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What's the funniest thing your 2 year old did this week?

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So....I need to refocus on how my 2 year old really is a funny, loveable little human.  ;)


I have two from this week.  :)


One is the day he was drawing.  He informed me  "I dwawing TWASH!"  (trash)  So I ask  "Are you drawing a garbage truck or Oscar the Grouch?"  (there's got to be a reason to draw trash right??)


"O-ca da Gwoch!"


(This is a child who *loves* the garbage truck--seriously LOVES it, has toy garbage trucks that he plays with all the time and RUNS to the window for the real one... and all things Sesame.  It was really too cute)


The other is how he plays hide and seek with the big kids.  He can actually organize it now.  :)  I heard him tell his sister "Sophie, let's pway hide n seek.  I hide."


but he doesn't *quite* get the rules...he was hiding down by the couch and DH nudges me  whispers "hey, somebody's hiding here"....then says "Where's Zahir?"


My seriously brillant child says, while still hidden "I wight hewe Daddy!  I hidin' by da couch!"


He's done this several times this week while playing with the big kids.  It's funny too, if his 4-yr old sister gets sick of hiding she'll just call out "Hey, I'm in the closet!" or whatever....then she'll come count.  LOL


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That is great!  My 2 yr old DD loves to play hide and seek too, and doesn't quite get the rules...  She only likes others to hide and she likes to find us, but sometimes she gets distracted and forgets she's playing hide and seek.  smile.gif  She also doesn't really get the concept of not looking where we are hiding...she acts like she's covering her eyes but still peeks out through her fingers.  It is so cute! 


I think the funniest thing she's done so far this week, is that she picked out my clothes for me yesterday!  I was in my robe just out of the shower, and she goes into my room and pulls out a shirt out of the closet and brings it to me, then picks a pair of jeans from my dresser.  "Here you go Mommy!"  Too cute! 

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I think the funniest thing my 2 year old did this week was run inside after playing in the rain for a spell saying (in her over-exaggerated serious voice she uses when I know she is trying to impersonate me,)


"Hurry!  We gotta get inside.  There is a tomato coming."


It has been a violent winter around these parts.


Awesome thread by the way!  Keep 'em coming.

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My 2 year old LOVES garbage trucks too!  And garbage day and taking out the garbage and getting a new bag for the can. 


We got a new mine for our wooden train track set.  We realized that DS calls it a "yours", after hearing us call it a "mine" a few times.

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LOL  :)  I don't remember what it was, but something happened "for a askident" yesterday  (accident  :) )  Either something to do with his sister or the baby though.

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My older DS is really into space right now, so it trickles down to my 2yo. He keeps insisting that he is Neil Armstrong, and whoever is near him playing is "Cowin". As in Michael Collins who was on that mission to the moon. Everything is "on the moon far, far away" or "on Earf". And "You a a-wee-in, mom". He also loves counting right now, but his numbers go "1,2,3, 6,7,8,9,10". So when he asks for anything, like blueberries for example, he wants "6,7,8,9,10 boo-bewies". Hockey is another hot topic around here. He told us this morning he was Eric Staal's brother. DH asked him "Are you Jordan or Marc Staal?" (Both brothers of Eric Staal, both play hockey.) He said "No, I Eric Staal's BROTHER!!"


I love 2. The tantrums drive me insane, but despite that I would love to stop time and have a 2 year old forever.

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DD has  one of those playdough machines where you can put in the playdough and press down and it squirts out different shapes (http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=play+doh+fun+factory&hl=en&client=ubuntu&hs=BNe&pwst=1&channel=fs&prmd=ivns&biw=1366&bih=572&bav=on.2,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=9060793603434147281&sa=X&ei=IK54TZjGPIGdlgeYs83QBQ&ved=0CGEQ8wIwBA#).  Anyways, after playing close attention to the texture for awhile she's decided the machine is pooping and is thrilled by handing out pieces of poop to family members and cutting up the poop afterwards.  ROTFLMAO.gif


Oh, and DD doesn't quite get hide and seek either.  I'll stay in the living room counting with my eyes closde  and once I get to about 5 she comes running down the hallway screaming "I found you"!


DD's also been signing quite a bit and her favorite is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  She'll get through most of the song and then she'll decide to spice it up a little and add in parts to the ABC's, Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head, or I Wear My Sunglasses at Night. 


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Mine has been spending a lot of time with my SIL lately.  Once when DD was taking off her pants to go bottomless (which is how she prefers to be when at home) my SIL told her "That's OK, pants are overrated."  Now whenever DD takes off her pants she informs us that pants are overrated.  orngtongue.gif

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