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I had my daughter sept of 2010 it is now march 2010 and I am pregnant again, YES i am on the paragard, what else do you do when you think you are protected and you are not, please i strongly recommend you do your research on this, so many threads that i have read have said i was on it two years, one year, six months, i was on it four months and i got pregnant again, im so angry i just want to sign up for every thread available and post negative comments about it, and if you do decide to get it and end up pregnant it could cause a 30% chance of miscarriage, i just want other women to know about this because i feel like it is the worst mistake i have ever made

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Hugs to you.  Becoming pregnant so quickly after having a child while taking necessary precautions--so stressful! I can see why you would be so upset about it :(  :(  I just want to say that I had the paragard IUD in for over two years and never became pregnant. I'm sorry for your negative experience and wish you strength to make it through!

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My mom had a Paraguard in when she got pregnant with my little sister.  In my mom's case they decided to leave it in, and my sister was born healthy (though 6 weeks early) without any problems.  Just an anecdote for you.  I have an IUD, also, but I got the Mirena, and part of the reason was my mom's experience.

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that's because it has a 1% failure rate like any other birth control.  It's probably not higher than that, you just see people posting about it because all of the women in the 1% are shocked/upset!

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Not to threadjack, but CallMeMomma - how are you liking Mirena?  I'm strongly considering it. 

I've heard some women stop getting their periods almost completely.  Has that been your experience?

I have pretty heavy periods and short cycles so without BCP I have period about half the time (yeah). 


Did you get any breakthrough bleeding?

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I got pregnant after 5 years happily using a copper T para-guard. They couldn't get it out because the string wrapped up and around it. They left it in. My twins died at almost 6 months for "no reason"....they were born still. The "no reason" fails to mention how common second and third trimester stillbirth is with an IUD in place.

I hate IUD's for this reason. Don't get one. If you don't want to be pregnant again...opt for something else. Anything else. There is a really great option that is a no surgery option called Essure for those who want to be DONE.
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Please don't assume Mirena is safe either. I got pregnant with Mirena in place last year. I miscarried on Mother's Day : ( I was told that mirena was just as effective as sterilization.
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I can't use Essure.   Allergies.

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