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salt and morning sickness

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My morning sickness has hit harder and earlier than my first pregnancy.  But it also varies greatly, and I've decided recently that it almost goes away completely when I've eaten salty foods.  We have cut back on our salt in the last few years.  Does one need more salt when pregnant?  Is this a sign of something weird?

I also don't really feel like drinking - it often seems to make the nausea worse, especially if I haven't had salt recently.

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I crave salty foods when pregnant.  I was actually never a salt eater until my first pregnancy.  Until then I never cooked with salt and rarely added it to my food unless it was something like french fries or corn on the cob (yum!).  But when I was pregnant then, I found myself wanting to put salt on everything.


Also, when I'm nauseous, the only foods that sound edible to me are salty things.  I don't know if there is something biological/medical that explains it or not.  But it does make sense to me that in the early weeks when you're still building up extra blood to supply all the extra vessels, maybe the salt helps to keep your blood pressure from dropping? 

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Doctors will say that you do not need more salt and that you should avoid it while pregnant, but I have read other research to the contrary.  Check out the work of Tom Brewer or Nina Planck's Real Food for Mother and Baby if you want more information on it. 


Personally, I take my food inclinations seriously.  I don't view pregnancy as an excuse to eat junk but in general, I eat what I like and salt to taste.  

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I am a bland eater normally, and crave sweets and carbs. Since getting knocked up, I've been all about meat, cheese, salty treats, etc. No longer do I want cookies - give me potato chips or salty fried things.

I've also been having issues with staying hydrated, so I'm sure they are connected..
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It does seem to me, if it reduces the nausea, that my body is saying something to me there.  But I'm worried about the hydration issue, and whether it's a sign of something else that I'm missing that more salt is masking.

Thanks for the references to look up.


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To a certain extent, salt helps keep you hydrated. At least that's what they used to say when they told us to bring salty snacks on our hikes. For weeks I had been drinking a lot of water and having it pass right through me, but after I got really sick last week I started drinking electrolyte beverages and I think it has really helped me to retain the water. Maybe the salt is doing the same for you?
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I was just re-reading the Sears pregnancy book last night, and their advice is to NOT limit your salt in pregnancy, that the craving for salt is something to be cooperated with. It said to salt your food to taste and not worry. It does have to do with body water. They gave an example of pregnant cows licking blocks of salt. I wish (so badly) that pregnant women were not so very often and readily compared with cattle, but their point was that farmers have long known to let their heifers have salt.

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