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*****************TTC in our 20's March 2011*********************

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Conceiving in our 20's


Conceiving #1


cbaa2010 (25) chart1.gif

chicajones (26)

daylicious (26)

FairyMe (25) 


HopefullyMama (24)

IrishEyes421 (28)

jacqueline22 (25)
jeninejessica (25) 

maevankayt (27)

marykgrove (28)


ncrum (27)

SithLadyFred (23)

tantylynn (22/23)

VJSJ (28)

Conceiving #2

belacmsage (26)

Caitlin0919 (26)

filiadeluna (28)

GaleTX (29) 
Juste Leblanc (26)

KAS08 (26)  BFPChart2.gif


LadyFaceMama (28)

OJazzy1 (25)  

Sweet.Bee (27)  

urchin_grey (25) 



Conceiving #3

lavatea (28) 

Onyxravnos (26)


March BFPs

dashley111 (27) 

KaliShanti (29) 

Gemmine (26) BFPChart2.gif

SierraBell (29)


February BFPs


January BFPs
catieface (27)

OSTC (25) babyboy.gifbabyboy.gif chart1new.gif

Ababi (21)

December BFPs = 3
November BFP =3

 October BFPs = 1
September BFPs = 3

August BFPs = 5
July BFPs = 3
June BFPs = 1
May BFPs = 9


If you would like to be added to our group or moved please make your request in bold. In an effort to keep the list organized and up to date, your name may be removed if you have not posted to this thread in two months.

Monday Check-In
Where are you in your cycle:
Symptoms if they apply:

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Hi! I'm new to the site and I'd like to be added to your group. I'm 25 years old and have been married for 1+ yrs. Hubby and I have been settled into our house for a full year now and I have become very "nesty!" I can't wait to start a family. February was our first month TTC #1 and I don't yet know if we succeeded or not. So I am possibly a March hopeful but still crossing my fingers for February!


Monday Check-In
Date: 3/5/2011 (okay it's not a Monday yet but I'm eager!)
Chart: I don't have one that's public on a site. I might have to create one...
Where are you in your cycle: CD27 (average cycle is 25 days)
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: Crazy mood swings (I went from angry to euphoric to crying in my bed within a 1-hour time frame yesterday... oye), tender breasts off and on but it's not unusual for me to experience that around the time my period is due, mid/lower back pain, exhausted
Testing: [updated 3/6/11] BFP!
Thoughts: I had some very weird cramping occur mid-cycle about 12 days ago. I am hoping it was implantation but I have no experience with that so I can't know for sure. I was just relaxing on the couch in the evening and my uterus started throbbing. I had this really weird fluttery feeling in it, almost like it was pulsating. There was no bleeding, though. Just cramping in my right ovary for a brief time and then in my uterus for several hours. It was no pelvic cramping I've ever experienced before and definitely coming from my uterus. Has anyone else experienced this before and been pregnant? Since my HPTs have been negative, I'm not sure how to feel about things. My husband thinks I'm pregnant just because of my mood swings. I feel so emotionally unstable, I can barely keep myself in check. It's exhausting.


Good luck to all!

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Welcome birdhappy! Thanks for the new thread! Let's hope for lots of BFP this month! smile.gif
You can feel free to add my chart to the intro


Anyone want to take a look at my chart and see if you think FF is as crazy as I do? It changed my o day from cd11 to cd 13 twice and has switched between solid and dotted crosshairs a few times...I think both of those days are just too early for me! When I do a chart overlay there's a pretty clear pattern...so I'm hoping my temp goes down tomorrow and that I havnt o'd yet...I want to get some good bd'ing in with hubs wink1.gif fingers crossed!
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Thanks for the new thread.

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Thanks for the March thread! I went to my first acupuncture appointment last Tuesday and I got a fertility treatment and some Chinese meds to help things along since my cycle has been crazy after the Mirena was removed 2/1. The doc recommended I start charting so I started charting for the first time. If anyone wants to look and tell me what they think that would be great. I also started using OPK tests daily to figure out when O might happen this cycle. Hopefully, these things will help us conceive this month!


