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Baby photos!!! - Page 2

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Adrienne, She's gorgeous.  SO BEAUTIFUL..

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I love all these pictures!  We make some beautiful babies!

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I can't be the only one taking pictures!! Let's see those babies!


Here's Harper sleeping in the Moby. She was in it for about an hour today. Tried to put her back in it later and she was NOT having it. Hoping I can put her in it for church tomorrow to keep her from screaming the whole time!!



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She is lovely! All the babies are so beautiful. More pictures! They're changing so fast! I still need to  post the birth story, I've been

dealing with engorgement the last couple of days but I think I'm coming out of it. Here's Pete with DH @ 5 days, and tonight.



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Little man wearing the braclet that his grandma made for him. She made on for each of  the boys.

I need to take more pictures of him with the actual camera I have a number on my phone of him. but I haven't taken any in nearly a week with the camera.



first home bathDSCF8450.JPG

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I'm loving all these baby photos!





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Aliy, how old was Cael when he got his first bath? 


Banana, I am loving the black and white. What a cutie.



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Here's my little lovey.



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he was just over two weeks when i gave him one at home. they did bath him at the hospital though on the second day. I almost wish i had waited longer cause he got sick after i gave him his bath.

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My girls :)


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love those pics, Rocky! What personalities!

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Rocky, those are beautiful photos of beautiful girls!


Here's Harper in her first cloth diaper- a kissaluvs with a thirsties duo over it. DH keeps laughing at how big her butt is and saying she'll never be able to wear pants. Oh well!


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LOVE seeing these adorable babes with their sibs!  And is that the cutest tushie in those diaper covers!


Here's our little sweetie in some girly baby clothes (I am having fun with my little baby girl, can you tell?)


Photo on 2011-03-29 at 10.40.jpg

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All the babies are so cute!

Here's Pete today:IMG_8025.JPG

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Spring 2011 017.jpgSpring 2011 018.jpg


This is our little girl, born at home on Tuesday morning, so 4 days old now!  I think we're naming her Zion Blossom, though we're too sleep deprived to make any real decisions :)

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Here is Harper at 1 month! The time is passing so quickly. We plan on taking her photo in the white chair every month. I should probably mark my calendar...





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4 weeks yesterday!




And, last week after his first bath:



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I've been hiding...an extended babymoon. :)  But here is our new girl:


 Baby #6

She was 10 lbs and 22 inches at birth, so not really small at all.  This picture was at 2 weeks...she certainly doesn't sleep in the bassinet anymore...

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she does look long in that pic. so sweet! i love your new profile pic!

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