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Nausea at 35+ weeks?

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Just a quick question for you ladies-


Have any of you, either with this pregnancy or previous ones had nausea/vomiting reappear around 35 weeks or later? I feel like I have MS all over again :( I've been having ctx since Monday, some that I can feel and some that I can't, babies are 5lbs 14oz and 5 lbs 12oz respectively (as of Thursday) and I can't help like feeling the nausea is a precursor to labor? But maybe that's just wishful thinking because I've never felt this miserable in my life. (I can barely even walk at this point, the SPD is agony)


Anyone had this vomiting stuff come back this late in the game? Remedies? Sorry for the whining, and thanks mamas.

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If its an consolation yes I am back to throwing up every single day. I was only throwing up once a week or so and now its daily and yeah I am still nauseous all day long too. Its great.... :o(

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number 3 I think was like that. i was so mad when I started getting sick again. I would lay down as soon as I was done eating! this one I have been nauseous the whole time

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no advice or anything for you just some love going out your way.  sorry you're so miserable.  it wil be over soon and you will be holding your sweet boys. 

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Thanks ladies- I'm still hanging in there. It is nice to know I'm not the only one (as if the 3rd tri isn't hard enough, right?) but still feel bad y'all are in the same boat. Hopefully it subsides some for all of us in the next week or two.
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