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The Diaper Bag question

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I've struggled with diaper bags much like I've struggled with purses for decades now. 


Do you use a diaper bag? 


What type of bag do you prefer? 


Is there any type/brand you would recommend?


What I've been using for nearly three years now is actually a gardening tote bag I got for 3 bucks at target...it's cute, it has the one main compartment and then 8 pockets all around the outside. It has worked great, but It's getting raggedy and I'm also kind of over the short handles which aren't great for slinging over your shoulder, plus using a baby carrier = not too compatible. So I've been thinking about a replacement for a few months now. I just have no idea what I want! 


How have you handled the "I have to carry a bunch of crap with me everywhere I go" problem? 

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I just use a purse as my diaper bag.  I have a nice purse that has a crossbody strap (to wear messenger-style) as well as a shoulder strap (I most frequently wear it crossbody especially if I'm babywearing).  I like to wear it across my body opposite the direction of my ring sling.  

It isn't huge, but it is large enough to carry my wallet, phone, keys, an extra cloth diaper, small wetbag, small ziploc with a few moistened cloth wipes, and if needed a small snack container and stainless steel sippy cup.  

It still looks nice and is comfy to wear around on the rare occasions when I'm not in "mommy-mode", but it is totally functional as a diaper bag for everyday outings.  I tried having a separate diaper bag but quickly became frustrated with carrying two bags and/or forgetting to transfer my wallet, keys, or phone, etc... if I only wanted to carry one bag. 

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I'm a minimalist - I prefer to carry very little so that it can fit in a medium sized purse.  For an infant, I carry a diaper and some wipes, a babywearing wrap (lately into my gypsymama, but may waffle with my maya ring sling this time around), and maybe an extra onesie.  If we are going a long way or planning on being out for many hours, I'll be sure to bring several diapers and a whole outfit change, but really that's it.  As they get older, I bring some snacks as well, but that's pretty far down the road, as breastfeeding fortunately takes care of that for several months. :)

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I'm glad you brought this up. I've been online the past few days searching for a diaper bag and keep going back to the Fleurville Sling Tote. I used a Skip Hop sling type bag for my last baby and loved it. But I dont like the colors they are offering right now. I want something i can put on the stroller...and at the same time when i dont use the stroller and use the sling to carry baby...i want something light and not to big considering i will have diapers for 2 little ones.


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I've kept things pretty minimalist especially as my DD has gotten older. I've tried the med. sized purse route, the reusable shopping bag route, the backpack route, the "just put an extra diaper and wipe thing in the car" route, and none of these have really worked. Maybe in one instance, but not in most. I've been unprepared in the effort to be minimal because it's a HASSLE to carry so much crap...and have regretted not having the extra outfit, the extra diaper, the bottle of antihistamine (DD has had some weird allergies show up at unexpected times) etc. etc. 


So I am looking. 


@mamato3, what did you like about those two bags you mentioned? I looked at them and I like the size, how well do they integrate with babywearing?

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I've been thinking about this myself the past couple days. I have a huge collection of diaper bags (I'm a great lover and collector of bags of all kinds). One that I really liked when DS2 was born was this one from Land's End. It's enormous, but works really well for cloth diapers. I love how the top opens up wide. At the time I had two in diapers so i liked the size. This time, I think it might be too big, although if I still have my daycare kids over the summer, I might use it so I can have everything in one bag. One downside is it can be hard to carry when babywearing.


I also really like this one from Columbia. It's compact but holds a suprising amount. It's a backpack which makes it easier to use when babywearing.


I have a backpack bag from Eddie Bauer, like this one but an older version.  It's roomy, but I don't like it very much because things get so lost on the inside. Very few separate compartments for things.


I have this skip hop that I haven't really used yet because I bought it at a thrift store after I no longer really needed to carry a diaper bag. I'm not hugely in love with it because it's narrow and the few times I used it, it was hard to access things. But I do like all the pockets, and how it will attach to stroller handles, and might be good to carry snacks and things when we have all day outings at the zoo.


Those are the main ones I have. Sometimes I also use just a plain ol' backpack, which often is my most favorite diaper bag of all.

