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My daughter (16 months old) and I are currently enrolled in a parent toddler class at our local Waldorf school.  I'm loving that experience.  The class meets only once per week, but I find it really helps inspire me to bring rhythm to our homelife. 


On that note, I am currently working 3 days per week, although I have a lot of flexibility in my day.  My setup is that I have a nanny/mama friend who takes care of my daughter on those days that I work.  She brings her two children with her, and it's an arrangement that I love (although rather chaotic at times).  I work next door, so I frequently pop back and forth to nurse, visit, etc., as needed. 


I'm wondering now whether it might be possible to make those days like mini Waldorf playgroups.  We'd have only two mamas and three children (ages 16 months, 21 months, and 4 years old), although I would only be around for parts of the day.  I've hesitated to suggest anything like this because I very much respect my mama friend/nanny's judgment as I love her kids and her parenting style.  I didn't want to come across as imposing a schedule or something on her.  But lately she's expressed lots of interest in Waldorf and all, and we've even talked about a playgroup with other families.  But then it occurred to me that we could do much of it on our regular days together. 


Could this work? Anyone tried it?  I would LOVE to hear any ideas/comments/feedback.