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What to read?

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So we finally decided that we are going to homeschool! Yeah! But now I need to get reading.  So what do I read?  I am leaning towards unschooling with some Montessori and Waldorf influences.  Thanks!!

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I'm not sure that I've ever read a book that really tells you how to "do" unschooling (though there may be some out there). It's hard because unschooling looks different for different families. And I think it's more about what you Don't do than what TO do. 


Anyways, with that said I do find blogs to be a great source of information. There are many blogs out there written by unschoolers that document their daily lives, their struggles and their acheivements, and I find that a good selection of such blogs gives one a real feel for what unschooling looks like, or can look like, in real life. Here are some of my favorite unschooling blogs:


Nurtured by Love (by MDC's own moominmama!)

A Handmade Life

Free Range Living

Clan of Parents

Home Learning Victoria


There are more but my old laptop died and I lost many of my bookmarks. Oh, and I also happen to write an unschooling blog, too. ;-) FreeLearners


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sandra dodd's big book of unschooling is pretty good, as is the teenage liberation handbook (for older kids)...


I do second the blog recommendation, though, I feel like blog-hopping can really give you a sense for different "flavors" of unschooling. I really like "Ordinary Life Magic" and "The Organic Sister"

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