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I ended up having, at Jack's birth:
my mom
his mom
my sister
my best friend
my sister's best friend who is a bsn/nurse
my two midwifes
All this was before we even got to the hospital. Amazingly they let them ALL stay in the room as Jack was born so we also added two resident doctors, my labor nurse and the baby nurse. I found that the further in labor I got, the less inhibitions I had. I ended up NAKED in front of all the above people for hours, cause I couldn't stand for clothes to touch me.

Also, I would so let someone videotape the birth if you have a camera and know someone who will. I didn't want to do it and my best friend really pushed me to let her. Now I am so glad that I did. I love to watch it. Pushing is so intense that you are totally unaware of anything going on outside of your own head. They kept trying to get me to look in the mirror, put I couldn't even do that. Took to much attention away from the pushing. I love to watch my son being born on the tape, and I think it will be cool for him to have also. Plus I am so damn funny in the last 10 minutes! Yelling at people and not remembering it later, etc. Let's just say one of my lines is "I can't scoot!!! I am f*** pushing!!!!"
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We don't plan to have anyone at the birth except ourselves and the doctor and the nurse midwife or two. I've not really thought about having a doula..... My family is all six hours away and my mom and I only get along as well as we do because she lives so far away. My mother in law and I don't get along very well and so my husband agrees that no family members will be present, we don't need the negative energy. Once Vaysh is here we'll call everyone and tell them, then they can come over.

Sistermama - Some highlights of the comment were that I'm not a nice person, that the reason I had morning sickness and headaches and am tired are all because I eat poorly and don't follow my doctors advice on nutrition. There were other things as well, all very uninformed and all of them telling me what a horrible person I am. Random trolls are bad enough, but a troll that's either a relative or an old friend is even worse.

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No doula here either. At previous births when I've had people around, I really just felt like they got in the way (mostly psychologically.) But then, I am a solitary person. I don't like being fussed over or tended to, or someone holding my hand (figurately speaking.) It's amazing how different people are in what they need!
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At this birth it will be:
Dh's sister (she has been a huge help at the past two births)

Last time, we had all of the above, plus my best friend.
Who annoyed me to no end.
Love her to death, but not while birthing!
She has already asked to be at this birth, but I will be politely declining.

Two more days until I find out the baby's gender!

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Omg. I wouldve thrown up from those comments written in your journal. That is so rude and stupid for someone to post that. Did you reply to them?


What did your friend to do annoy you? Just wondering because I will be at my best friends childs birth in August and I want us to remain friends afterward!
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sunshine and smiles


Having a lovely day today! This afternoon I did not have class like I usually do, so I went up to the Grotto garden with my hubby instead. We raked leaves and pruned back dead growth and ran around exclaiming over the sight of all the little baby plants coming up out of the ground.
It was so warm out that I ended up shedding both the jacket and the hoodie I was wearing. I got some sun on my cheeks and wonderfull romantic kisses from my husband. We reminisced about our wedding day and worked together in the sunshine. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

The pottery firing from this weekend went really well, i haven't seen all of the peices from the firing yet, but heard from my instructor that one peice turned out so well that he is showing it to another group today as an example of ideal results! I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the peices.

Gotta go, my hubby is looming over my shoulder, says it is time to go see our chiro.

Listening to the Universe
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I'm going to have a hospital birth but I am considering having a doula by my side. Just have to convince DH to spend the money.
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Welcome Andrea!

Lazuli, mean mean mean trolls. I'll have to check out your website next.

On who will be attending...I'm thinking that a doula is essential in the hospital. I'm very afraid of the cost though, but will make it work. I'm thinking that as much as mom wants to be there, I will call her when it is almost over. I just don't trust her to listen to my decisions, unfortunately. Dh will be great. Dr will be present because she works there, but I hope she just stands back. No videos for me, and the rule on the camera is no shots during contractions. I would like one of baby emerging if possible for baby's photo album.

I'm sick again. Now it is a head cold. Fun fun fun.

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Sleep is driving me nuts! Wah! I want to lay on my back so bad, but I am so trying not to. I woke up one day with a numb pinky and as soon as I rolled onto my side it was gone, so I know the babe is pressing on that artery. But switching from left to right side and back over and over again all night sucks! I just get way uncomfortable on one side for long periods, so I gotta roll over. OK, just had to get that out. I am ordering my birthday present for myself today, I'm getting a Snoogle, check it out:snoogle
I hope so much that this will help, my pillow pile helps, but just not enough.

Lazuli, what a shitty thing for someone to do to you! That sucks. Well, we can make up for it and say nice things about you, who cares about that jerk anyway. You are a smart, informed, caring mama!

Anna, sounds like you had a wonderful day, I hope that makes up for the yuck of a few days ago.

Its snowy and wet here today, a good inside kinda day. I hope to get lots accomplished.
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I've been puking all morning. I think it's because I have allergies and the postnasal drip is making me gag, then barf. It sucks. Just called my midwife and she thinks it sounds like an intestinal bug. Ick.

Enough about me, Sheryl, that snoogle looks comfy. Let us know how it works out for you.

Steph, I'm sorry to hear you have a cold. Yuck! Hope you are enjoying your free time anyway.

