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stinky diaper area and peeling skin

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DS's diaper area is stinky. His skin is peeling/flaking a bit as well, especially at the base of his penis and on his scrotum. A little bit in the creases by his thighs too.


He doesn't have a diaper rash and his skin isn't red or irritated. We use cloth diapers (mainly cotton prefolds, with BGs at night) and cloth wipes that are just wet with water. We change him pretty often - every 2ish hours or right away when he poops.


He doesn't seem bothered by it...he HATES diaper changes and tries to roll away, but I think that's normal older baby behavior. :)


Is this yeast? Any ideas on how we can make the stinkies and peelies go away?

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Sounds like it may be yeast to me - worth trying to treat, anyway.  I used a cream on baby (just an over the counter vaginal yeast cream Sheepish.gif), but watch out for those diapes - they can just reinfect baby if they have yeast on them. I washed mine with a vinegar soak when my little guy had a yeast diaper rash.

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Is the diaper itself similarly stinky? What's your diaper laundering process? Do you have hard water in your area? Have you used creams or salves before? Perhaps the dipes and wipes need to be stripped to remove buildup of detergent and other things, which is a big cause of stinkies and could be encouraging bacterial growth. (This might especially apply if you use fabric softeners and/or dryer sheets with some loads of laundry, even if you're not using them with the diapers.)


Aside from changing him as soon as you notice that he's wet, maybe let him have some time to air-dry between changes and after baths?

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some naked baby time is really good for rashes and things of that sort. Also like another poster said, vaginal yeast cream is good for yeast if that is what you link it may be :)

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Sounds and smells like our problem.  Naked time is great and cream.  Naked time is a total furniture hazard though.  DS likes to pee sneakily on the furniture.  The ottoman has gotten it twice.  We are thinking of getting puppy pads.  ;)

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