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Tools for Planning

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I'm a planner by nature and I am searching for the best system to use for our little homeschool.  My son is only two years old so we are starting off very simply, but I do like to plan out basic activities and goals.


Here are some aspects of my "dream" homeschool plan:

 - Online so I can access it from computer or phone, and share with family/friends/spouse

 - Show upcoming plans as well as reflections on what we did

 - Simple format for me with little duplication

 - Useful tool for my children to look back on when they are older

 - Ability to modify the system if/when he is ready/interested in a curriculum

 - Flag myself for upcoming events/festivals that I want to prepare for in advance


So far I have used a combination of Blogger (great for sharing reflections on what we did), Google calendar (integrates with my existing calendars and can also be shared), and Flickr (photos).  But, hmm, juggling three things doesn't seem like the smartest use of my time.


For my fellow planners out there...what do YOU do?  What tools do you use, and how do you use them effectively?



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i have no idea.


have you looked at http://www.homeschoolskedtrack.com/HomeSchool/displayLogin.do



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