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Measuring 5 weeks ahead

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At my 25 week appt, I was measuring 3 weeks ahead. At my 28 week appt I was measuring 5 weeks ahead. Midwives were not concerned and said that it was probably the position of the baby. They didn't think that the baby felt really big nor did they think I had an excess amount of fluid. However, I am FEELING really big... I feel like I am more like 34 weeks or so instead of the almost 30 weeks that I almost am.


Anyone had this experience? I am wondering if I should get an ultrasound. It sounds like there can be serious problems if the problem is excess amniotic fluid. Would I still be able to have a home birth?


I am also worried about having a big baby as I'm a really small person. I am wondering if maybe I might deliver early? My first baby was 1.5 weeks early and my 2nd was induced at 40 weeks. Both babies were around 6.5 lbs.

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Hi- I'm training to be a midwife right now, so this is my thought process- hope it is helpful to you!


First, how sure of you about your dates?  Is it possible that LMP was implantation bleeding, so you were actually further along than you thought?  5 weeks ahead definitely sounds like a lot...  It sounds like you're under MW care and have not received an ultrasound, correct?  Have they palpated with Leopold's maneuvers and ruled out twins?  Has this come up at all?


Another thing I would consider- how are they measuring you?  Has it been the same MW measuring each time, or have you been measured by different people?  That could definitely cause variation, but again, 5 weeks ahead is pretty big. 


How has your weight gain been?  Has the pattern been different than your previous births?  Do the MWs have other reason to suggest excessive amniotic fluid?  How are the rest of your vitals (i.e. blood pressure, any edema, protein in your urine, GD etc).


I wish I could be more helpful.  Again, the first two thoughts I'd have if uterus was measuring large for dates would be to check the dates and check for twins.  Keep us posted.

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I have measured ahead w/ most of mine 3,4,5 weeks ahead. Many things affect the measurement. Baby's position, different people measuring, multi para mama, bigger baby, more fluid. I measured 44 at 38 weeks w/ my 9th. I had her at 39 weeks, just like I knew bigger baby. I also had more fluid w/ her. She was born at home unassisted like most of my others.

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I did have one ultrasound at 19 weeks. It was a singleton. I am sure of my dates because I was charting and used OPK's... I know exactly what day I ovulated.  I have 2 midwives although only one of them have measured me in the last couple weeks. I have gained 25 lbs so far at almost 30 weeks. In my previous two pregnancies I gained 35 lbs and 50 lbs though.

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Measuring ahead is definitely very common! My sister had her little guy this winter and she was measuring about 5 weeks ahead pretty consistently for the second half of the pregnancy. He was actually still born 9 days over due and was a bit of a bigger baby at 8lbs 9oz. and she was also retaining a lot of fluid. 


Either way I wouldn't get too worried about it, just express your concerns with your midwives. Even if you have mentioned it before (and it seems like you may have) just let them know it is something weighing on your mind and I am sure they will be able to put it to rest.


Good luck!

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Originally Posted by fujbeck View Post

I am also worried about having a big baby as I'm a really small person. I am wondering if maybe I might deliver early? My first baby was 1.5 weeks early and my 2nd was induced at 40 weeks. Both babies were around 6.5 lbs.

How small of a person are you?  I'm relatively small myself, 5'4" and weigh about 120 when I'm not preggo.  My last baby (4th) weighed 10 lbs 13 oz, born unassisted at home in the water.  You'll be fine.


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This exact thing happened to me.  I measured two weeks ahead at 18 weeks and then I measured 5 weeks ahead at 23 weeks.  I thought about it a lot (and hadn't had an u/s at that point) and opted for one.  Baby was measuring perfectly on date, no excess fluid, nothing wrong.  I compared my pictures from last pregnancy to this one and at 25 weeks looked easily 34.  I'm huge.  :)  I guess I'm just stretched out.  Oh, and my babies were 7lbs12oz at 40w and 8lbs7oz at 41 weeks.  Not too big.

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I'm 4'11", 100 lbs when not pregnant. But actually, at my 30 week appt, I was measuring 31 weeks. So I guess it must have been position? I still feel huge though... we'll see at my next appt this Thurs for 32 weeks. My last two babies were 6 lb 9oz and 6 lb 13 oz... although both were induced. This is my first home birth.

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I have been measuring 2-3 weeks ahead for quite awhile and am due around the same time as you.  I have noticed that I look and feel bigger this whole pregnancy and when I compare with pics from my last pg, I do look at least a few weeks ahead.  My OB wanted to do a u/s to check on things but I refused because I figured this is all just normal variation.  My MW agreed and said she sees this kind of thing all the time, especially with a multi para.  There is a general trend that babies get bigger with each pg (not a rule) and I think the baby may have been floating higher in your abdomen while it had more space?  That's kind of what I am chalking mine up to.  I also have my 32w appt this week so we will see how it goes.

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I went in for my last appointment on Monday and was measuring 29 weeks now, so only one week's growth in a month.  I guess I'm 'evening out' or something. 

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