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I'm eating a wondrous spinach and mushroom soup I created out of leftover veggies.

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I just ate a kiwi and half a Trader Joe's cinnamon raisin roll toasted and spread with maple-almond butter.


And 2 cups of coffee with vanilla sugar and vanilla soymilk.

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A banana. :)

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I used to love, love, love Ramen noodles.  So I recreated it somewhat tonight with pasta, Better Than Boullion Vegetarian Beef Flavor and added in some broccoli.  It was delicious!  And so much better for me than the real thing, even though still not healthy.


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funnily enough.. a sweet potato fry, as i was cleaning up dinner.  i am thinking of a leftover scone with peanut butter.

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cereal with almond milk
coffee with coconut creme coffee mate...that stuff is horribly naughty. But, I had to get mocha mix for my dh..it is the only thing he will use and it caught my eye.
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stir fried brown rice, baby peas, tofu topped with Braggs and Siracha. 


I hope its ok I posted- I am not veg or vegan but have been greatly reducing my animal based meals. I am always looking for inspiration! 

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A mango.  And a few strawberries.  

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Fresh pesto pasta mixed with with sauteed cherry tomatoes (in olive oil and garlic). It was gooooooood.
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A piece of whole wheat toast, 1/2 tsp of EB, 1/4 package of thinly sliced tofu fried in 1/2 tsp of olive oil and coated in salt, pepper and nutritional yeast, and a big handful of baby spinach tossed into the pan and wilted, then drizzled with lemon juice. And a cup of coffee with 1/3 cup vanilla soymilk and a teaspoon of vanilla sugar.


I feel so virtuous, I had 2 big glasses of water, hung out my first load of line dried laundry of the season, did a half hour of yoga, took my vitamins, and had an awesome breakfast.

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I just made the lasagna from Isa Chandra's new cookbook "Appetite for Reduction." It was fantastic.  I added a thin layer of Daiya mozzarella shreds to make it more cheesy and used whole wheat lasagna noodles. YUMMMM. It far exceeded my expectations. I also had some sliced and sauteed brussel sprouts and a piece of whole wheat garlic bread.

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Haha! I'm currently eating a coconut popsicle!

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Chocolate soy milk with hemp protein powder.  drool.gif

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fritata and salad



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Spinach and walnut pesto over whole wheat shell pasta.  Yum!

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Originally Posted by Gator-mom View Post

I just made home made veggie sushi tonight and it totally hit the spot.  I am also feeling happy in my heart because DS is finally starting to appreciate why I love sushi so much!!

yum! that sounds really good! i am going to make some right now!! i actually have everything i need & i was just wondering what i should make!eat.gif


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Sesame bagel chips.  Before that, homemade oatmeal raisin/chocolate chip cookies with a jar of banana baby food (courtesy of the WIC program--our LO hates it) as the secret ingredient.

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salad topped with bbq seitan/asparagus/ mushroom mix and N yeast

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Whole wheat pretzel breadstick dipped in hummus.

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STARVING NOW, sounds delicious everyone....but I did just eat a much to big bowl of gfree oatmeal. Yum. And Hubbys left over americano on the counter. Not so yum.

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