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Any tips for person in first stages of infertility testing and treatment?

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My DH and I have been TTC since May 2009, so 22 months now. We're going to our first Dr appointment to address why we cannot get pregnant and I'm nervous about what will happen at the appointment. Can anyone else share their early experiences with infertility testing and treatment? Or does anyone have any tips for what to expect or things I should prepare for? Thank you!


T. Lynn

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Well, for a first appointment they are going to do a history, and then likely an exam.  Possibly an ultrasound to check your ovaries. I would guess they will discuss a sperm analysis for your husband (and if they don't, then bring it up!! He needs to get checked too, and his test is way easier)  They will likely discuss a Clomid challenge to check your ovary function, and will probably do blood work on hormones for you.


The first appointment is pretty mellow.  Good luck! :)

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For us, the first appointments (we went to two doctors) were mostly just to get a feel for the doctor and to see how they were going to deal with our insurance. Then we chose to use one doctor and started right in with lots of tests. We did all the basic tests (blood tests, ultrasounds, HSG, etc. , etc.) ; we did not try any medications or any tests that required medications. I'm really glad we did so many right away because in just about a month we have some answers!


I highly recommend doing a semen analysis asap because it is so easy and it can tell you so much! And don't think it's just about fertility, either. Infertility is a symptom of something that might be a major health problem for you or your partner. I'm not saying that to freak you out, just to emphasize the importance of getting the basic tests for both of you.


We found out that we have male factor infertility. My husband has low sperm count and low sperm motility (diagnosed via semen analysis), most likely resulting from a deficiency of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) which causes low testosterone (diagnosed via blood tests). This is regulated by the pituitary gland in his brain and so he is getting and MRI soon to see if there is a tumor or some other visible physical cause.


Now, our focus has switched from infertility to general health.

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We have just started this journey and I have been to three different doctors before we chose the Dr. we are with now.  The first Dr. I went to we just had a conversation with the Dr. about options.  The second Dr., we also had a conversation about options and history and also a sonogram to diagnose PCOS.  The third Dr. (and the one we chose) we met with the Physician Assistant and then with the Dr.  They took a very detailed history, looking over the questionaires I had filled out previously and all medical records sent from my ob/gyn.  He then did the sonogram (again, to diagnose PCOS for sure) and then I did a blood draw to test for hormone levels of all sorts.  They did discuss all options and then were open to us deciding what we would like to do.  They went into detail about success rates, as well.  We opted to start with the least invasive (clomid and IUI) and will work our way up as required by response/non response.  They were not pushy at all.  I would be concerned with a Dr. who didn't present all options and then let you decide or one who pushed doing options without adequate testing to rule out issues that could be treated without high levels of intervention.


What I will tell you is the second Dr. we went to was a jerk.  He was rude and basically said he wouldn't treat me because I needed to lose weight.  His office and nursing staff were also rude.  I just didn't like the feel of the place.  In contrast, I really like my Dr. now, they are SO nice in EVERY encounter I have had with the office and nursing staff.  So, the take away from that is that don't settle for a Dr. just because they were the first person or they are the cheapest or whatever.  This is a really hard time in your life to be going through this, and you will want to be in an office environment that makes you feel as comfortable as possible, because that doesn't need to be on your list of things to worry about.


So, be prepared to divulge very personal information about yourself and your DP, maybe a sonogram, maybe blood work on a first visit.



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Thank you all for the information and your input! You were all pretty much dead on about what the first appointment would entail.


After talking with the dr re: our medical history and my menstrual cycles I peed in a cup, got four vials of blood drawn, had a pelvis US and a trans-vaginal US. DH submitted a sample for SA. I of course don't know the results of the urine or blood samples yet, but the sonogram technician talked me through the US. I have a cyst in my right ovary and several cysts in my left. The right ovary shows possible signs of endomitriosis, in the US the whole ovary looks like one huge black circle with grey streaks inside. The small cysts in my left ovary may or may not be linked to PCOS. He said blood tests should help to confirm/discount the findings. I will return in around 3 weeks for another US to see if the cysts go away on their own.


DH and I have our follow-up appt with the dr on Tuesday 22, five days from now. I know the results aren't great but I feel relief at finally being close to knowing WTF is going on. For now I feel relieved, optimistic and a little bit anxious to get the results of the blood tests back so we can 'get this show on the road' - whatever that entails!


Leilamom, I'm glad you ended up finding a dr you liked! I'm thinking that the process is hard enough without having to worry if your dr is a jerk. Luckily, we were referred to our dr from a friend, and DH and I were both really comfortable with her and the rest of the staff. smile.gif


Thanks again!

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This is good news! Glad you're already getting answers so you can get onthe road to treating the problems.

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Just wanted to say make sure when they do the semen check that the check for quantity and motility.  I think it's called SACM?  When we went in originally, they checked for quantity only.  Went on to IVF then had motility issues.  (Still wonder if that was really an issue, since it does cost more to have the sperm injected into the egg during IVF...but I'm cynical:)...)   I strongly recommend acupunture if you have not tried it.   Best of luck and baby dust to you on this journey!  

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Thanks ann! They did check both quantity and motility and both were fine. I have looked into acupuncture and really want to try it! But due to expense I will probably wait until I start treatment and depending on the situation, time it correctly and use acupuncture as an enhancement to the treatment.


Ps. Diagnosis is in, I have PCOS.

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