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Moving to Minneapolis ?'s: insurance, peds, allergists

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We're moving back to the midwest from Brooklyn in a few weeks and I have a few questions I'm hoping for help with:


1. We need insurance. DH is self employed/freelancer and I'm currently a SAHM so I'm thinking we'll have to purchase something? Are there family type plans from the state w/income guidelines?


2. We need a ped and an allergist. We have 2 kids, DS 1 is 2.5 and DS 2 is currently 2 weeks, we only vaxed DS 1 a little and haven't/don't really have plans to and don't plan on vaxing w/DS 2 for a while, DS 1 also has extensive allergies (food, environment, seasonal and antiobiotic - one reason we have a hard time vaxing....) we co sleep and I'm planning on BFing Ds 2 a while:) so we'd love to find a ped or family practice doctor who is friendly to these things. ALSO DS 1 is terrified of doctors (again related to allergies/allergic reactions) so a good bedside manner and understanding would be greatly appreciated. We also need a good allergist who is hopefully open to a holistic allergy approach because we don't like to medicate him daily and he doesn't like to take meds anyway....



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We have gone to the two best allergists in the state (IMHO, but also ranked highly by all the reports too!). One is Dr. Alan Stillerman, who we still see now and Dr. Tom Helm. Both are awesome with all allergies. My DS is very complicated (turns out it is not allergies but closely resembling a cystic fibrosis type illness, and he has a feeding tube... long story) so he is actually heavily medicated for his lungs and his digestion (hard to do but beats the alternative, he would not be around without medical intervention). Anyway, my sister, a doula and home birther, Waldorfer, knitting machine came from Chicago just to see Dr. Stillerman. He does recommend medication treatment as an option but he is so thourough and respectful of your decision. He will give you lots of ideas to reduce allergens without meds as well. He is South African and appears very formal at first but tell your kids to come with jokes, he will insist on sharing some and he does great tricks with them to make them smile. We love him. I know he would respect your opinions and wishes while also trying to help. Both Dr. Helm and Stillerman are in various locations throughout the TC.

We also go to Pediatric Acupuncture in St. Paul. It is run by two women and they have cured my DD's ear infections and bladder infections, which were horrendous. One of the women there is a pharmacist at the herb pharmacy in the school so she gives us great herbs that always do the trick. They needle, use tuning forks, scraping and the little metal dot stickers. They are about $35/session but do not take insurance.

As far as insurance goes, there in MNCare with income guidelines. I cannot say much more about it. We have private insurance (since me and dh make oh so much as public school teachers, lol!) but our son gets medicaid through a disability waiver program. Another long story. I am sure someone else can help more in this area. It is a pain to go through the state but I am sure there are options.

Good luck to you, you picked a good time to come back, it should get warm here some time soon! We just moved back after ten years in NM. It is an adjustment and there are days I wished we hadn't come, but MN is a great place and I am sure it will work out!

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Although they are not pediatricians, the MDs at Synergy Family Physicians are board-certified in both Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine.  We like them a lot!

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Thanks so much! These are great resources and I can't wait to check them out.

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