Anna, Sounds like a wonderful afternoon!

Lazuli, I cannot believe that about your website. What a total jerk. I hope you are able to find out who did it and set them straight.

Who will be at this babe's birth?
-m/w and assistant
-hopefully my mom
-ds, noah, for as much as we are all comfortable with, then mil will take him to her house.
-maybe a doula, who is a local friend from MDC

I like a lot of support and hand-holding.

About pictures, I didn't want any or have any of labor/delivery with Noah and now I wish I did. I'm hoping if my doula friend comes she will take some pics and maybe even some video.

Gonna go try to rest up before the next puke starts.
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Steph and Heather,

If yall are afraid of the cost of doulas or cant afford one or whatever, you could always find a doula who is not yet certified. They will usually attend births for free or for a discount (thats what I used to do). www.dona.org has a place where you can have a list of non-certified doulas emailed to you. Or you could look on www.doulaworld.com for doulas in your area. Each doulas own page should say how much they charge and what their services are.

Hope that helps and good luck finding someone! I had a doula for my daughters birth and we met very early on in the pregnancy. I thought that was great because we were able to get to know each other very well before the birth.
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A king size bed!!!!!


My Grandma is moving to California and has offered to give us her lovely expensive KING size Bed, complete with headboard and some bedding!!!!! All we have to do is go get it! She lives about 4 hours away from us and we will have to rent a U-Haul, but that will be SOOOOOOOOO much cheaper than buying a set ourselves.
We are planning on co-sleeping and know that our double is not gonna cut it. The bigger I get, the more we suffer, and this is before a small fragile human being joins the crowd of kitties and humans. we had intended to start seriously shopping in the next month, but now we don't have to!!!!

Speaking of sleeping, is anyone else waking in the night, bright eyed and bushy tailed? I awoke at 3:30 last night and could not get back to sleep!!!! Yikes! Any suggestions fellow insomniacs?

Spending too much time Listening to the Universe at 4 a.m.
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I have major trouble sleeping through the night while pregnant also. Of course this time it could be related to my 2 year old still waking to nurse a billion times a night. :

But I do have her to thank for my not sleeping on my back. Im constantly on my left side with a boob in her mouth. Not to be graphic or anything. :
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I have been waking up at 3am and 4am regularly. I am draggin!
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we're baaaaa-aaaack

Just a short note to say that our trip was great, we're back in town, the cat won't leave my side and I have to go to bed because I have an u/s tomorrow morning.


will write more tomorrow

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EXCITING about the ultrasound. Gosh everyone is getting to that mid point arent they? Let us know how it goes!

I am 16 weeks along today!
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I wake up every night to go pee (a pain in the neck, since our bathroom is down the stairs and on the other side of the house) and often have trouble falling back asleep. For a while I was waking up at 5 a.m. like clockwork, that seems to have passed though thank god. I never have insomnia or any trouble sleeping, except in pregnancy. Why is that?
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I am 17 weeks today!!! How is that possible? I can't believe that last pregnancy I found out a week from now that I was having a boy. I want to know so badly what the gender is, but have decided to be surprised this time. The temptation to get an ultrasound is killing me.

All the side sleeping is good prep for flopping back and forth while nursing!

Jen - can't wait to hear how the ultrasound went. Glad you're back.

Anna - king sized bed??? I am so jealous!!! I dream about a room covered in nothing but futon mattresses.
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Sarah I threw back my head and laughed at the mental picture of a whole bedroom covered in nothing but futon. That would be GREAT! I love our futon but really kick myself in hindsight when we could have had a good-quality king-sized futon with a bed frame for FREE and we didn't take it. Of course, it would have been a major b* to get up the stairs and wouldn't have fit in any bedroom, but oh! the space!!

I feel a touch guilty for having enjoyed my u/s as much as I did but what a SWEET little baby. 10 fingers, 10 toes, cute face, beautiful closed spinal cord, totally on-track organ and brain development, and a serious case of the hiccups on the screen. I also believe that I saw something hanging between those lovely long legs, but we specifically asked the sonographer not to tell us the sex, so it's still speculation. And at the end of the exam the baby flashed us the peace sign!!?! I also had a Braxton-Hicks on the screen during the exam and that was really cool because I was wondering if that was what my intermittent feelings of pressure in my uterus were.

Baby's est weight is 11 oz, I'm measuring right on target and - best of all - the placenta is waaaaay up high, in front!! yippee.

We're off to my mom's to show her pictures of her grandkid *giggle*

xo, j

ps: I have to wonder about the fairness of Steph's rabbit rabbit considering that she's approx 10 hours ahead of US time??! Doesn't that kind of guarantee winning?! oh well next month you'll be stateside!!
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Welcome back Jen, let us know how the trip was and how the u/s goes!

Anna, sweet score on the king size bed! That rocks!

Chrissy, I hope you feel better!

I found out yesterday that my friend and neighbor is pregnant and due in October! So very exciting! Our dh's are good buddies too, so this will be great!

Things are moving right along, making plans for summer, wondering what I'm going to feel and look like along the way, but really excited to become a mom soon! wow
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