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What's the last thing you ate, or are currently eating?

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I am having blue diamond natural whole almonds in the 100 calorie pack. I am on the second one, but at least I passed up the grilled cheese cause I can't be in the kitchen right now. 

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I just ate the yummiest bowl of brown rice with black beans, avocado & a touch of hot salsa. I could eat that every.single.day. (I just went vegan but have been eating beans & rice for years. I don't even miss the sour cream. Haha!)

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Mini fusilli in a stew of canned black beans and tomatoes. Base of sauteed onions and garlic, seasoned with some turmeric, cumin, marjoram, and a tiny hint of leftover adobo sauce. Pretty good for an improvised pantry supper, if I do say so myself.

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I just made home made veggie sushi tonight and it totally hit the spot.  I am also feeling happy in my heart because DS is finally starting to appreciate why I love sushi so much!!

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I made a pizza with store bought 1/2 whole wheat half white pizza dough, sauce, mushrooms, bell pepper, olives, red onion, jalapeno and pineapple with red pepper and oregano sprinkled on top. DH, who is a die-hard cheese lover loves this pizza, even in it's cheeslesss state. The combination of pineapple and jalapeno/red pepper does the trick.
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I made a maitake mushroom and gorgonzola polenta that my friend posted last night. It was amazing! Super rich. I love polenta. <3 I had left overs, so tomorrow I am going to grill the polenta and serve it with slow roasted tomatoes, since I have some tomatoes that need to be eaten. 



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I am drinking a green smoothie right now, made with baby spinach, frozen mixed berries and frozen peaches. Before that is was sauteed broccoli, snow peas and mushrooms in a Chinese restaurant for lunch.

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Well, since its so late in the evening, I'll say what the last two things were that I ate:


Dinner: I had a homemade chef salad with spinach leaves, cabbage, romaine lettuce, chopped carrots, chopped green peppers, chopped white turkey, and tiny cubes of gouda cheese, with a tiny bit of cucumber ranch dressing.


Evening Snack: 1/2 cup of granola (Quaker oat, honey and raisin granola) with 1/2 cup skim milk



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I am eating sweet potato fries (but they are baked with no oil).

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Soup. Brown Rice, Barley, Onion, Carrot, Celery, Peppers, Peas, Tomatoes, Kale, Vegetarian Soup Base, Cilantro

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I'm snacking on roasted seaweed.

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It never fails to THRILL me that they sell toasted nori snacks at my kids' school... AND that they get purchased and eaten by the kids!



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I'm snacking on roasted seaweed.


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 I had some leftover dahl in the fridge and I ate it with a whole wheat pita. Now I am eating a chocolate chip cookie just out of the oven  eat.gif

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Potato, parnsip, carrot and broccoli stamp pot with fried vege-mince and spinach.


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Oh gosh, now I am really craving some sweet potato fries -I can't get enough of them with creole seasonings (we also bake them without oil).


Just had some broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, onion, garlic, parsnip, & fire roasted tomato heated up in a pan over rice with chili seasoning. 

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Samosas, curry, and rose-vanilla coconut milk icecream.

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I just ate brown rice and a chickpea and kidney bean tagine. (Moroccan spices)

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Wholemeal bagel with vegan pate and some orange juice. 

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Guess I am the trashcan here.  7 Ginger Newman-O's and some leftover Diet Dr. Pepper.  I only have a couple sodas a month, I swear, and not in front of my baby!  Redemption:  for breakfast, we had whole wheat peanut butter/banana sandwiches with honey and wheat germ.  There, am I good now?

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Coffee, tofu fried in a little olive oil with salt, pepper and nutritional yeast, sauteed spinach and lemon juice on top of a piece of "buttered" whole wheat toast, and an orange.

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