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unable to taste salt ... related to adreanl fatigue?

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I have a friend who is struggling with adrenal fatigue and she mentioned she'd lost all taste for salt with her last pregnancy.  Her doctor told her it was some strange pregnancy related thing ... aka, he has no idea why it happened.  Has anyone heard of this?


I've done a lot of research on adrenal fatigue and I know the importance of adding Celtic Sea Salt to your diet, but I've never read of this.



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Lost all taste for salt... meaning she doesn't like salt, or she can't taste salt?


For years, I preferred much less salt than most people, now I salt things fairly heavily.  I think both are swings in the state of my adrenals, I just missed it for those 15 years at first.  I think my adrenals are more rundown now.


Pregnancy is a fairly big strain on our adrenals--healthy people can deal with it well, but people who are stressed (physical stresses or mental/emotional or both) can find it takes quite a toll--it seems to push women over the edge quite often, and more health issues crop up afterward. 


ETA: It seems to correspond to imbalances in how we regulate sodium and potassium, and at times we either hoard sodium and waste potassium (earlier on), or later our bodies hoard potassium and waste sodium (some people feel bad eating lots of bananas and potatoes because they have so much potassium and they just don't tolerate it well, and they salt things heavily because their bodies are using the sodium very inefficiently).

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she said she is actually unable to taste salt, which I guess could mean she's lost her taste for it, also ... it seems opposite of what I've read about having a craving for salt

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Only salt?  Some people have issues with taste--not tasting things very strongly--due to zinc deficiency, but I've never heard of it for only one flavor.  Zinc demands are high in pregnancy, and that's a mineral that it's easy to be borderline on.  Otherwise...no clue. 

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