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High bbt, 26DPO/CD39 or CD12 ... What????

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Going a bit crazy here... I am not sure what to think at this point:
- not a regular ovulator, but when I do, my LP is 12 days
- when I ov, temps are around 98.2, pre O temps are 97.5
- At 10 dpo, temps start falling, i've NEVER had a bbt over coverline on cd1
- AF started on 13dpo, has been light and a bit more cm than norm... (edited to change cd13 to 13dpo... perhaps I shouldn't post so late at night...) smile.gif
- today is 18dpo/cd5 and temps are 98.4ish STILL
- BFN @13dpo
- no online chart, but I use an app and a paper chart- i'm going w/ the LEAST number dpo (i could be 20dpo)
- testing again in the am w/fmu
Question: if i'm not pg (boo), what could be going on???

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So... I took TWO hpt's today with fmu... dollar store and one I spent too much money on... the $ store had no control line, but a f  a  i  n  t test line... no control, means invalid... :/  the spendy test (digital) said "ERROR."




Anyone have any thoughts?



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Update: cd 10 or 23dpo temps still above coverline, no ewcm, which is usually present b/t 10 and 14 dpo...arghhhhhh

My suspicions:
Corpus luteum cyst w/breakthru bleeding
Weird anovulatory cycle
Pregnant-- but why no bfp??

I've been thinking about having a progesterone level drawn to see if there's evidence for ideas 1 or 3...

ANYONE have any thoughts? Anyone?

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Have you tried other tests since the invalid ones?  If you have, and they were BFN, I would say a progesterone test is probably a good idea....if you haven't tested again, I'd say DUDE, POAS!!  LOL


Good luck!!

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Thanks, Bugglette... I was so irritated at the 3 inconclusive tests, I was afraid to POAS again... I did tonight, and BFN.  However, I (begrudgingly) put my chart into a spreadsheet (to email my doc to convince him I need a progesterone draw...), so if any chart-lovers want to comment, here's my weird chart (note: my initial period was shorter than usual, usually I bleed 8-10 days, but it was the correct "flow pattern," indicated by the shorter bars... EWCM would be the tallest [yellow] bars, creamy the other yellow guys... we relevantly dtd on CD 12, 14, 15, &16...... CD numbers along bottom, temps on the left axis, ignore the 7 on the right axis - just a way to show flow and CM):


Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 11.36.07 PM.png



Now, off to email the doc and ask for a progesterone draw.  





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