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Based on current interests, what are they going to be when they grow up?

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My guy is *almost* 28 months.  :)


He loves my kitchen pots and pans...either a future chef or a rock-band drummer....


He's either going to drive the garbage truck or build them.  ;)  Well, build *something* anyway.


Or he just might support himself by finding all sorts of great antiques while digging in the trash and selling them on those appraisal shows....  LOL




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A drummer, a carpenter, or a major league pitcher. orngbiggrin.gifhide.gif
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My son is currently beyond obsessed with trucks. Our next door neighbors are having some major work done on their house, and he's been watching all the trucks and equipment all day long. Apparently, the guys working on the house have been performing some extra tricks with the equipment to entertain my kid. Today they told me he was bound to be a machine operator. He's very technically minded so I can see him doing something like that.

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Considering DS's first word was "Off!" and he's still obsessed with lights, switches, flashlights and screwdrivers? An electrician! lol.gif

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I'd have to say, SAHM.  My 18mo loves to cook, snuggle her baby, clean the house and play on the computer.. Sounds pretty much like my day.  ;)

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A dancer of some sort or anything that has to do with things that move or turn off. Computers might be another option, the little money knows exactly how to work my iPhone and iPad. eyesroll.gif

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Stunt woman? She has no fear, LOL!


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Unequivocally a doctor! She's already told us that's what she wants to do and refers to herself as "Dr. DD". winky.gif Even when she does things like puzzles it's because she's "fixing them" and making them "all better".  lol.gif  She uses DH's and my headphones as a stethoscope and has a little plastic box she carries around with a pretend shot in it.  Oh, and all the bed time stories she wants to hear at night are about her animals getting hurt and then they have to have x-rays and casts put on them. 

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some kind of mechanic or rally driver. He LOVES cars. He lives for cars, all shapes and sizes. A coupon thing came in the mail and it was themed with NASCAR's Daytona 500. He has read it 100 times! He asks for more when the garbage man comes.


His "shows" are rally videos, he will point to the computer (we don't have a TV) and say "Shows vrrrrom" and sign please. It's too cute.

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Hmm ... a cat?  lol.gif  She spends most of her day being a kitten. 

Or a writer.  She 'reads' her books all the time, loves the library, likes to 'write' and tells stories to her lovies.

Or a marine biologist.  Her favourite thing to do is go to the aquarium. 

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A philosopher.  Her favorite question is "where does x come from?"  Yay me.nut.gif

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A stunt man or a gymnast. Yes. He flips all over the house, flips onto things and off of things. At gymboree he jumps backwards off a ladder onto a mat, sometimes with a twist in there. He jumps, spins and has no fear. :)

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is "bag lady" an occupation? 

dd's go-to activity is picking thought the trash and recycling, putting random "finds" in whatever vehicle she can find....dump truck usually, although we ARE thinking about getting her a shopping cart to complete the look.....and pushing it around the house. i've found the weirdest stuff in there, mostly soda cans but there was a used q-tip that kept making an appearance no matter how many times i threw it away.

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Dancer.  No questions.  My little girl is not only obsessed with dancing, but she had freaky-good balance for a baby.  For instance, she can stand on one foot with the other to the back or side, and then lower herself on the leg she's standing on and raise herself back up again.  Without holding onto anything to balance.  Plenty of adults have trouble doing that.


Can't say I'm shocked since I'm a dancer myself.


Or she may be a seamstress.  I have a small business sewing, and she loves sitting in my lap while I'm sewing and trying to "help".


She could be a veterinarian though.  If it's an animal, she loves it.  We should have named her Elmira.  Remember that character from Tiny Tunes?  That little redhead who loved animals by inadvertently being too rough with them?  Yeah, that's my daughter.  Our dogs and cats put up with so much from her.

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Demolitions expert.

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A dancer or another type of performer.

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A drummer, he already has his little drum kit set up next to DH's! Or possibly something to do with trains...his other obsession wink1.gif

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A janitor. His favorite thing to do is walk back and forth across the living room with his toy vacuum.
Or a musician. He loves, loves, loves Daddy's guitar and is fascinated by the music and stage at church.
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Supreme Ruler of the Universe, most likely. winky.gif

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At the moment, I would say he is either going to be a counselor or a drag queen.

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