Chart : http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/33d0ce

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Welcome, birdhappy!

daylicious: It's still a bit early. I can see how FF got day 13 but just hang on and bd some more until you're sure!

Ojazzy1: Hey! How have you been?

bela: Good luck!


I'm chillin' this cycle; will resume trying in the April cycle (but still charting my temps this month).

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Thanks for all of the warm welcomes!


Well I just found out... I'm pregnant! I woke up this morning at 4:00am and couldn't sleep. Queasy stomach with a headache. I took one of the Dollar Store brand pregnancy tests and it didn't look like it was going to be positive so I was getting disappointed again and then the second line showed up! I couldn't believe it! It got me thinking that maybe I didn't wait long enough for my test yesterday morning when I got the BFN. I had been kind of impatient and didn't use a timer... I looked back at the test I took yesterday and sure enough, it was positive. nono02.gif And how silly am I? I STILL was in disbelief so I went out and bought a digital test just to seal the deal. Sure enough, it said pregnant!


The hard part was waiting for hubby to wake up so I could tell him! I ended up waiting a few hours more and then couldn't take it so I jumped on the bed and woke him up. I had purchased a pack of his favorite energy drinks that he stopped drinking due to our midwife's advice at a preconception appointment. I put a bow on top and said, "Surprise! You can start drinking these again (within reason of course)." And he looked at me a little weird like, "Ooo cool...?" then I pulled out the pregnancy test from my back pocket and threw it on the blanket in front of him. He went from shocked to excited and proceeded to tell me again how he knew I had to be pregnant when I started going crazy emotional this week. Boy did I ever. I mentioned in my earlier post how I went from angry to happy to sad and crying within one hour the other day. Well last night we were out for dinner and my eyes started filling up with tears uncontrollably and I was like, "Oh my god, I feel like I'm about to cry, what is going on?!" and I told him to pretend that he was making me laugh really hard and 'reduced me to tears' so nobody around us would think something was wrong with me. ROTFLMAO.gif We both ended up bursting out laughing nonstop anyway because of how ridiculous it was that I had a random crying spell out in public!


Good luck to everyone else TTC. I'm cheering you all on!

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Congrats birdhappy! So glad your stay with us was short.Gemmine: I'm doing OK. The other day I was pretty down and just told my DH that I give up. I think that is kind of where I am at now. I don't know if that is good or bad but there really isn't anything else to do! It is also really busy as we are rearranging work stuff and working on starting a business, finances are going to get really tight... fun fun, haha. I hope to see some other BFPs from the ladies here!





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Congratulations Birdhappy!


OJazzy1: Sorry if you mentioned this before but have you seen a doctor? Are there any explanation or possible troubles they can point to? Good luck on the new business, I have a few friends who have ventured out with success. It seems now is the perfect era to start your own thing.


Monday Check-In
Name: Gemmine
Date: 03-07
Chart: www.fertilityfriend.com/home/gemmine84
Where are you in your cycle: CD4
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: N/A
Testing: N/A
Thoughts: Skipping this cycle, will resume in April. We'll see how stressful/not stressful this month is just observing my temps. I know 13 pregnant women right now, so that's always fun. Went to the 1st of many upcoming baby showers yesterday. Fun times. Anyhoo, question. If I'm charting my temps on FF and I'm aware of checking CM and CF and using OPKs, is there still anything to learn from Taking Charge of Your Fertility? I'm trying to decide if I should buy it (my library only has the 1st edition, I think the 6th is out now) or if it would just be a waste. Would anyone recommend it?

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Hi! I'm new to the site and would like to be in this group! Is it ok to be in two groups though? I've also just joined the infertility thread. I hope it's ok, cause I'd love to be able to be in here with other people in their 20's! I'm 22, almost 23 and my DH is 25. We've been TTC since May 2009, and until now have been stuck in the "we can do it ourselves" mode. We're just now facing up to the fact that it's not happening and we need to see a Dr. In the meantime of testing, etc we will continue TTC though, so fingers crossed!


