, no doula for me!

It's so nice to be feeling movement, I think it is really helping me connect too and be more excited about being pregnant. I'll be glad now though to get out of the looking fat instead of pregnant stage.

Caroline - I want to know who the jerk was that called it morning sickness?????

Had a pretty good weekend, but dh took an overtime shift yesterday without asking me and that meant I had Jack all day and night by myself. Sunday afternoons are supposed to be my time to rest and I'm feeling really exhausted as I start my work week. Trying not to look forward to much to taking care of him and a baby by myself most of the time, plus working. Guess I'll figure it out when I get there.
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I'm back! And I have soooo much to catch up on, eeps! That's what I get for being away for a week or so. My husband was off all last week so I spent all my time with him. I love his professional development weeks.

I think I'm getting a sinus infection. My head's been kind of stuffy for awhile now, thanks to allergies on top of the whole more mucus cos I'm pregnant thing. *sigh* I've been coughing this morning and the stuff coming out of my head isn't clear anymore. How very very annoying! I did buy a neti pot on Friday and have been using it. I hope it's actually helping and not making things worse....will have to drink lots of orange juice.

We went into Chicago on Friday, which was lots of fun. We went to two really cool toyshops and bought a couple of things for the baby. A very cute and soft little elephant rattle and a stuffed raccoon. (And my husband decided we needed to get an abacus as well.)
My husband's birthday was on Wednesday and his parents got him children's books. I want to get more baby stuff.....

I keep reading about people feeling movement and I haven't felt any yet. It makes me worry a little. I saw the doctor on Monday and he said everything was fine. He offered to let us hear the heartbeat with doppler but I declined so.....I'm trying not to worry but sometimes it's hard.

I had someone leave a really nasty, uninformed anonymous comment in my journal the other week. I think it was either an old friend of mine or my uncle. It upset me at first, then just annoyed me. Telling me I needed to stay away from cats and how hospitals are the only place to give birth and other things.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough and should go find some breakfast. I hope everyone has a great day, and I need to catch up on all these posts!

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[QUOTE][B]I had someone leave a really nasty, uninformed anonymous comment in my journal the other week. I think it was either an old friend of mine or my uncle. It upset me at first, then just annoyed me. Telling me I needed to stay away from cats and how hospitals are the only place to give birth and other things. [B/][QUOTE]

What in the world Lazuli?? How mean and rude? People should keep stuff like that to themselves. Glad you had a good week though. Sounds very nice!
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Is it Monday again, already? Feels like I was typing a Monday post here just yesterday.... Well, I can't really complain much about time going by quickly, the more pregnant I become, the more excited I get, yay!

I am peering out the window at our lovely new hot tub as I type this, so very excited. Yesterday dh put in the footers for the deck we are building to hold it (right now the tub itself is upside down in the yard). We are ordering the deck wood this week and dh will build it once everything is here, yahoo! So it will be a few weeks before we can soak, but every step is oh so cool!

Anna and Caroline, I am so sorry about your puke-fests, how awful! I hope you are both feeling much, much better now.

Anna, the pottery firing sounds so cool, let us know how it all turns out.

Lazuli, its good to see you! I just went through the sinus nastiness, hope yours clears up quick. Don't worry about not feeling movement, its totally normal to feel your first around 20-22 weeks, so you still have plenty of time.

Chrissy, I hope the roids clear up, I think Jen suggested a roid balm that worked really well somewhere around here a while ago.

Jen, we do miss you! Hope your trip is fun, relaxing and full of good things!

Lynsey, I don't think we're going to have a doula. My mw brings her partner mw as an assistant, and they will accompany to the hospital and be doulas if a transfer occurs. I had thought of possibly having a good friend come to the birth and be in charge of taking a few pics and kinda be a support doula, but I don't know. Too many people will surely be too much for me, so right now I'm not considering that.

Better go catch up with everything else that got posted this weekend, happy new week!
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