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For two years I've used a hand-me-down formula-brand diaper bag. I registered for this for my shower and my mom bought it for me. A friend told me about it a couple years ago and said it's great, has just the right kinds of pockets and everything.



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I love JuJu Be bags, I have a small stash of several of their diaper bags and accessories.  They can be quite pricey new, but I've bought all mine second hand on ebay.  They are SO well made, you can get a bag in EUC for sometimes half the cost of buying it new and never tell it's been used.  I have a Be Tween, Be Spicy, PackaBe, Be Lite, which are all nice diaper bags, and one of their Be Mine wallets, and Be Quick.  Right now, my bag of choice is the Be Spicy.  It's very well organized, and has enough room for ds's things, plus room to add in baby girl's things when she's born.  

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I liked the skip Hop because it has a long handle if i want to carry it across my chest and one shoulder and it has handles which i can carry on one shoulder alone. Baby wearing....sling on one shoulder and diaper bag on the other. So the sling and diaper bag would criss cross. The fluerville is simular to the skip hop..but the fabric is washable and more trendy looking. I'm thinking....where am i going to go where i will have to hold both the baby and a diaper bag......considering i have a 2 year old..he will be in a stroller so the diaper bag can hang on the stroller....so it needs to be light weight...umm am I over thinking this whole process?


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With my DDs I just used a Jansport backpack and that worked fine. 


I tend to carry a lot of stuff... extra dipes, wipes, extra clothes, snacks, books, toys, then all my own stuff.  For just me I either have a huge purse or a smaller purse with an extra bag.  I hate carrying 2 bags, so I tried to find a diaper bag I thought could handle me and the baby.  After looking at just about every bag on Amazon (I might over research my purchases a little bit) I decided on the  JuJuBe BFF for me and the Skip Hop Duo for DP.  


The JuJuBe BFF is super nice and looks very well made.  It has a pocket for Mom that has a cell phone pocket,  key holder, sunglasses holder (which actually holds the huge Jackie O style glasses I like.... they never fit sunglasses pockets on backpacks or purses), and a couple other pockets, plus room for randomness.  It is very well organized and I think I will really like it.  It can worn as a backpack (not really my thing) or over the shoulder and the strap is long enough to go across the chest too. 


The Skip Hop is really nice too.  It also has lots of organizing pockets and can be worn messenger bag style.  It seems very comfortable and easy to hang on the stroller.  I would have got it for myself, but I wasn't sure it would be big enough for me to not need a purse too.  Cloth diapering takes up so much room!

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I use a sling but I also wrap and use MT's and SSCs. I like to get my kid on my back asap. Having a baby on the front or back has always been weird with a bag across my shoulders and I hate being limited to a sling.


I've thought about just inventing and making the perfect (for me) baby wearer bag. My one attempt so far was a complete and total bust.

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I tend to just use a basic tote bag if we are going somewhere for a long period, and just my purse or a small bag of some sort if we are going somewhere for an hour or two, with the car nearby.  Since generally all I really need are a couple of cars to keep DS and DD entertained, some sort of small snack just in case, a diaper for DD and soon 2 diapers for newbie, I don't really need anything big, unless we are out for the day with no way to get back to the car.

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I have a 31 Gifts organizing tote that I love so I think I'm just going to add diapers, wipes and baby clothes to that bag!

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I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag, which I love because of the chocolate brown background with bright, girly purple swirls and mod-ish flowers. My grandma bought it for me and it's worked well for us. I don't carry a ton with us, but since when we go out we end up out for several hours, I always carry several diapers, a wetbag, wipes, snacks, water bottle, and a couple toy cars. With a newborn I'll have to add more diapers, a spare set of clothes, a carrier (a wrap or RS) and a receiving blanket or two for spitups and such. Now that I'm thinking it over, I hope my bag will be big enough! Eek!

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I use a backpack.  It holds everything I need and I can wear it on my back while I wear the baby on the front.  It was also great when DD got a little older for trips to the park.  I could wear it while I was chasing her all over the place and didn't have to worry about any of our stuff disappearing or being far away when I needed it.

