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Anybody in Cleveland, TN?

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We'll be moving to TN with DH's new job.  I'm really starting from scratch and it's overwhelming.  


After a 4 day weekend visit, we were definitely leaning toward Cleveland over Chattanooga.  (Much shorter commute for DH, more rural living, etc.), but from what I am seeing online only stuff to do/groups/etc. in Chattanooga?  I don't want to isolate us (just have one DS 3/yo) but I don't want to have to drive 45 min every time we want to do something....we know no one in TN.  Seriously, not a soul.  I realize it might take a little bit to get settled, but I at least would like to have some resources to help me get a jump start, not to mention I like the idea of supporting my local community (say, Cleveland) if possible (for holistic (or at least non judgmental) pediatrician, midwife, potentially homeschooling (so co-op/meet up group), potentially school, etc.)  


I'm starting to think maybe this move was a bad idea?!  Help!  DH and I have been psyched for a move for a few years and finally here it is (!!), but we're both having second (and third and fourth) thoughts.  Anything you could offer about Cleveland, TN or communities NE of Chattanooga to put my mind at ease would be great.  (Just looking at the map again -- should we be considering Charleston or even somewhere else?  Job is in Cleveland.) Thanks!  



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If you join the Chattanooga Green Mamas Meetup group you'll likely find several families that are out your way.  I live on the other side of Chattanooga, just across the GA line, so I understand the challenge of connecting with like-minded people nearby.  There's also a yahoo group called Mountain Mothers Birth Network (MMBN) that is local.  I can't tell you much about the Cleveland area but I bet if you connect with the Chattanooga Green Moms you'll find some moms who can.  I hope that helps.

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Yes, Please do join the Chattanooga Green Moms, we have a few members that are in the Cleveland area.  It's doesn't feel that far from Chattanooga if you don't mind driving (I grew up in a rural area and drove that same distance to work and malls and whatnot all the time).  We moved here 1.5 years ago and I was really worried about finding my niche.  I've met a lot of really great moms through two different mom's groups and am a co-founder of Green Moms.  We are a group of mainly like minded natural living moms.  Mountain Mother's Birth Network is great too as Rachel mentioned, they are more of an online group with people sometimes getting together, whereas the meetup group of Green Mom is an active group with a full calendar of activities.  Feel free to PM me if you have some more specific questions, but you're welcome to join the Green Moms and jump in on the discussion board with any questions you have even before you live here.  We do have a couple members who aren't even here yet doing the same thing you are.  The Chattanooga area has a lot of great things going for it and it's pretty cool already and has a lot of potential.  Don't be too worried!


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Thank you, mamas!! 

I will join up and hope to meet you!     

I'm feeling better already.  Phew!  orngbiggrin.gif


(Now...on to worrying about finding a house in TN and renting/selling our house in NC.... yikes2.gif )





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so glad to help!  i had some wonderful virtual friends (friends of friends on FB) that helped us tremendously with feeling better about our move.  I told them I would make sure to pass on the love to anyone I could.  

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