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Looking for Ped in Dayton, OH area

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Standard apologies for cross posting.  After 3+ years of being told
that my DS's sleep, biting, and behavioral issues were a result of parenting
decisions, I did some research and realized that he had sensory processing
disorder (SPD). I took him to an OT who confirmed this, along w/fine motor and
gross motor delays. He also has social delays. I need to find a Ped who has a
more holistic approach than my current (Duvall) and who can help me manage my
son's various issues and treatments, and help me figure out if I need to pursue
other avenues. I feel very at sea right now. When he stopped sleeping at 5
months, Duvall told me to let him cry it out, when he started incessantly biting
us, she told us to discipline him better, when he didn't walk until 20 months,
she told us it was still w/i normal range. I now know that all of these issues,
along w/a host of others, were actually symptoms of some overarching problems.
I've liked Duvall and may keep her as my GP, but I think I need someone else for
my kids.


Thanks in advance,



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We have had great experiences with Beth Duvall. She is a family practitioner - sees all of us.  Great with our kids, very respectful of our choices.

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We use OHIO Pediatrics....we are very specific and ONLY use Dr. Pipik, I love her and dont see anyone else. I had Dr. Ramsey but he was astonished that i was nursing past 6 mths and pushed formula very hard w/ slow weight gain...He even told me he couldnt believe I still made milk that long. Needless to say I NEVER saw him again. I took a chance w/ Dr. Pipik and never looked back. She is TOTALLY fine w/ my delayed vac schedule, with not going to scripts right away, suggests at home remedies, HUGE supporter of extender rear facing and extended breastfeeding, fine w/ sitting and talking till every single question is answered. The ONLY downside of that is, since she is so thorough with all her patients we usually have to wait awhile and she is scheduled far in advance.

G/L with your search!

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I recommend Dr. McDowell with Northwest Dayton Pediatrics.


I have met with almost everyone in the practice and have very few complaints about any of them, actually probably no complaints with any of them.


They are friendly to nursing (and pumping), and even explain it and other things associated with nursing to the med students who come to their practice.


They also take their time with you and never rush you through your appointment to get to the next patient.  The entire staff is also friendly towards kids and don't seem to get "upset" with misbehaving or melting down kids.

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(apologies, I may have already replied to you on the Dayton Attached parents group; if I didn't, I meant to!) We have had great experiences with Anne Cata, at Primed Pediatrics in Centerville.  We are selectively vaccinating, longterm breastfeeding, etc, and she has never said anything about behavioral issues stemming from discipline (!).  She has always seemed very on-the-ball to me and is very gentle and quiet--my kiddos love her.

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