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Love the diaper cover pattern!  Did you make it up yourself?

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dashley, I found the pattern on Ravelry.


I'm trying a few different styles of cover to see what I like best. I used regular soakers in the past, but want to try wraps as I'll be using prefolds.
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I just finished  knitting the pattern Milo   and posted it on my blog http://socalimommysewingknitting.blogspot.com/2011/05/rainbow-milo-for-my-rainbow-baby-due-in.html

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Kami that looks amazing!  I love it!


I knitted a few of the wool cover pattern Amanda shared for my SIL, and they turned out great.

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I don't have pictures at the moment, but I'm working on two knitted things for the new baby. The first is a stash-buster blanket, trying to use up all the scraps from other projects, and also some of the single skeins I got on sale. It's in plain garter stitch and full of crazy colourful stripes. 


I am also working on an Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket. Another plain garter stitch project! I'm thinking I need to start working on something a little bit more complicated too, I'm getting a little bored of all this garter!

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Hello!! I've been being crafty! crochetsmilie.gif


So far I've mostly done sewing crafts, but I want to knit and crochet some stuff, too. I've got a whole host of amigurumi I want to make for baby :) And I'd love to knit a hat like the ones posted in this thread!!


As far as things found online, I've made this Baby Suit. I couldn't get the PDF to print, so I just drew out the pattern and eye balled it, but it turned out great! Here's the first one I made (my kitty shows it off!!):



I made another, but I didn't take pictures. It's a girl colored one, though - and I just found out I'm having a boy! biggrinbounce.gif


I also made several pairs of pants. They sew up SO FAST and are super easy to make. I got the pattern from this pattern packet. I traced each size onto muslin cloth so that I'll forever have a pattern template for each size. Plus, I really hate pattern tissue paper!! The first pair I made were girl colors. I have made several more, now, in boy colors. thumb.gif



I also made this elephant from a pattern as well. He was also very easy to make and turned out okay, I think. winky.gif




I am also right now working on this terry cloth kitten. I really like making stuffed animals... biggrinbounce.gif


I want to make these things, too:

Homemade Baby Blocks

Cloth Baby Shoes


My dad also gave me a few plaid shirts from my grandpa who passed away five years ago, so I'm going to try my hand at quilting to make a quilt for my baby boy, too. love.gif


Sorry the pictures are so huge!!!!!!!!!



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Hehe, thanks :) He's about seven or eight pounds, so just the right size to try on baby clothes ROTFLMAO.gif

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Luna, I love all the things you made! Especially the elephant!


dashley, did your SIL use the cover yet? I'm curious as to how the work....



Here are three new covers I made. Obviously, the sizing was a bit off on two of them!  :)



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Oh, I forgot, Kami... that is  beautiful!!

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Very cute diaper covers!! thumb.gif

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Amanda those diaper covers looks great!  Your giving me some good gender neutral ideas- Ive so far not knitted anything for my won baby because all the yarn I can find is not neutral. 


My SIL is not due until July- so we will have to wait to see how the covers work!  I lanolized them last night.  I also sewed on some felt backing and added snaps instead of velcro.  For some reason it didn't seem like a good idea to put velcro on my cushy expensive wool, you know?  I did 2 rows of snaps on each side for sizing.  I have absolutely no idea how to post pics or I would- I would love to show them off!

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Ash, I used fisherman's wool for the velcro one, so I wasn't afraid of damaging it! I chose velcro because I thought it would give more options for adjustment... like, a more custom fit. I was afraid if I did buttons I'd only have so many options. I don't think I can do snaps... don't you need a machine for those? I hope you can figure out how to post pics... I'd love to see how the snaps turned out!



Is anyone on Ravelry.com? I love it. 

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This is what I've made so far. I, umm, have girly vibes. I'm team green though . Eek! I do plan to make some boy/gn things as well (and have super cute fabric!) But we've just moved and I want to get more settled and reduce the chaos here a bit before makin sewing messes .

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LilStar, those are so cute!!! Are you using a specific pattern?

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Yeah, I got it here http://hyenacart.com/FishsticksDesigns/mt/1395/14877/Little-One-Layette-Home-Sew-Pattern-Sizes-NB-through- I looove the fishsticks patterns! I have a bunch of them.

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Wow, they do have some really cute stuff!! Thanks! wink1.gif

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Well, my sewing machine died on me but I did get most of my newborn diapers made. I made the 15 newborn fitteds and the fleece soakers.


newborn stash.jpg

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Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy View Post

I just found this while browsing  http://projectsbyjess.blogspot.com/2011/02/tutorial-baby-sleep-sack.html  

  I plan on making a gender neutral one, and then a bunch gender specific later. It looks so cute and easy.

Oh My!! Thank you for posting this!  This is WAY cuter of a tutorial than the one I was planning!  Thank you so much!



Originally Posted by LiLStar View Post

Yeah, I got it here http://hyenacart.com/FishsticksDesigns/mt/1395/14877/Little-One-Layette-Home-Sew-Pattern-Sizes-NB-through- I looove the fishsticks patterns! I have a bunch of them.

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I love that pattern!  LOVE IT!  I actually love all her patterns, but I'm definitely planning to add that one to my collection.

Originally Posted by Ajbaby View Post

Well, my sewing machine died on me but I did get most of my newborn diapers made. I made the 15 newborn fitteds and the fleece soakers.


newborn stash.jpg

Those look great!  I keep telling myself that I'm going to start on my diapers soon but I haven't even started cutting! 



I can't believe I haven't seen this thread before now!  You all should SEE my crafty list! Its intense --- and at 18 weeks I haven't really gotten started!  I keep sewing dresses for my 4 year old or skirts for me!  I'm procrastinating cutting into my diaper supplies because that's going to make it very real. :)


I did made 5 dozen trifold soakers to stuff my diapers with (in various sizes).  And 3 dozen wipes.  I just haven't gotten to the hard stuff yet.  lol


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I don't like making diapers that much. LOVE to sew. But diapers..eh! Maybe its just because I don't like the quality of my finished diapers nearly as much as store bought/wahm ones so its not as satisfying.. hehe. Those dipes are super cute!! I made another one of those jamie jumpers, this time in 3-6 months, and I screwed up the snaps!! duh.gif What I usually do is snap by snap, starting at the bottom so it matches up properly at the top. This time, I did all of one side, then did all of the other side, and probably should have stretched the trim of the 2nd side a little bit as I lined it up, because even though it matches up when snapped, the snapped product won't lie flat. And just looks really wonky. Sigh. Snaps are a really, really sucky thing to screw up. PITA to remove, and leave a hole! I'm thinking I'll have to do it though. At least I did size 16 snaps, which are a little smaller than the size 20 I did on the others (size 20 is what is typically used on cloth diapers). For some reason the size 16 don't stick in my fabric as well. They're easier to pull out. Which is good when you screw up.. haha. I'm not sure whether its user error, or just something inherent in that size or what. I have pliers, not a press.


Anyway.. several months ago I found a serger at a thrift store for $30. OLD Brother. I called the manufacturer to order a manual and the woman who had worked there for 11 years had never even heard of it. And googling like crazy, I can find no evidence of it online. And I can't seem to get the dang thing threaded properly :( I thought I had it last try, except after a couple inches of beautiful serging, the underlooper thread breaks. So frustrating! I need to see if I can find someone irl, a class, anything to help me get going on this sucker, because I'm SO stoked to have nice neat, even, perfectly finished edges on my stuff! 

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