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Why, why, why am I watching this adoption show on 20/20? I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out!
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Good morning-I hope you all had more sleep than me. I've been up since my 5:00 bathroom break and I couldn't get back to sleep. I might as well clean out my fridge, and in about 45 minutes I can go buy some groceries.

Savannah, your picture is beautiful!

I finally told my students that I was pregnant. They are really excited, though they won't be at our school next year. One of them told me she's been praying for me to get pregnant again (they knew about the last loss). So sweet. Another boy told me he just thought I was getting fat. Lovely. When my kids come in the room, some of the girls will hug me, pat my belly and say hello to the baby. I am lucky to have many sensitive, caring students. Of course, all the girls want the baby to be a girl BUT I have some news...IT'S A BOY!!!
We went to have an u/s for a variety of reasons yesterday, and thankfully everything looks good.

Caroline, we're in Denver. From what I hear, this type of weather is common during April, and we definitely need the moisture. Though, it's May now, and I'm hoping for some warm weather and showers. I'm sure the light blanket we do have will be gone by afternoon.
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Woohoo..another boy!!!! Congrats!!!!

Yuck, snow in April....(May), but yes, the moisture will be good!

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Happy news!

Happy sleepy saturday!

I've got some news to share with you all..... As you may remember Jerome and I met with a midwife in our area last week and have been considering what kind of birth we would prefer. Well after lots of thought, reading and dicussion we have decided to.........have a homebirth! Ideally a waterbirth even! We actually shook on it last night, while laying in bed talking!

I'm getting really excited about the birth now. Of course I still have lots of fears and worries about what it will be like. i wouldn't be a normal pregnant woman if i didn't have some big old lurking fears, but... I am really looking forward to this passage into womanhood. I've been thinking about how badly i managed my earlier passage into womanhood, the poor choices I made concerning sexual partners... the situations I got myself into.... And i feel like this is a chance for me to take control of a major life passage. I am convined that this experience will shape me as a woman and a mother, and I want it to be the most empowering and positive experience it can be. And i believe the safety and comfort of my own home is the best place for that to happen.

JEEZ! I can't believe how pumped I am about this choice! Yipeeeee!!!

giddy goofy anna banana
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Oh Anna, I'm happy for you!!! I hope you have the happy, healthy, blessed birth you envision!!
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Thank you, Greenbeing, and many congratulations on your BOY. What fun! I'm glad whatever sent you in to get the ultrasound worked out all right.

Anna, what exciting news! Jerome sounds like a great guy. I'm so happy for you and wish you the best of birth stories to share with us in a few months!

I guess I'll start posting on the May board now...

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I hope you all had a great weekend... Greenbeing, congrats on the boy and on the decision!

Nothing more from our neighbor. We kept all of our cats in the house this weekend (they're still inside) but I noticed him chasing off two other cats on Saturday.

About the car and knitting, I know my projects are at opposite ends of the spectrum but both of them are reallly fun! And I'm much better at knitting than I am at the car. Jen, the Stitch 'n Bitch book has a bikini pattern, too, though I don't plan on making it this summer. I'm using one of the purse patterns from the book to do my Mother's Day gift. I'll have to look for the book with "Urban" in the title.

My husband came over and painted the front of the house. It rained here in Austin Saturday so we had to put it off until yesterday. I painted all of the trim and the doors. Big mistake! I'm so sore this morning. I almost called in sick but, since I have a desk job (yawn), I thought I'd be o.k. I'm so glad not to be coming back here after the baby is born. It isn't the worst job I've ever had but some of the women have been here for 20 + years. And those women, in particular, NEVER think outside of the box. If anyone ever presents a way of doing something more efficiently, their response is, "I don't think so, this is the way we've always done it".

Anyway, I hope everyone is feeling well. I can't wait to hear about all of your weekends!

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Hey Kim!

Come play catch up on the newest thread, it's already two pages long!!!!! "April showers bring may flowers"

Have a happy day!

Anna Banana
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Oops went to post on the wrong discussion.
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