If possible, please add me, thanks!


Name: tantylynn
Date: 3/8/11
Chart: none
Where are you in your cycle: CD#38 (avg cycle is 39)
Appointments: Not sure what this means, but I do have an appointment with GP tomorrow to address infertility issues
Symptoms if they apply: Lower back pain, bloating, mild cramping - pretty normal symptoms for AF
Testing: No, I'm kinda done testing. I hate seeing the BFN!
Best of luck to those also TTC! Congrats to Birdhappy :)


T. Lynn

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Gemmine: No, I have yet to see a doctor. I am a little anti doctor. I do have a midwife and have been taking herbs and working on things from that angle. I am debating on whether or not to get an at home semen test kit or not... wondering if it is worth it but it might eliminate me thinking that it might be DH and narrow it down to it probably being something with me and then we could go from there.

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Monday Check-In
Name: Caitlin
Date: 03-07

Where are you in your cycle: CD6
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: N/A Just finished AF
Testing: N/A
Thoughts: We're officially trying this month! If this cycle is similar to my last one, we should be able to start next week sometime, hopefully Saturday or Sunday. I'm so excited!

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Monday Check-In
Name: Daylicious
Date: 03-07
Chart: My Ovulation Chart

Where are you in your cycle: CD18
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: N/A
Testing: N/A
Thoughts: so my o date and coverline changed AGAIN! it's still dotted...but now it's moved to cd15...huh. Strange.
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Congrats Birdy! 


Monday Check-In
Name: Dash
Date: 03/07
Chart: NA
Where are you in your cycle:  3 DPO
Appointments: None
Symptoms if they apply: Nope...
Testing:  Not yet.  Will try to hold out 11 more days.  We will see if that actually happens.
  Already discouraged. Very discouraged. For no reason other than I'm terrified of getting myself all worked up and being disappointed.  This is month 1 of TTC after 2 surgeries on my tubes...so there's good reason to be nervous.

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Monday Check-In Name:

Date: 03/07

Chart: NA

Where are you in your cycle: CD 19

Appointments: None

Symptoms if they apply: Positive OPK today and some serious O pains.

Testing: Nope

Thoughts: Not really.

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Congrats Birdy! Here's to a HH 9 months!!


Tuesday Check-In
Name: FairyMe
Date: 03-08
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/30c2d9
Where are you in your cycle:  CD 23
Appointments: Nada
Symptoms if they apply: O pain 2 days in a row now, full/heavy boobs and fatigue.
Testing: 2nd week of OPKs
Thoughts: please, please, please, pretty please let me O this week.

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Congrats Birdhappy!


Fairyme, I know the feeling. I am in the same position right now.


Wednesday Check-In
Name: BelaCMSage
Date: 3/9
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/33d0ce
Where are you in your cycle:  CD 17
Appointments: Had a second acupuncture appointment yesterday.
Symptoms if they apply: Nothing
Testing: OPKs since CD 6 and still nothing
Thoughts: Really, really hoping to O or start AF so that at least we can try again next cycle.

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Wednesday Check-In
Name: Heather
Date: 3/9/11
Where are you in your cycle: CD 39/ 14 DPO
Appointments: n/a
Symptoms if they apply: emotional and maybe slight cramping, just waiting for AF tomorrow or the next day
Testing: already did, BFN
Thoughts: Maybe RRL tea is actually preventing implanting.  Probably going to go without it next cycle.

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Congrats Birdhappy!


Sending everyone else good vibes! :) So yesterday FF FINALLY gave me solid crosshairs saying I o'd on cd17...I'm inclined to trust this day the most, just because it's around the time that I generally ovulate...and also it's around the time that DH and I did the most bd-ing ;) Time will tell I guess.

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I didn't know that RRL could prevent implantation.

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