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Vomiting toddler asking for food

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DD is almost 2 and has a stomach bug.  She has vomited 5 or 6 times in the past day and has a very low grade temperature (99-100).  She didn't eat much yesterday morning and then refused lunch.  I nursed her to sleep, and when I put her in bed, she woke up and vomited all over.  At the time, she had no temperature (98.1) and seemed really cheerful.  She wanted to eat her lunch, so I let her, and she ate a few bites.  She was fine until the early evening when she had 3 or 4 more vomiting spells within a little over an hour.  She asked for dinner and snacks, but we only gave her breast milk.  Just before bed, she was begging for food, so we gave her a bit of fresh fruit, hoping that she could digest it quickly.  She went all night nursing without vomiting, woke up early with a bit of a temperature, and wanted some water.  She took one sip and vomited again immediately.  I haven't given her anything but breast milk, but she keeps asking for snack, breakfast, water, etc.


I'm generally of the opinion that she should be allowed to listen to her body when she's sick, and I hate to tell her that her body is wrong, that she needs to not have anything but milk right now.  She's not persistent when we say no, and she's not asking for things she can't see.  It's that she sees something that looks good to her and wants to try some, but when she does, it isn't turning out well.  What would you do?  How would you go about reintroducing food and water?  How long should I wait?  I was thinking of maybe giving her some broth in a few hours if everything goes well.

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My DS did that one time when he had a stomach bug, too.  And, like you, I felt that he should eat if he was hungry.  I quickly had to stop that, though, b/c he just couldn't keep anything down.,  I would say that if it has been several hours with no vomiting, try a spoonful of broth, wait 5-10 minutes and then try another spoonful if it stays down, and proceed from there.  Obviously, I would avoid anything heavy or fatty that might be difficult to digest.  Good luck...I hate stomach bugs :(

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I would definitely not give her food, even if she's asking for it.  The more she vomits, the better chance she will end up dehydrated.  She's so little that she's probably confused on why she feels bad.  I doubt she is actually hungry.  I would push breast milk for now.  You could try some bone broth tonight, which will help her start to feel better.  I would hold off on food until tomorrow unless she really seems like she's bouncing back.  I would start with something simple like toast.

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My DS sometimes misinterprets nausea as hunger. When he feels sick, he keeps insisting he's hungry, and that eating will make him feel better, even when clearly it WON'T. I think he just can't distinguish between the sensations.

If the child is really insistent, and it's been at least three or four hours since the last vomiting episode, I might agree to try something very light-- something that will go down easily, and come back up easily, like maybe a cracker, or some fat-free broth, or some gelatin. But I'd have a bucket handy.
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It's been 6 hours.  I'm thinking of trying some bone broth after her nap if she is interested.  The only thing that concerns me is that one sip of water made her vomit this morning after going about 11 hours.  It's strange.  She snuggles for a while and then gets up and wants to run wild around the house.  She's peeing less than normal but not by too much, so she's reasonably well hydrated.  It's like she's barely sick at all as long as I keep her on a strict breast milk only diet.  It's a good thing she's still an avid nurser and cosleeper so she's getting lots of milk.  I can only imagine what would be happening right now if she was weaned.

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