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Big kid bath toys

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What have you got in the tub for you 5+ year old to play with that doesn't not retain water (I find the squirt/ squeezy toys gross)? 


We have lots of different things for pouring and the kids love syringes for squirting but the tub could use some interesting things for water play.



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Some things my 6yo (and 4yo) are enjoying in the bath are: 


-different sized pourers (ones with the measurements indicated on them are fun  for experimenting with)

-the same simple boat/person set we've had since they were toddlers (Fisher Price or some such)

-nailbrush and baby hairbrush (they put a little soap on them and use them to wash)

-spray bottle  (I have banned it since they were squirting at each other and not being careful enough with it, but they loved it otherwise. And it opens up for drying, so it's more sanitary than squirters.)

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Does it count if my son is 9?  He loves baths and and can play for hours...


  • assorted cups in various sizes
  • Lego "boats" and other various Lego creations
  • one of those turkey baster thingies
  • bathtub crayons
  • water safe mirror (to admire the shampoo horns, bubble bath mustaches, etc)
  • bubble bath
  • assorted powders, soaps, shampoos for "experiments" (I get these at the dollar store)
  • army guys for bubble bath battles
  • assorted plastic animals and dinosaurs (to battle against the army guys, LOL) 


Whats funny is he never plays with his army guys or plastic animals outside of the tub but once in the tub he gets really creative, building elaborate scenes, making bubble castles and moats, etc.  Its really cute.

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Mine like to have races with a couple of the wind up swimming toys. They like bath crayons but we limit there use because of DSs eczema. Mostly they play with the sponges, bubbles and some empty bottles

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Mine has a pirate ship that he really likes.  Don't remember the maker though.  It is really big though and I hate that it takes up so much space in the tub but he really likes it.

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world market cost plus and pottery barn have a few wind up bath toys that we have and like.. one is a lobster, the other a boat with a duck

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