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i made vegan potato salad this week! amazing!!! i put in veganaise, diced boiled potatoes, one diced apple and a handful of shredded carrots! amazing. i had it in a restaurant, which inspired the idea and my husband a non-vegan loved it...AND ME TOO! :)

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I believe that is the name of the company it was soo good.   Tonight for fathers da my father in law wanted fried chicken so that is what they had. I had a bocca chicken patty and beans and melon and vegan biscuits It was soo good for me. I am going to try to make some vegan potato salad this week. Mmm I always get so hungry when I read this thread mmmmmmm!



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I shared a peach with DD, yummy!

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We had steak-burgers with real cheddar, sauteed onions & mushrooms, baked bacon, and steamed veggie mix.


I'm pondering popcorn with cinnamon sugar...

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I had rice with crumbled bocca burger in it. Wish I would of had carrots and celery but I added soy sauce into it. It was good...

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mmmm this soup:




I'm OBSESSED with it right now!

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refried beans, guac and salsa w/ chips.


this thread is giving me great ideas to try!

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Still eating that kale soup I posted above -- I just can't get enough! (I think the tahini garnish has something to do with that...smile.gif)


Also eating TONS of super-cold, super-firm, organic red grapes. Cost a fortune, especially since I can eat the whole bunch in one sitting, easy.  But they are available right now and won't be forever, so I'm taking advantage while I can!

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I had vegan tacos mmmmmm sooo good and sooo easy!

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I had some zukes that I bought off the discount rack and the kids werent interested in them what so ever....so I grated them added a ton of garlic and carribean spices and turned them into a pancake fried in no oil. They were AMAZING. And the kids gobbled them right up. We had them w ww pasta mixed w peas and evoo,carrot & cuke slices and cherry tomatoes.


Wicked dinner for a throw together mash up. I cant wait until my aunts garden bursts w zukes so I can make a ton of pancakes!!

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I finished up the wilted lettuce salad from yesterday's get-together last night after the kids were in bed.  Wow, we had a great spread at our family picnic!


Oh, and a couple gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, molasses, raisin, soaked walnut cookies.


Nothing yet this morning -- looking forward to a cup of coffee.

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chick pea salad with mixed greens.

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vegan lasagna roll-ups. Pureed tofu w sauteed zuke,eggplant,mushrooms and a ton of herbs frm the garden. rolled them up w a homemade tomato sauce. The bite i tasted was good but tomatoes,tofu or mushrooms dont go well w me this pregnancy lol. The kids gobbled them right up. Sadly the 1 bite of dinner isnt going to sustain me so I dont actually know what im going to eat

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The last thing I ate was a coconut flavored popsicle.  Its been very hot, so I needed something tasty to cool me off.



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I had the most amazing sandwich for lunch!!! I'm happy to share. Whole wheat bread, smokey goat cheese, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, black diamond cheddar cheese, mustard and pesto. Everything local and organic of course oh and an ear of sweet corn topped with butter and salt.  

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bbq seitan, mashed potato and corn.I also drank a big glass of water. It was soooo good.

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Last thing I ate was last night...still havent done breakfast<shame>


We had date night and got out to the vegetarian restaurant that we never go to b-c its dangerous how much you can spend...and of course we spent to much. Dh and I split an amazing blackbean dip w tortillas; a mango red pepper red onion salad w a strawberry house dressing and my main was a spicy lentils and rice dish w grilled eggplant,zuke and red pepper. Im having the leftovers soon. It was so good. 

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do you have a recipe - that sounds amazing!

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choc covered cherry from tj's


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Just finished dinner of tossed salad w pear, veg and mixed seeds and nuts and a veggie/edamame stirfry on g/f noodles w a plum coconut ginger sauceeat.gif

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Last thing I ate was chick-pea patties, with mashed potatoes, carrots and peas all from our CSA package last week with a white gravy drizzled over everything :)

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