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Lots to Lose - March

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Starting the March thread....


I'm pairing up with a friend to start losing some weight. I think this will be good for me!

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i can't believe it's march already!!


i'm still plugging along, hope everyone else is doing great too!

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Thanks for starting a March thread! Happy to still be on my journey since the largest hurdle for me is usually burning out too soon and giving up. Really happy to be 10 weeks and 22 pounds into this journey already! Woo Hoo!


Looking forward to Mondays joy.gif

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Doing a 12-week weight-loss competition with my co-workers is motivating me more than anything I have ever done to lose weight to date.  I would recommend it to anyone.   It's not the money, it's more that I'm just super-competitive and hate to lose (as my DH will tell you!).  If anyone's interested in setting one up and wants to know specifics, send me a pm. But I will tell you, 12 weeks is a LOOONG TIME!  At about 8 weeks, I recently hit a wall, and I'm trying to get back that fighting spirit. 

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March already?! My birthday is in 2 days smile.gif

So, my goal for this month is to lose another 10-12 pounds, bringing me to a total loss of 35 or more pounds this year. It will also bring me down to 185, which I haven't seen in almost 3 years. I'm so happy we're all continuing to support each other and that the thread has not died out. Let's keep it alive!
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Can't believe its March already either.  Weigh in tomorrow!

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OK Ladies good news here! I have gotten my butt into gear. I unfortunately binged like a mad woman over the week but today I have officially gotten back on track. I read a bunch of motivational stuff and I prayed for help. I feel really good about this now and need to stop dwelling on my chocolate problems! Tonight I will do the weight loss hypnosis cd. I did pilates today and did 20 extra sit ups and wall push ups! I bought a magnetis white board and made out categories so I can meal plan the day before and checkoff my water, foods, and excercises. I have really stuck to my meal plan today and feel great!joy.gif





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Good job everyone!!


My tax refund splurge was a recumbent bike for my house. I've used every excuse in the book for not working out - it's too (insert any type of weather here) outside, I have to pay for child watch at the YMCA, inconvienent class times, not enough time, etc. Now I have no excuses. None. And it comes with 24 Jillian (from the Biggest Losers show) workouts for the bike. I'm really excited about this!


Of course, now I have to get my DH from buying chips and Oreos - he's 162lbs./6'2" tall - the same he weighed in high school! So not fair!!!

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good morning, everyone.   it's weigh in day!


i'm at just -1 for the week.  i'm disappointed.. honestly, i don't know what else i could have done to make things better.. i worked hard, all week long, with exercise.  i counted my calories, kept them in the range that sparkpeople recommended.. even the lower end of that range.  


anyways, i'm at -17 for the last 7 weeks, and i am happy and proud of that.  my clothes are getting looser, and i guess i'll just keep pushing through.



hope everyone has a great weigh in today!

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Hey mamas -- 


May I play?  


I am 50 pounds overweight and currently living in Scandanavia where obesity is quite rare.  Nothing like being the fat woman in the room surrounded by willowy blonds.  As you can imagine, this has all gone to my head and I am a psychological whirlpool of anger and self blame and all sort of crappy negative feelings.


So, I am pulling out my American can-do vigor and I am going on a diet.  Yes, people.  It is time for an old fashioned, calorie counting type of diet for me.  I just need to knock off a few pounds and get my head back on straight.  Right now it is cocked at a loose angle and I am not feeling like myself at all.  


I am going to poke around on the weight watchers web site tonight.  I lost some weight using that program years ago and I need some structure to get my eating pulled together again.  Right now, I am grazing and munching and overeating everything in site and the more I eat, the more I want to eat.  

I have a membership to a local gym and plan to go tomorrow, work out and get a starting weight.  Tuesday will be my official weigh in day.  


50 pounds.  I am going to a wedding July 1st and would like to lose 30 by then.  That is 16 weeks from now, so less than 2 pounds per week.  That seems like a good goal.  



