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Crafty Mama's

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 What are you planning to make for baby or yourself ?



I'm planning on  a hat, Milo , some booties


 With my loss when i found out i was pregnant i made a gender neutral  Eden's Adam since i was due in June 2011



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I have already made a hat.  I will probably make more and hopefully some booties if I find and patterns I like.  Any suggestions socalimommy?  A friend of mine makes all her babies socks and I am interested in that.  I would really love to make clothes and my own diapers but I don't have a sewing machine. 

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I'm going to the store right now to get some yarn (like I don't have enough!!) for these:






This baby is going to be set on the knitted stuff. I'm going to go crazy. I'm also planning some cardigans, a blanket, a sleepy bad thingy, rattles/ toys, and (of course) diaper covers. 

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Hey, maybe down the line we can do a DDC baby craft swap!

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 Tank~ I made these slippers for the baby i ended up loosing Magic Slippers


 I'm thinking of trying these this time  Garter Stripe Booties


TalkToMeNow~ That would be a fun idea to do a swap.

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I want to sew as much as I can for this baby! Which will be a challenge because I want to try to stay on team green. I figure i'll just sew for both genders and sell, trade, or hoard half of it. I actually started sewing in the 2ww! I made 3 (all girly) of the jamie jumpers from the little one layette pattern on fishsticks designs hyena cart store. They turned out SO stinking cute!! I need to make like a thousand more. Going to make a blanket too, but I might wait till after the birth because those take a lot of fabric and it's not cheap!
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 I'm casting on for Owl Sleep Sack  today and after i get that done gonna cast on for Owl hat to match 



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I knitted most of the hat last night and it is way too big. :( Oh well, it will be a toddler hat and I'll adjust the pattern and knit another!  

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 Oh no about the hat being  too big.


 I also plan on making this  blanket but in blanket size Acorn Blanket

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Were you trying to put in a link? Didn't work...

Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy View Post

 Oh no about the hat being  too big.


 I also plan on making this  blanket but in blanket size Acorn Blanket


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 Click on the word Acorn Blanket and it goes to the link.

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Wow... totally missed that!! Sorry.


Here is my hat:



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SoCaliMommy, both of those are adorable! I bookmarked the patterns.  Can't wait to see how yours turn out.

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such great ideas here.  thanks ladies!

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Amanda~ That hat is so cute. love the colors.



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talk to me now...I covet your hat

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I am making cloth diapers. I don't even remember how many I have, its something like 6 newborn fleece soakers, a few newborns, and a couple one size. I'm teaching myself how to knit too, but I don't know how long it will take me to be able to make something.

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Im the least craftiest mama on earth, but Im admiring all these cute things you all are making. smile.gif

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 I messed up on the owl cable and ended up having to frog it totally and start over. I decided to just use that patter but without the owls on it. I'm thinking to use the same hat  pattern and instead of the owls i will make the hat look like a acorn :)


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So far I have these two planned, but once I know if it's a boy or girl I'll have more projects for clothing. :) I'm also going to make a new ring sling.





I would totally be into a swap!

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