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I just bought this messenger style one from amazon yesterday when it was on sale for $23. http://www.amazon.com/Bumkins-Keith-Haring-Deluxe-Diaper/dp/B002SG77R8/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_1


I'm hoping it'll be pretty nice. Some places sell the thing for $50+ (much more than I'd ever pay.)


I'm pretty sure it'll be nicer than the $15 walmart diaper bag I bought a little over 4 years ago. LOL (I used it with both of my boys and it's worn and dirty looking though still functional - also not terribly comfortable to carry.) I also wanted the messenger style bag cuz I read that it was easier to use while baby wearing? I have no personal experience with it though. 


I also have a larger, etsy purse that I have used for my small diaper bag. It'll hold 2 water cups, a couple extra diapers and a few other odds and ends. But, I'm thinking with three, it might just be too small. I'll find out soon enough.

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Originally Posted by puddle View Post

I use a backpack.  It holds everything I need and I can wear it on my back while I wear the baby on the front.  It was also great when DD got a little older for trips to the park.  I could wear it while I was chasing her all over the place and didn't have to worry about any of our stuff disappearing or being far away when I needed it.


Me too!  It holds everything I need it to hold, and they are comfortable to wear for long periods if need be.  If I don't want to wear it, I slip the arm straps on the handles of the stroller.  The only time a back pack doesn't work is when carrying baby on your back, obviously.


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Great thread. I had registered for the Lands' End Do-It-All but BleuMoose's comment makes me think it'll be too big for my needs. I just registered for this one instead (in gray/orange): http://www.amazon.com/Trend-Lab-Ultimate-Diaper-Avocado/dp/B003ZO2WAY/ref=pd_sbs_ba_2


Because it looks functional but not super complicated and huge, it's inexpensive and not too dorky, and I don't think DH would mind carrying it. However, I did see Land's End has a smaller version of the Do-It-All that I wonder if it would work? I was worried it would be too small, but I don't know.


I also registered for this, for short trips, walks, etc. Even with cloth diapers I figure it'll fit one or two diapers, plus some wipes, and it still has a changing pad: http://www.target.com/JJ-Cole-Diapers-Wipes-Pod/dp/B001Q3LB6M/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&searchView=grid5&keywords=JJ%20cole%20wipes%20pod&fromGsearch=true&sr=1-3&qid=1299635860&rh=&searchRank=target104545&id=JJ%20Cole%20Diapers%20Wipes%20Pod&node=1038576|1287991011&searchSize=30&searchPage=1&searchNodeID=1038576|1287991011&searchBinNameList=subjectbin%2Cprice%2Ctarget_com_primary_color-bin%2Ctarget_com_size-bin%2Ctarget_com_brand-bin&frombrowse=0


The babywearing comments have me wondering if I should be on the lookout for a backpack instead? Of course, I do have a small, good quality daypack that would fit the JJ COle pod (for the changing pad) plus some extra supplies, if we were hiking or something, so maybe we're covered.

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I actaully asked for a backpack this time around. Of course my grandmother protested and said I NEEDED and cute bag with pink since this one is a girl lol so she bought me a black shoulder style with pink trim. It will work fine but I tend to get bored with bags easily and start shopping for another one soon. Matter of fact I keep telling myslef to stop looking now because I havent even got to use the one she just bought me haha.

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I was a big time baby wearer and spent long periods of time out and about with DC when she was young...and I never had a traditional diaper bag.  I always just carried a big purse like a big hippie cloth bag or a funky leather handbag.  The key for me was that it was a good shape (not too deep), had a really comfortable strap/hang and was easy to get open for thinks like a wallet and keys.  I'm doing the same thing again this time - for me babies don't need much.  Just a couple of wipes/diapers and maybe a fresh shirt.  The occasions that I really felt I needed something else were rare enough to make it not worthwhile to lug it all around constantly.  


BUT, if this baby ends up being cared for by someone else than me on a frequent basis or for long periods of time (like when I go back to school) I may do a sort of dedicated diaper bag that you know has everything the caregiver would ever need - it's ok for mom to be stranded in public with a naked baby - not so cool for the babysitter!  For that, I can see how wonderful a traditional diaper bag would be.  They all seem like an organizers dream come true!  



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