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haven't done anything last night, contraty to expectations

stuff is still sitting on the dining room table but children haven't been into it (so far so good !)


still helping kids with homework + 2 loads of laundry + some cooking in progress

but hoping to go swimming shortly + might go out tonight

= looks like I'll have to declutter TWO things tomorrow !

(but if I get going on what is still on the dining room table soonish, that should do it !!!)

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This thread motivated me yesterday to move some bags of stuff into the car.....I had been procrastinating about getting rid of them and finally took them to the charity store this morning! :)

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Into the green bin (one thing of mine and one thing of the kids):

Saturday - book I was rereading but had been sitting on my nightstand for 2 months and little Guinness World Record book from Sonic

Sunday - bottle of Burt's Bees oil I will probably never use and a toy wooden clock

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Saturday and Sunday = zero things out'n gone

... but today Monday, already 3 items in my "to donate" bag

& hoping to go through two more years of kids school papers (from 2005 ! ....)

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Into the green bin: rice bag warmer - have not used it in years

Into the trash: a bunch of pink string that was tangled up with toys

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Into the green bin:

house shoe foot warmers

What Comes Next? puzzle


I am trying to do this every morning when I am getting me and the kids ready for school - that way I am forced to make a decision fast and not agonize over it.

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Into the bin:

flannel pajama bottoms - I was going to use these for family cloth but cut up t-shirts work great and no sewing!

child's puzzle

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Into the bin:

Another pair of flannel pajama bottoms

child's shirt with a hole in it

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ok, am late on stuff as usually, nothing done Tues. Wedn Thur Fri = 5 things to do tomorrow !!!

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found 10 items of too small clothing from my youngest to put in the donate bag (which will go out of the door tomorrow Monday)

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I totally hear you. I decided 100 items a month was a good personal goal. Keep up the good work everyone. Every thing is a little help! 

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today Tuesday, one pair of very worn out shoes in trash, one pair of very worn out slippers in trash

+ didn't realise it at the time but on Sat evening I went to put a drying rack by the curb, with the broken wheel scotch taped near from where it came off => thought someone would want to try and repair it & it would save me a call to arrange a specific day for collection  .... and it worked !

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the donate bag from the 20th is still in a cupboard ... will need about 15 items by this coming week end at this rate !

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got inspired from my previous post => went to dust underbed storage boxes, switched some summer & winter items since I had to take the boxes out anyway& managed to find 20 items of my clothing which "are no longer me" ... so glad it's no longer so so difficult to part with clothing ....


it's in another "to donate bag" ... won't be able to drop both bags (the bag from 10 days ago !) before Friday am ....


must write a big post it & put it near the door so that I don't forget !!!


a harder task will now be tackle papers and piles of random stuff all stuffed in various container when I was in a hurry ....


stuff that was on the dining room table on the 12th ... has been sitting in a high pile on my computer chair since ... have been using various uncomfortable stools ever since .... this behavior of mine is ridiculous ....  I need to make time both physically and in my mental space/head to tackle those ...

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IM at 215 npw and everything finaly out of my house ! well exept one big book case that IM droping off sometime this week IM feeling better about decluttering but still like there just to much stuff

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found a dozen plastic items in the kitchen that went to the donate bag + am puttin in it some worn out kitchen hand towels

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still haven't tackled the pile from March 20th (which is still sitting on my computer chair whilst I make do with various uncomforatable options for sitting at the computer .... reading about decluttering !!! )

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am going to TRY and tackle that pile from March 20th this morning ...

Typically, I just cannot start NOW, I have to think of other stuff that calls for my attention first,

probably something to do with trying to work slowly through my mounting anxiety level ...

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