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Baby photos!!! - Page 3

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1 week old.

2 weeks old.

3 weeks old.

4 weeks old.

5 weeks old.

6 weeks old, with her daddy.

7 weeks old.
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My dh has all the photos on his laptop, but he sent me this one from Sunday.  Our girls were baptized at Easter Mass.easter.JPG

From L to R: DH, Sadie holding Lily, Eliza, Paul, Ben holding Lucy, Oliver, Simon and me.

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Cael with his new blanket that we got for him. He seems to like it :D


He'll be 8 weeks on monday




born platimum

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Max - 7 weeks - Daddy is wearing him!  love.gif



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Harper playing dress up yesterday. Settle a debate for me, ladies. DH says ridiculous, I say awesome. Thoughts?

Also, she's actually enjoying the RS in this pic!

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i love bows on little girls

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I don't love headband bows on baby girls, but that's a cute one.  ;)

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ridiculously cute?!

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Originally Posted by jcregan View Post

ridiculously cute?!

That's it- so ridiculous it's cute. Agreed. Now if I can just get DH to see it that way.

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I love the bow, and the Daddy wearing baby...all of our munchkins are so adorable!  Here's our little dumpling, I took this today, she's 8.5 weeks:


Photo on 2011-05-06 at 12.30 #3.jpg

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My husband put this together, just before Sebastian turned 6 weeks old...



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I've been away too long!  So many cute babies!


Here's Georgia at about 6 weeks:


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10 weeks



10 weeks

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I'm going to go with "awesome" on the bow!


Neuro- I love the baby warhol!


Aliy- those eyes, he's going to be a lady killer!


loving all the cuties!

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we're 2 months old today!





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Everyone's babies are so adorable!!  Here are mine. :)



Fiona and Simon (at 3.5 weeks)


Fiona and Simon_4-8-11.JPG



Simon, nearly 7 weeks



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I caught a grin!!


BTW it is really fun to look back at the early photos and see how they have grown.



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Harper out and about. She actually likes the stroller now.

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Here's Blossom at 2 weeks:


Spring 2011 042.jpg


And yesterday at 8 weeks (11 lbs, 9 oz!!) :



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Because I'm a copycat.  :D


Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 4.53.33 PM.png

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