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Welcome Ruthie! I think your goal is really reasonable.

Weighed in today at 193. For some reason I don't feel like I lost 2 pounds. I weigh off and on all week and I'm lucky that Mondays always seem to catch the low end of the swing. At least it's been consistent. DH was hospitalized this week and I didn't eat the greatest, so I expected a gain. It must have been the 4.75 miles (4 running) 4 times last week that helped me along. This week I am running only 3 times, but I covered 5.25 miles yesterday (4.5 running). I'm also planning to bike and do strength training on the in-between days. I'd like to make it to the gym 6 times this week. It's been a few week since I accomplished that.

A new thing I'm trying - drinking my coffee black and drinking good wines instead of beer. I do love wine and the cost will keep it to a minimum for me.

Start weight: 220
Current Weight: 193
Goal Weight: 130
27 pounds in 9 weeks!
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starting weight- 238 (9/09)
current weight- 190.1
goal weight- 130 (10/11)


Lost a pound surprisingly!

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I have been AWOL for a month.  Yeah.  That kind of month (the kind where you do not think you are losing anything and give up in a fit of defeat).  I have not weighed myself in 3 weeks, and I have not exercised much as I have late winter doldrums.


Well, It was Monday so I decided to step on the scale.  I am down 10 pounds.  I stepped on and off and on and off expecting the scale to give me a higher number as I could not believe my eyes. (usually I step on and off and on and off praying for a lower number, lol).


So... I  am in .  I think I will weigh myself every few weeks though - my scale barely registers small losses and I do not think I am strong enough to get off and on the scale and only see small or no losses on a weekly bases.


I am going to try exercising more this week (a goal I am usually good at - I like to exercise, actually - I just get into ruts where I.don't.do.anything - and the ruts are hard to climb out of)   I also find I use a lot of butter on bread and in sauces -I will try to scale back on that.

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Monday! WooHoo!


Started 1/1/11:  256 pounds

             2/1/11:  242 pounds

             3/1/11:  236 pounds

             Today:  233 Pounds


I lost another 3 pounds this week and feel really motivated to continue doing that! I could not work out this week because I hurt my knee but I still made 3 pounds, which is awesome! Ready to work out now!



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Bad weigh in, up 2 pounds.  I have no idea why.

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Montana do you think you could just be retaining water? Have you been eating a lot of salt lately?

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Starting fresh today and feeling good about having a goal. 


I went to weight watchers online last night and got started.  The new program seems really good for me and as dorky as it seems, I really like the points tracker.  I was able to add my breakfast and lunch and it did the point calculations for me and I know what I have left for dinner.  I think I really, really, really need this kind of accountability for each and every meal.  I just don't seem to be able to trust my appetite.  If I listen to my stomach, I will eat enough for 3 people.  Maybe I have 3 stomachs?  


Went to the gym and did a solid 45 minutes on the elliptical.  Got a good sweat going with a nice elevated heart rate for the whole 45 minutes.  


Today was my official weight in day, so I have a starting point.  It was high, but not as high as I thought it would be.  That was a nice surprise.  I still should lose 50 pounds to be well within the range of a healthy BMI. 



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Well everyone, I did my first bike ride on my new recumbent bike - almost 5 miles and 178 calories in 30 minutes. I'm following the Jillian Michaels iFit workout program that comes with the bike, and it gets progressively harder. I've also ordered a scale - the first scale I've ever owned. It's supposed to arrive today and when it does, I promise to weigh myself. I am really not looking forward to seeing the number on the scale. I think it will be the heaviest I've ever been.


I've been working on adding routines and habits into my life and weighing and working out will have to become one of them. I know I need to do this.

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Awesome job ladies!!! I have been doing well here too!

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Originally Posted by sosurreal09 View Post

Montana do you think you could just be retaining water? Have you been eating a lot of salt lately?

No more than usual.  Maybe stress!

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